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November 16, 2010

A Matter of Opinion

I love that, according to Clint, whether or not he is Rex's biological father is simply a "matter of opinion."  If it saves Clint from being related to that tool, I'll happily accept that line of reasoning. 

Speaking of opinions, how cute were the Buke twins asking about their paternity results in a split screen?


Kickin' it old-school!  In fact, the twins brought the adorbs all episode long.


I have to admit even though I'm enjoying this Who's The Daddy storyline, my heart breaks a little to think what this is going to do to the Buke twins' relationship.  I'm not new so I'm well aware that eventually some life-or-death situation will bring them back together, and they've certainly each forgiven each other for worse in the past, but I am dreading the no-doubt lengthy rift this big reveal will create.  They're just so cute!  Really, all the gals in this family were just darling today -- Viki's being impressed at Natalie's dig at Echo diSavoy ("champ of a tramp!") was a nice touch of familial love.  They really are laying it on thick so that the fall is so very far.

In mildly related news, since Dorian is now in-the-know about Clint being Rex's bio-dad, you knew I couldn't let the day go by without giving proper reverence to today's Power Hat:


Champ of a vamp!

Now, am I losing my mind, or are some of the dullest characters on this show all of a sudden becoming more interesting?  (Nope, I don't mean Ford or Nate or Gigi or Langston.  I haven't gone that mad.)  Part of this is due to our latest guest star...

JWS Even though I hate the Fords and don't enjoy the idea of expanding their family and storyline on this show, Daddy Ford has been nothing but laugh-out-loud hysterical since his first appearance.  And what is that accent he's doing?  Is that supposed to be an Ohio accent?

At any rate, thus far he's a pretty one-dimensional Bad Dude, but he's been the first to present another possibility about Inez -- that she is perhaps not the miserable, boring, saintly, pitiful sad sack that we've seen thus far.  Which, if there's any truth to what he's saying, would be welcome.  And the attitude Inez threw at Nora today only served to underscore that hopeful possibility.

And instead of being Miss Uptight And Always Right, Kelly's been an insecure, messy freak the last couple of days.  Frankly, I thought Monday's Kelly scenes were the best work she's done since Gina Tognoni came back to the show.  Sure, it's a little ridiculous when you consider that (out of nowhere) this is all about her ex who she married and cheated on with his brother, who she then married and cheated on with his son, by whom she now has a completely invisible child.  So now she's hung up on her son's great uncle?  (Did I get that right?)


And I'm sure she'll become infuriating again soon, but right now she's kind of fun and relatable.  It's a gift considering what a disaster her return had been thus far. So let me have my joy, dammit!

Is anyone else experiencing this insanity of non-hatred lately?

Destiny out!


Hey Destiny,

Isn't the show wonderful these days? I am so addicted to it. Its a far cry from just a few weeks ago when it was so terrible. I don't know what happened but all the stories are rocking!
My favorite right now is the story revolving around Rex's paternity. Its great seeing all these veterans in a great storyline. At first I didn't think it was a good idea to hire Kim Zimmer on, but boy was I wrong. This story is on fire and its even better now that they've found a way to place Dorian right in the middle of it. Pure soap at its best!

PS. Marty has gone nuts and she's never been more entertaining (although I've always liked her)

Ah oh, you are right, the boring ones are actually entertaining all of a sudden. I'm liking Kelly and am actually interested in Inez!!! Who knew??

But Gigi and the others you mentioned, yeah..no...thats not gonna happen...

I could wave bye bye to Gigi, Cris, and Nate without breaking a sweat.

I love my Buke twins!

Daddy Ford is the bomb. From the second that James opened up the front door on cliffhanger Friday, you could see the guy started to tinkle in his shorts.

Dorian and her rocking hat all up in Clint's business!

Rexx - ugh. I wish the actor would stop the mugging and goofy gestures. He's working with A list actors and he's giving me a headache.

I hate Daddy Ford. He's so over the top - that "accent" is just weird enunciation.

But the rest of the show has been pretty good lately!

Oh, yeah, and his fake teeth really bug me too.

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