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November 07, 2010

About That AMC Spoiler...

I don't normally seek out spoilers because...well, for one, most of what happens on soaps these days and on All My Children in particular is so enormously predictable that the only people who can't accurately predict what's coming up next are people who haven't watched soaps in five years. And even those people have a pretty good understanding of upcoming plots; they just don't know the names of new characters. So I often don't feel the need to be spoiled, because it's not as though, like, "Ryan declares his love for Greenlee" is a surprising plot development.

The other reason I try not to spoil myself: I have a tendency to assume the worst. So I might read a vaguely worded spoiler, be horrified by it and spend days fixating on how bad it will be. And then by the time the episode actually airs, it winds up being even more awful than I originally anticipated.

But sometimes spoilers just can't be avoided and this week, there is a big one. We'll discuss after the jump, so if you want to be surprised, don't click!

The answer to the "Thorsten Kaye: Will he, or won't he?" question is...he won't. Which I totally understand, since his life is in New York, but I am selfishly sad about it all the same. I am a big fan of Zach and Kendall, as we all know, so to have them come to a tragic end is quite depressing.

This puts the writers in a bit of a bind, since Alicia Minshew is with the show permanently. So how do they give us a Kendall with no Zach? A well-timed plane crash is how.

From Soap Opera Digest:

Exclusively in next week's Soap Opera Digest, AMC Co-Head Writer Donna Swajeski reveals that with Thorsten Kaye(Zach) firmly planted on the East Coast, his current comeback will be his last (at least for the foreseeable future) — and to that end, the show is killing off the popular hero. For all the details on Zach's demise, plus what AMC has in store for a widowed Kendall, don't miss the issue dated 11/16!

Well, I guess that means it's time to update our Kendall Hart Has The Worst Live Ever. No, Really, Ever list with a new entry. We can add "dead husband" to a list that includes "coma", "kidnapped son", "another coma", "heart transplant", "son with a heart defect", "son with a heart defect died", "actually, son with a heart defect didn't die but it made me want to kill someone and oops, I wound up in prison for murder" and so on, and when you think about how those items represent just a fraction of her time on AMC you sort of have to laugh at how ridiculously soapy the writing is for her and also cringe at how it sounds like a parody of a soap character...

Since this IS a soap, there is no body found, whicn neatly keeps the door open for a future return after Kendall has moved on. Which, according to the same article could be in, like, weeks. They have her next love interest all lined up (Jordi Vilasuso's new character) and that...seems kind of weird, although the writers say that she'll have a mourning period, and--can I just publicly state that if this mourning period includes grief sex, I am going to...I am going to RAGE on this BLOG!

As weird as this is to say--and I am saying this as a big fan of the Kendall/Zach pairing--killing, or "killing" Zach off almost seems preferable to another infidelity or BETRAYAL or breakup. Right?

What say you, Serial Drama readers? Are you heartbroken? Excited? Resigned to the fact that if they didn't literally kill Zach off, they'd do it through slow and gruesome character assassination until he was a shell of his former self? Even more grateful that most of their recent episodes have been pretty great? Anxious about having to sit through more episodes with anvils like this dropping left and right?

Zach: No. I wanted to stay with you. And I thought that -- sailing the seas and hanging out, that that would work. It's just -- home has always been a strange concept to me. You know that...I just figured it's us, you know. The boys and the boat, and you know, we'd just travel. That's our home, you know. I mean, we didn't need an atlas or a house or neighbors bringing us sugar and stuff. But I see you here with your family and your friends, I get it. I do. And maybe it's time for the boys to have roots and a foundation...Hey, I don't want you thinking ever that I would pick a life on the sea over life with you. You're everything to me. You know that, right? And I like being here. I love it because I'm here with you and the kids. It doesn't matter where it is.

"Subtle", AMC writers. "Subtle".


As a Zendall fan, I admit I prepared myself for this quite some time ago. Back in 2005, I said that if Zendall were to ever end, one of them would die and I didn't see it being Kendall.

I'm actually shocked TK stayed with AMC as long as he did. I always felt before it was only a matter of time before he left and this was before the West Coast jump. When the show made the big move, it just confirmed it for me.

Death is preferable for me when it comes to this, b/c it's something that can be reversed, if need be, down the line. I just don't have the heart for another break-up between Zach and Kendall b/c it just wouldn't be done in an acceptable way. I wouldn't trust the writers to do it well. I also just don't see Zen ending it that way.

"Death" I don't mind. What I do mind are writers already on to the next love interest without even batting an eye. I actually love JV and thought he was great on GL and have missed him on daytime (I couldn't stand the character of Tony after he left, which was shocking b/c I loved Tony), but I would like to see him slowly intergrated into the cast, as opposed to him being introduced as Kendall's new love that's just going to be great. That's for the audience to decide.

When will these people learn that they can't tell us what we're going to like?

I'm so tired...

A few years ago AMC introduced a character named Zach played by Thorten Kaye. They put him in scenes with Alicia Minshew's Kendall and magic happened. They became a supercouple and they made AMC worth watching. The show has since become a joke and without Zach and Kendall there is no reason to watch. I love Alicia but hope that once her contract is up she will leave and Zach(very much alive) and Kendall can ride into the sunset together.

well i LOVE zach and can't stand kendall at all , so i am glad he does not have to be her BOY any longer, let the new GUYS deal with her frist LOVE ryan, and all the baggage he brings with his life they will find it just as HARD if not harder than ZACH ever could, cause Zach LOVED KENDALL AND SPIKE more than she ever loved him, JMO. so now i have a DAMN GOOD reason to stop watching for GOOD.if for some reason this show is still on the air, and ZS comes back i hope itS with a NEW beautiful woman on his arm,and very much in love with her only then would i rewatch, JMO ...GOOD NITE sweet PRINCE. ZACH SLATER you will be missed.....

This Kendall-moving-on story reminds me of OLTL and Natalie getting back together with John about a month after the love of HER life, Jared, was killed! It totally pissed me off cuz they did not give her any time to mourn. So I've been there and done that, and won't be doing it again. Zach and Kendall were the only good thing about AMC, and even so I rarely watched. There will be no reason to tune in, ever, now.

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