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October 02, 2010

Presented Without Comment (Unless "GAG" Counts As A Comment)

Were you...naive, let's say, enough to hope that the greatness of the Stone and Robin scenes was a signal that General Hospital was in the midst of a creative upswing? Because that's so adorable.

But, um, not to be a murderer of joy or anything--and I'm sorry that people who watched Friday's episode have to see this again, because you've probably been trying to repress it, although with viewers leaving in droves, it's safe to assume that not many people did watch it--it's just...that is not the case.


It is the opposite of the case, actually.


WHHAAAAA??? I stopped watching because I can't handle this show anymore and as this blog provides everything I need to know it seemed unnecessary to keep wasting my time.. but is she seriously asking that question?? MULTIPLE TIMES AND IN DIFFERENT FONTS???? I can't even.. this show.. wowww

To quote a brilliant blogger:

"This show is an asshole"

Oh my Lord, that is the grossest thing ever. Typically, I feel sorry for most women who fall into Sonny's clutches but in her case, I actually hope she loses everything because of her stupid, stupid, STUPID decision to make a Mumbles baby. I hope she gets fired in the most publicly humiliating way possible.

Un-fucking-believable. I fast forwarded through ALL OF IT, but somehow, my redonkulous DirecTV remote rewound back a few seconds, and I caught "how did you do that?" from Sonny. I seriously thought Claire was going to blurt out, "do you wanna screw or get a lesson in basic font styles in a Word document (which kids are learning in preschool these days).

Some poor GH staffer had to make that document, by the way. Aren't there better jobs? Like scrubbing out dumpsters? Washing sheets from porn sets? STREET WALKER? Anything would be better than that, wouldn't it?

P.S. - Sonny is a total asshat.

P.P.S. - Another tidbit from today's episode - I'm wondering what's going to happen with Batshit Crazy Lisa Niles? She's waving around the tiniest gun I've ever seen (is she Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke and pulled that little Derringer out of her garter?) Since she's obviously on contract, I'm assuming they won't have Patrick kill her and throw her down the well or boil her in a giant flash, but she can't go unpunished. A televised, lengthy stint in Shadybrook?

Wow. Can't wait.

Okay, I admit my eyes aren't great, and it took me a few seconds to focus on what was on that computer. Now that I've seen it, I'm going to bleach my eyes out. Thanks for blinding me, GH!

I think that screencap, and pretty much everything Sonny and Claire related, can be summed up by a quote from the amazingly sarcastic Dr. Perry Cox from Scrubs:

'Oh my God! I’m gagging and vomiting at the same time. I’m gavomiting!'

first of all if you have to ASK to join the Mile High Club you aren't ready to join. It is not a question that needs to be asked. You just DO IT. And if you DO have to ask you don't do it with a cutesy word document that looks like the cover page of Molly's next report on air safety.

As Izzie said to Callie on Grey's, about George's mourning-induced sex mania, "Oh. OH. Oh, EWWW!"

Gavomiting, indeed, Tia.


Guza has outdone himself on this one. He totally trashed a decent professional woman character with this story. There isn't a prosecuting attorney in this world who would be attracted to a mobster thug like Sonny. I'm sorry this story of sexual attraction and baby creating is ridiculous and insulting to women. I suppose it was all about propping up Sonny, a character who burned out long ago. How many more characters will have to be sacrificed on Sonny's behalf? It is really time to say goodbye to Sonny and the whole mob crew. It is that or say goodbye to GH.

so glad I missed this... ugh... ick

Maybe the WGA needs to revisit their decision in regards to reducing the number of shows written each year. Please - revisit the decision.

360,000 viewers lost in 2 weeks. How low can GH go?
Once again I have to ask-How is Guza keeping his job????

Sometimes when I watch GH I feel like I'm in some drug induced hallucination as it makes no sense that any rational human would write this stuff. It's just so wrong on so many levels.

Really who would write that document with so many fonts? Of course who would sacrifice a career that takes years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to obtain? asldkfjalksdjfasdkljfsdfkjl

I feel that a monkey could write better material.

Excuse me while I go gavomiting.

next week Carly passes Jax a note thru Olivia that says "Do you like me? Please check yes or no or maybe..."

I work from home and used to plan on watching GH while continuing to work. NO MORE. I have to watch via DVR in order to be able to fast forward through anything Sonny and Claire related. This is so not the GH I fell in love with many, many moons ago. Ugh.

On behalf on fonts, font sizes, and font colors, I am thoroughly offended. I don't think Word was intended for such treachery.

That's just gross. Between the computer message and the smug "Well, aren't I sassy!" look on Dahlia Salem's face...ugh...the whole thing is just chock full of ick.

Thank you for watching so I don't have to.

Why would you ask the president to join his own club? Claire's other recent word documents: I love Sonny Corinthos
sonny and Claire 4ever
Mrs. Sonny Corinthos
Sonny + Claire=Love
All in various fonts and colors.

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