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November 07, 2010

About That AMC Spoiler...

I don't normally seek out spoilers because...well, for one, most of what happens on soaps these days and on All My Children in particular is so enormously predictable that the only people who can't accurately predict what's coming up next are people who haven't watched soaps in five years. And even those people have a pretty good understanding of upcoming plots; they just don't know the names of new characters. So I often don't feel the need to be spoiled, because it's not as though, like, "Ryan declares his love for Greenlee" is a surprising plot development.

The other reason I try not to spoil myself: I have a tendency to assume the worst. So I might read a vaguely worded spoiler, be horrified by it and spend days fixating on how bad it will be. And then by the time the episode actually airs, it winds up being even more awful than I originally anticipated.

But sometimes spoilers just can't be avoided and this week, there is a big one. We'll discuss after the jump, so if you want to be surprised, don't click!

The answer to the "Thorsten Kaye: Will he, or won't he?" question is...he won't. Which I totally understand, since his life is in New York, but I am selfishly sad about it all the same. I am a big fan of Zach and Kendall, as we all know, so to have them come to a tragic end is quite depressing.

This puts the writers in a bit of a bind, since Alicia Minshew is with the show permanently. So how do they give us a Kendall with no Zach? A well-timed plane crash is how.

From Soap Opera Digest:

Exclusively in next week's Soap Opera Digest, AMC Co-Head Writer Donna Swajeski reveals that with Thorsten Kaye(Zach) firmly planted on the East Coast, his current comeback will be his last (at least for the foreseeable future) — and to that end, the show is killing off the popular hero. For all the details on Zach's demise, plus what AMC has in store for a widowed Kendall, don't miss the issue dated 11/16!

Well, I guess that means it's time to update our Kendall Hart Has The Worst Live Ever. No, Really, Ever list with a new entry. We can add "dead husband" to a list that includes "coma", "kidnapped son", "another coma", "heart transplant", "son with a heart defect", "son with a heart defect died", "actually, son with a heart defect didn't die but it made me want to kill someone and oops, I wound up in prison for murder" and so on, and when you think about how those items represent just a fraction of her time on AMC you sort of have to laugh at how ridiculously soapy the writing is for her and also cringe at how it sounds like a parody of a soap character...

Since this IS a soap, there is no body found, whicn neatly keeps the door open for a future return after Kendall has moved on. Which, according to the same article could be in, like, weeks. They have her next love interest all lined up (Jordi Vilasuso's new character) and that...seems kind of weird, although the writers say that she'll have a mourning period, and--can I just publicly state that if this mourning period includes grief sex, I am going to...I am going to RAGE on this BLOG!

As weird as this is to say--and I am saying this as a big fan of the Kendall/Zach pairing--killing, or "killing" Zach off almost seems preferable to another infidelity or BETRAYAL or breakup. Right?

What say you, Serial Drama readers? Are you heartbroken? Excited? Resigned to the fact that if they didn't literally kill Zach off, they'd do it through slow and gruesome character assassination until he was a shell of his former self? Even more grateful that most of their recent episodes have been pretty great? Anxious about having to sit through more episodes with anvils like this dropping left and right?

Zach: No. I wanted to stay with you. And I thought that -- sailing the seas and hanging out, that that would work. It's just -- home has always been a strange concept to me. You know that...I just figured it's us, you know. The boys and the boat, and you know, we'd just travel. That's our home, you know. I mean, we didn't need an atlas or a house or neighbors bringing us sugar and stuff. But I see you here with your family and your friends, I get it. I do. And maybe it's time for the boys to have roots and a foundation...Hey, I don't want you thinking ever that I would pick a life on the sea over life with you. You're everything to me. You know that, right? And I like being here. I love it because I'm here with you and the kids. It doesn't matter where it is.

"Subtle", AMC writers. "Subtle".


Resigned? Disappointed? Nostalgic? Apathetic? Dreading that the SnowballOfCancellation is gaining speed? Yes, all of the above, but I'm mostly glad that I no longer feel any compulsion to watch this trainwreck. I have an hour a day back in my life.

Start preparing for GriefSex now. I'm predicting New Year's Eve, in one last blow to Zach and Kendall fans.

