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October 07, 2010

It's Like Middle School Again, But With Better Clothes and No Braces!

At one point, I had a lot to say about today's episode of General Hospital.

Something clever and hate-filled about Sonny acting so hugely affronted by Dante suspecting that he was behind the car bomb fiasco (...that he actually WAS behind! Go talk to Brook Lynn about how totally annoying it is to have people accuse you of doing things that you really did, jackass), followed by a paragraph or so scolding Robin for going to Sonny's to urge him to woo Brenda instead of immediately running home to snuggle her adorable daughter and at least a sentence or two marking my shock that Carly was the voice of reason in a conversation with Dante, which has never happened before and will likely never happen again (with the requisite comment about Laura Wright's perfect hair). And then just HORROR at Tony Geary's sorry attempt at an Irish accent, which was more like a ghastly cross between Scottish and Texan, but then came the last ten seconds of today's show and every complaint I had vanished, replaced by cartoon hearts and swooning.



And I just*... 

The fact that it takes so little to please me makes this show's inability to do so regularly even more appalling.

*As I swooned, I did hear a small voice warning me, "It's probably not wise to get invested in something the writers have demonstrated time and again is not even a thing as far as they are concerned." But I couldn't really hear said small voice over the sound of my 13-year-old self saying, "TAKE THAT, ANTI-CLIMACTIC AND KIND OF LAME SONNY AND BRENDA REUNION! TAKE THAT!"


Um, I didn't even watch then and I just got a little school girlish. I mean, I adore Jax, and I know the story of his history with Brenda, and I, unlike the GH writers, love when history is respected. And those expressions? Say a lot. Well done 30 seconds of a normally unwatchable show.

Oh you just HAD to mention Tony Geary's accent attempt....my ears had JUST stopped bleeding. I think he slipped into his Dr. Von Skimmerman accent there for a minute too. YIKES!

OMJASON! Brenda and Jax! and beign all happy like! I didnt' think this would EVER happen.

perfect GIF is perfect!

Those few seconds of Jax and Brenda smiling at each other said more and felt more than weeks of Sonny and Brenda angst.

I love it :)


Ahem. Forget y'all heard that.

The look on Jax's face! Boyfriend is positively GLOWING.

Must. Resist. Watching.

I went all Gooshy!Marshall, too. Oh... Jax and Brenda...

Jax and Brenda...

Le sigh.

Jax and Brenda - so lovely...
I'm a crusty and cynical 50-something year old, and I swear I could hear the walls around my GH heart crack. Much more of that and they'll crumble. How can the show not go there!!??

Jax was so good for Brenda. And Jax and Robin are good friends. So when I watched to video of Robin and Brenda's reunion (the only GH I've watched in 6 months), I was appalled to see Robin urging Brenda back to Sonny.

WTF? She knows he SHOT HIS SON! And that was AFTER he got on bipolar meds, one of Robin's excuses for why he was so destructive way back when.

For me, that completely ruined the reunion of these two friends. I know Robin loves Sonny, but she also knows what he's done and is a rational person. If she cares about Brenda, why would she push her back towards someone who hurts everyone he knows one way or another? I hate this stupid show.

Couple-shipping aside, no mention of Brenda and Robin together again and so happy to see each other? It really took me back.

I don't know what the hell Tony Geary was doing, but his "accent" went on a world tour. I, at one point, wondered aloud, "Scrooge McDuck?!?!"

2 things:

As much as I love the Robin/Brenda friendship, if Guza is only planning on using it as yet another vehicle to prop Sonny as the greatest ever, then, no, thanks.


I love HIMYM!!

Why on earth would Dante be assigned any cases involving his father?

Luke's accent was all over the place. I even heard Lawrence Welk in there.

Finally, I don't know about y'all, but the last thing I would care about after being released from a hospital stay brought on by a drug-induced fall down a well would be REfixing up two friends who have had multiple failures together in the past.

@Rhiannon yes resist watching because you know about 5 minutes into the reunion, Madame Screech-A-Lot shows up. God Carly is awful.


Yes, exactly. Not that I watched it. I don't watch anything that has to do with Sonny. But it was so great to see Brenda and Jax together again. So freaking adorable. How I loved them way back when. If GH were good, they would actually explore the possibility of these two ... No. Forget it. GH isn't good and they don't even want to be, apparently.

I happen to adore the character Robin, but I wish someone would knock the rose colored glasses she wears anytime she's dealing with Sonny or Jason off her face. I LOVE(D) Sonny and Brenda, but even I can't root for them (right now). Sonny should be banned from all women and children for the rest of his life.

Brenda and Jax! I haven't watched in a few days, but I might just skip right to these scenes. I'm grinning like Brenda right now.

On the point of these Irish accents, seriously?! I live in Ireland, and while I think JJ does a great Donegal-Irish accent (I just spotted that he acted in an Irish movie during his years away from GH) I can't stand anyone else's. Siobhan - there are no words. Why are there so many tweed caps and Lucky Charms phrases? And Dante and Lulu with their "let's call on St. Brigid and then play with sheep" comments? Well, DUH. I just fast-forward through the Ireland scenes. It could have been so great, GH.

Sorry, rant over. I rarely comment on the site but you both make my day with your posts. Every time I see a new episode I can't wait to hear your take on it. Thank you!

But you just know that Guza isn't going to reunite either Sonny/Brenda or Jax/Brenda-you just know it!! Guza doesn't do reunions!!

Another week and this joker isn't fired yet!! What is the hold up???

The smile between Brenda and Jax was the best look between a soap couple since Luke saw Laura awake and in Scotty's car. Instant chemistry- hearts melting everywhere.

Knowing what that asshat Guza has done to my beloved Luke and Laura, I shudder to think of what he will do to the beautiful Brenda and Jax this go round.

My only reaction was, "This is why you don't get cheek implants."

Though logically I know it's the fault of Guza, criminal disrespecter of GH's history, emotionally I, too, have been asking what's up with Robin. After all, she was present at the greatest Sonny romantic smackdown ever: the scene where he and Jax were presumed lost in a warehouse fire; Brenda, Jason and Robin return to search for them; the two men shock the others by emerging from some hidden cellar, grimy but unharmed ; and Brenda in slo-mo runs past Sonny without a glance, straight into Jax's arms. Sonny in the meantime is looking on, all shocked and bereft.

Cartoon hearts, fluffy bunnies, pink sunsets and swooning ensued. And I was well past middle school at the time!

BTW, I've searched for that scene on youtube without any luck, so if anyone knows of a link and is willing to share, I'd be grateful.

Eh, screw Brenda and Jax. MARSHALL, MARSHALL, MARSHALL!!!!!

I am such a sucker for Jax and Brenda that I would tune in if there was the slighest possibility of them being repaired - but it looks like the Gooze is pretty committed to shoving Brenda at Sonny as hard and fast as he can

Ingo was so sparkly with Vanessa and the Jax/Brenda scenes were cute but at the same time completely WTF given what happened the last time Jax and Brenda were together. Jax publicly humiliated her and left her at the altar. I don't want Brenda with this version of Sonny but I'm going to go with the unpopular opinion that Brenda should actually be on better terms with Sonny than Jax given how she left things with both men the last time she was around.

"Luke's accent was all over the place. I even heard Lawrence Welk in there."

LMAO! That is definitely the worst acc(id)ent ever. I'm pretty sure this won't make Tony's next Emmy reel....

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