I have no real problem with "killing" Zach off which may have more to do with my being a fan of Kendall's but never liking Zach at all and this coupling has done nothing but diminish the character of Kendall in my eyes. But that is neither here nor there...what does bother me is that they are "killing" Zach several months too late. Kendall's return should have been about her grieving for the loss of Zach. Maybe they had made the decision to move back to PV since that is where the boys grandmother is and Kendall came back first because Zach had some loose ends to tie up. I would have preferred Kendall's first week back ended with a Friday cliffhanger of her getting the news that Zach's plane blew up/crash landed or whatever.
If handled properly we would have been in the middle of Kendall's grief process, they could have used her needing a distraction to explain why she became so involved in Greenlee and Ryan's nonsense and it would have made it easier to accept her getting over Greenlee's behavior towards Erica.
Instead this show is going to have Kendall banging some stranger before Zach's body is even cold.

Disappointed? Resigned? No just disgusted at the arrogance and stupidity of the writers and Frons to announce in the next sentence after saying Zach 'dies' that Kendall will move on with another. Why does she have to 'move on' with another man? Kendall is a strong independent, sassy woman. She doesn't need a man to define her, just as her mother Erica Kane doesn't.
Why can't we see Kendall grieving and then putting her life back together by making Fusion more successful. Why doesn't she buy the casino back from Ryass because it has far more meaning to her than that idiot. Why doesn't she reclaim Cambias? She has the Cambias heir. Don't these idiot writers remember that?
I love Zach and Kendall and to have her move on with another man so soon is disrespectful to the pairing. And...it's going to make the fans hate this new character if they already don't. I hate him already.

The bottom line is, AMC has no leading man. Jake,needs a bath Ryan's an ass. JR and Annie are skeevy mostly due to the despicable Annie. All unwatchable. The show is doomed.

My fondest wish is that Alicia Minshew will not re-sign her contract and when she leaves they bring Zach back so Zendall can ride off into the sunset together.

Given that Thorsten Kaye is leaving the show, this may be the least awful of the storyline options for his departure. Sigh. I'd rather have a no-body-found-with-a-high-probability-of-being-brought-back-from-the-dead death than a Zen break-up or, god help us, a recast. It's going to rip my heart out all the same, of course. I'm actually upset that I know about it in advance. I try to stay spoiler free, but this one was just too big and became unavoidable.

What really bothers me, though, is the fact that Kendall's already got a new love interest lined up. WTF is that?!?! Zach and Kendall's love story has been epic, and despite being filled with obstacles that would have crushed other couples, they have never stopped loving each other and have always been able to find their way back to each other. Kendall needs to grieve—and she needs a significant amount of time in which to do it. And a few weeks is not a significant amount of time. I want to see her on her own with the boys for a while, getting support from Erica, and maybe Angie—who knows what it's like to lose her husband and the father of her young child. I want to see her carve out a new life for herself and her sons. I don't want to see her transition from wife to widow to somebody's girlfriend in the space of a month. If TIIC have any functioning brain cells left they will put the brakes on this new romance.

God, I'm going to miss TK!

Well, it's the end of the line for me. I will not subject myself to this train wreck any longer. I only watched for Zach's brief & sporadic returns for the past year so when he leaves this time, it's all over forever. I salute him & thank him for the amazing memories & I know I'll never find another fascinating character portrayed by such an amazing & gorgeous actor again, so this is it. It's all so unnecessary. If only they hadn't moved to CA. This ultimately ruined the show for me & probably will be the demise of the soap. Just glad I have every episode of Zach's on DVD & I think I will just rewatch the entire past 6 yrs.

I don't mind that Zach "dies" if TK really does not want to come back full time. I would prefer a "death" (whatever that means to soaps in general) to Zach and Kendall breaking up over some non-existent nonsense. I would have preferred him not "die" because of Ryan and Greenlee but hey, Ryan and Greenlee are killing AMC in general so what's new there?

I understand the writers problems with writing a storyline for a part time character.I know they have to move foward. I have tried really hard to look at this from their point of view.

But the idea that you are promoting a new romance for Kendall before Zach is even off the canvas is stupid at best. Relationships works on soap when the actors click and the viewers see some sort of chemistry and interest between them. Having someone tell me that there is going to be a great romance between Kendall and someone I don't even know is giving it a black mark before it even starts.

Besides I am more than tired of Brian Frons or whoever the writer of the day is pronouncing a new supercouple and then it fizzles like day old soda water. AMC cannot tell me how to feel and what to like...you think they would figure this out by now.

But to do this at a time when Zen fans are supposed to be enjoying these week of Zendall..potentially their last weeks...and throw a new man in Kendall's life before Zach's body even hits the ground? That's just DISGUSTING. Grief sex for Kendall? They couldn't do that again, could they?

If this is supposed to keep me as a AMC viewer, TPTB guessed wrong for the gazillionth time. Their ignorance is only superceded by their arrogance. If I want to watch a soap at 1 pm, for sure AMC won't be the one. This Zen fan been punched in the gut one time too many, thank you very much. And I would be eager to watch Kendall in a new storyline because I love Alicia Minshew, but I can smell the writing on the wall with this one and all I can say is No thanks.

I began watching AMC diligently for one reason and one reason only, the epic love story of Zach and Kendall. After NYE 2005 I was hooked and have not missed one show. The magic on screen chemistry of TK and AM as Zach and Kendall is something I have not experienced watching any other soap, even with the terrible writing for this amazing super couple during the past two HW regimes. Thus it is devastating to hear the news that Thorsten Kaye was not able to reach an amicable agreement with TPTB at ABC to permanently remain on the show. This loss along with David Canary and Vincent Irrizary is another nail in AMC's coffin IMO, which the ill advised move to CA initiated.

To add insult to injury, the HWs had the gall to suggest in their latest interview, that before Zach's death even occurs on screen, that Kendall is designated a new love interest and that Zendall fans should give it a chance. This suggestion is callous, insensitive and insulting to those of
us that have stuck it out with all the plot driven crap we had to endure during the past two years, just because we were mesmerized by the magic and charisma that TK and AM brought us during their four year run on AMC. There is no one that can take Zach's place in Kendall's heart and most of all not this newbie on the show. I despise him already. Don't ever tell me who to like. Kendall needs to mourn Zach properly with her sons and begin to get her life together. She is a strong woman and doesn't need a man. If AMC wants to keep Zendall fans watching, then they have to honor this magical pairing by allowing a proper mourning period for both Kendall and the fans and not throw some cheap love affair in the mix, which is destined to fail even before begins.

I'm gonna miss TK's Zach. To think we're left with Ryan and JR is a bit depressing. But I'd rather he go out in a blaze of glory than endure another break up. I really hope that TK makes his way back to LLanview and resurrects Patrick Thornhart.

Diappointed, heartbroken, despondent...I don't have enough words to say how bad I feel about this. I can't tell you how much Zendall has meant to me. And it really is pouring salt in the wound to announce Kendall's moving on already. How insensitive of AMC. I won't be watching. I'll watch Kendall's mourning period and then I am out. I doubt AMC will be around much longer and that's just sad.

I know I'm delusional but I will add one more word to describe my feelings--hopeful. I still have hope that Zach/TK will be back at some point. I know things look bleak right now, but anything can happen.

As a long time Zach and Kendall fan, I am used to disappointment. TPTB never have and never will fully appreciate what they had with this pairing. So as sad as this news is, and it is heartbreakingly sad, it is not surprising.

I understand TK wanting to be with his family, who can blame him for that. Not to mention ABC likely never gave any real effort to keep him around. The fact that they are already pimping the virtues of Kendall's next love before Zach, the love of her life, is technically gone, shows me they don't care. They probably believe fans will automatically transfer their Zendall love to "Kriffin" because we fans love who we are told to love, only NOT.

I wish Thorsten Kaye nothing but the best. He has certainly given us some good memories during his time on AMC. I tuly believe his departure will leave a gigantic hole that try as they may can never be filled with someone else. And to be honest, without him and without Zendall, I won't be sticking around to find out.

As a fan of Zach and Kendall Slater, played by Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew, this couple has survived unthinkable obstacles. I also support Thorsten's choice to not remain permanently on the show, so I prefer a presumed "dead" as opposed to an alternative. As an avid viewer of this golden couple, I am not naive in thinking that Kendall will move on eventually.

Having said that, however, I was astonished to read about a new romance for Kendall. An incensitive miscalculation from those in charge to discuss future plans in the same article as the death of Kendall's husband, the love of her life!

I want this strong woman to mourn with her boys and mother, honoring the epic relationship with Zach!

After a significant amount of time, move her on to a business storyline, not a new guy I was told to like and don't.

Please honor this extraordinary couple and characters!

On your list, you forgot "Husband who impregnates wife's beloved sister and cool bi-sexual gf behind wife's back and then acts like he just forgot to buy one thing on the grocery list." Yes, I know you said small fraction but I'm still bitter.

Divorce would have been my first choice. It would have been more freeing and far less depressing for Kendall in general. Divorce was believable to me after the preceeding writers work on this pair. I don't hate Zach and Kendall enough when written well, which I admit they have been recently, to begrudge the PTB's giving the couple and their fans the open-ended death scenario.

There's a lot of hysteria surrounding the HW's ill-timed comments. I don't see them having Kendall and Griffin hook up in the 1-6 weeks following death due to AM's desires and AMC's desires to keep her. These writers don't seem nearly as spiteful, nor female-hating as Charles Pratt. If written well and done with respect to what Zach was for Kendall, I'm completely open to Kendall/Griffin if the two actors gel.

I too am a Thorsten Kaye /Alicia Minshew fan. ZENDALL NYE 2005 was as others have stated the beginning of an extraordinary couple and characters. The writers could of "spun gold" out of these characters, but as fan's of them all we got was sewer water. The angst that this couple went through in my opinion was even to much for a soap opera couple. Alicia has chemistry with everyone. Alot has been said about this. I think TPTB are trying with all there might to "spin gold " again with there talk of this new love being same/similar to ZACH. Sorry TPTB TK/AM ZENDALL were one of a kind. Spin gold all you want, we as the faithful ZEN fans will not be told to see this as the new supercouple. I will miss TK/AM as the one and only supercouple. But wait we have have been repeatedly told by TPTB Rylee is the one and only supercouple. NOT! I too would like to see the character of Kendall be a strong single women raising her children and fighting to get the Casino's back for Zach. But we know the writers like to have a Kendall as a pod person who will have grief sex, and repeat the mantra " I will now go and kiss ryan and greenlee's butt" I wish Alicia the best of luck, but i hope that she does not renew her contract,unless of course by some chance Thorsten Kaye comes back and once again the ZEN fans can rejoice.

No Zendall ... no me watching.

I'd rather have Zach dead (and with no body found) than a recast or them just breaking up. The mourning period better be profound and long, though! And I want a great funeral episode... with LOTS of flashbacks!

How do I feel?? Just unbelievabley sad and I also feel total ANGER. People keep telling me I can't blame AMC/ABC for TK's decission. Well you know what?? I sure as hell can. What did this stupid move to CA do for the show?? Get RB bacK?? No Thanks!! And I also don't think TIIC worked as hard as they say they did to get TK back. CH has come right out and said he was treated horribly and I don't blame him if he told them to SHOVE IT!! As for Kendall's new love?? Have fun with that . . . I'll NEVER see it. As much as I loved Zach and Kendall as a couple, it was because of Zach. So I'll never see Kendall again as long as I live. She can screw someone the day she finds out and I won't care!! And the fact that its most likely Kendall that gets Zach on that plane to begin with won't do her any favors as far as I'm concerned. Even if it turns out to be the "partners" that did the deed . . . he was still on that plane because of Kendall's obsession with Ryan and Greenlee.

I am more bitter than I have ever been over a soap. I will miss Zach Slater more than I can say and with TK the best in anything he chooses to do. He deserves it!!


Having said that...IMO, a "death" for Zach allows the couple to "end" more in character than a divorce.

I never had any doubt that if TK/Zach was off canvas, Kendall would be moved on. I didn't need for anyone to tell me that...BUT, I certainly didn't need them to tell me that in the same article about Zach's death. I didn't need them to tell me how this new guy is like Zach...or unlike Zach. I didn't need them to tell me how it would be a good relationship for Kendall...when Zendall isn't even done yet. Cold, callous, stupid. IMO desperate. At a time when this show is suffering in the ratings...the loss of a popular character/actor/couple doesn't work in their favor...and IMO they are acting in desperation...and that often leads to stupidity...which is what happened with this interview. I know not everybody is a Zendall fan...not everybody is a Zach fan. It was absolutely in their control to give an interview that respected both sides of that coin...and they didn't do it.

They have a new actor, a new character coming onto the show. Even without announcing their intent for the character...it was going to be difficult to get some to accept him as Kendall's next pairing...right/wrong, it is the way it is when half of a popular pairing is on screen. These idiots just made it harder. Desperate and stupid.

Its all a crock. Had there been a decent storyline for TK I bet he'd have commuted but its the same old same old same old everytime. And for him to 'die' helping RyLee is even more of an insult to both fans and the actor/character.

AND I hear - another non shocking tidbit - is that David isnt dead (imagine that) and coming back .. of course he wont pay for this crap/manipulation anymore than he's paid for any of his other ...

When will Frons be offed and with a body to show for it ... that's a storyline I could/would enjoy

Now there is nothing to balance out Rylee... Can't do it... can't watch...they make my chest tight...

Sad, disappointed, disgusted, angry, outraged.....

I'm a TK/Zach, AM/Kendall, Zendall fan.... I understand and respect TK's decision and thank him for giving me such enjoyment and a wonderful, ruggedly handsome, sexy character to love....and for being 1/2 of the best, most loved, sexiest couple in daytime history..

That said, I'm beyond outraged, disgusting, sickened by the lack of respect shown for TK/Zach, AM/Kendall, Zendall by TIIC..

Oh I know, we are talking about Frons and his croonies, but still..

Too start with, Zen's story has been nothing, but Rylee infested since TK & AM returned..

To have Zach die while helping the gruesome twosome makes me sick, but worse than that is the idiot writers pimping a new pairing for Kendall and comparing this new, unseen character to Zach in the same article they talk about Zach's death..

Once again they shot themselves in the foot..

I will not be watching once TK/Zach leaves.... I love Alicia Minshew, but it's just sad to see her wasted on Rylee propping duties....

I predict 2011 to be the final year for AMC...and not just because TK is gone... Not just because they killed off Zach, but because Frons & his croonies, and his love of all things Rylee killed AMC...

I, too, am sad, disappointed, angry. Not because Zach will be presumed dead, (no body), but because they are pimping a new pairing for Kendall. She needs to mourn and be the strong woman we know she is. She doesn't need a man -- if it's not Zach.

Since he's "presumed" dead, I hope that means we will see him again in the future. Hopefully this summer.

I'm heartbroken that TK/Zach is leaving AMC and I hope that one day soon, he'll be back. I feel that so much time was wasted by AMC when he was on contract, and now that the show moved to California to be saved, we lost a major player and a romantic couple the likes of which we haven't seen on AMC in years and years.

I don't know if AMC will survive many more years, and I have no idea if Kendall and Griffin will be magic, or if Alicia Minshew will opt to stay beyond the end of her current contract, but I do know that once Zach is off the show, I will cease to follow Kendall's story. I say that with a heavy heart, but while Alicia has chemistry with alot of actors, I haven't always enjoyed Kendall's pairings or the writing for her, both pre-Zach and during her marriage to Zach when she was torn between him and Ryan, and in the aftermath of her one night stand with Aidan. I suspect I will feel the same now.

Count me among those who are sad, disappointed, and angry at the way this is going. The death storyline is preferable to divorce and makes sense given the fact that TK isn’t, at this time at least, returning to the show. But all of this is something that could have been avoided a year ago. It’s something that could be avoided now. I place all the blame on ABC for not trying hard enough to keep this dynamic actor and the most popular couple this show has seen in years. Zendall, I will miss you, and when they return, so will I.

I think the "Kendall Hart Has The Worst Life Ever. No, Really, Ever" list reached its apex (or would that be its nadir?) when Sarah Michelle Gellar left the role and was replaced by the Alicia Minshew. I know I'm in the minority here, but I've never bought her in the role and felt the character became pointless the second she morphed from a vengeful hellcat into a bland size 0 victim with the worst hair this side of Sharon Case.

I've got to register my ELATION and JOY over this bit of news! I have despised Zach and TK's portrayal of the whining douche from day one. Like Lisa, I would have preferred divorce because it made sense and it would give Kendall a chance to enter a new romance. Because despite the apprehension and suspicion in most of the posts above mine, I have no doubt that TPTB have Kendall mourning Zach for an appropriate period. She won't be having candlelit dinners with the new guy immediately after Zach's memorial service. Yes he's been cast, but most soap viewers over the age of five can spot a possible new love interest when cast. It's too bad Kendall is going to be in mourning for a while, she's been doing nothing except prop Rylee since her return.

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