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November 09, 2010

Attack of the Killer Twins



The pregnant twins had tons of scenes together today!  I love me some Buchanan twins, especially when one of them is as big as a house.  How is she not on maternity leave yet?  Or did they pre-tape these scenes?

And speaking of pregnant twins and the people who want their blood, Marty has really gone off the deep end.  Am I the only one finding this hilarious?  She seems far more focused on Natalie than on anything having to do with her menace-to-society son Cole, and she keeps popping up in the screen to make snide comments about her to John, who (prince that he is) is eating up every second of it and not spending one second defending his girlfriend but is in fact just fueling Marty's crazypants fire (of course, starting the other day when he told her basically that he would've happily lied for Cole if it weren't for that Natalie!).


"Hey John, where's your little girlfriend and her party hat?  Hey John, why isn't she here poking at Cole's open wound?  Hey John, does your girlfriend ever wake up in the middle of the night beaming after having dreams about destroying my world?  Hey John, remember that kid I have who was born a girl and got a sex change and basically morphed into a young man with the personality of my two-time rapist?  I don't really remember his name, but I do remember who did something bad to him and that was Natalie Natalie NATALIE!"  (I'm pretty sure that's basically what she said, right?)  And all in the middle of the sentencing hearing for her homicidal son!  Marty is nothing if not a multi-tasker!  (Though in all sincerity, I'm thrilled to see Susan Haskell with some actual material even though it basically amounts to a full run under the Ross Rayburn Bus O' Character Destruction.)

And Cole, of course, handled the sentencing hearing the way he handles generally everything -- glaring and rolling his eyes.


Oh how I'll miss what he's become.  Now, since they're letting him stroll around town to say his goodbyes, I guess we have yet to see if he'll actually serve his ten years or go on the run or something.  My favorite part of the "trial" (I can't believe they even called it that) was the argument that Eli would've gotten the death penalty had he lived, so the court should show leniency toward Cole.  Ha!  "Hey look, he saved the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania craploads of money as well as a perfectly good death row cell for years to come!"

And then of course the best part of the episode was Cole, about to head off to a decade in the slammer, "breaking up" with Starr.  Oh, he's so noble!


Adrianna made an appearance today!


Much to Gigi's dismay, of course.


You know, I gotta say that I was never a very big fan of Miss Adrianna Cramer, but I don't know what it is about these recent visits of hers.  Is it something rubbing off on Melissa Fumero during her time on Gossip Girl?  There's something a lot lighter but also more magnetic in her presence, and I for one am loving it.  Maybe it's just that I like seeing Gigi get tortured just a bit?  Does that make me a bad person?


Also, some potentially amazing casting news.  Working with Blair?  I like.  What do you guys think??

Destiny out.


Marty has lost her freaking mind and I love it! Instead of focusing on her homicidal son who shot an unarmed chained man in cold blood, she's frothing at the bit to tear Natalie apart. John told her point blank, if Natalie had not been assigned to the case, then someone else would have figured out that Cole was the one that shot Eli.

I'm digging the pregnant twins WTD story line. We all know that Jessie is going to pull out one of her 999 alters and go bat shi* crazy on Natalie for screwing her man. Of course, the sisters over the years were involved with Cristian and the guy that came to town in 2001 with Natalie.

I love crazy Marty almost as much as I love "Bitchy Bangs" Kramer. Considering how much I disliked sweet Adriana, I'm shocked to say I would love to welcome her back to the show.

The twins are huge! Perhaps Jess is carrying triplets and Nat is carrying twins! I'm sure when they deliver, the babies will go into a closet with Jack, Sam and little Bree.

I love crazy Marty and I love the WTD story. Melissa Archer, Susan Haskell and Mark Lawson are really doing great work. I'm sure Bree Williamson and Michael Easton will too, but for now they have their hands tied with their characters being in the dark.

I would LOVE to have Bitchy Bangs back. She's made of awesome. That's too many Cramers though. So they should get rid of Langston and bring back Adriana.

This show has been pretty damn good lately, except for the teens and Fords mess. I still can't believe they threw Eddie Alderson's Matthew to the side for the sake of those 3 annoying Ford brothers.

Hey, I just noticed that "DESTINY OUT" is back! You love us. You really do love us.

Enjoying Adrianna twisting the knife into Gigi doesn't make you a bad person...it makes you an awesome person!

I will actually start watching soaps again after probably two years of cold turkey if Ted King turns up on OLTL. As long as his name isn't Leonard Alcazar, or something.

Marty has gone absolutely batshit and I don't care b/c she is highly entertaining! I love even more that she's going after Natalie. I have to say, though, that I loved her getting on John b/c we all know that's never allowed to happen.

I always liked Adriana. The only time I couldn't stand her was when she and Rex lied about Sam and that whole mess and, well, that's Babe Carey territory so.....The character was revived with the birth of "Bitchy Bangs" and I love her! She sticks it to Gigi every moment she gets and that's definite fangirl criteria for me.

As for Ted King, I.Am.Over.The.Moon! Please, please let him be a great love for Blair. After ruining Eli the way they did, I'm owed some TK/KDP magic! In case you couldn't tell, I pretty freaking excited about this!

I love the WTD story with Natalie & Jess. I was also wondering when Jessica is going to be on maternity leave - I know she has already given birth, so they must have taped a lot in advance. Anyway, it is just a good soapy storyline!

I too am sick of the Ford brothers, but they guy playing Eddie definitely has my attention! He may bring something to this that makes the Fords interesting! A girl can hope.

Never liked Adrianna character much, but would be an improvement over Langston.

NO matter how frustrated I get with OLTL stories (Rex, anyone?), all I have to do is watch the first few minutes of GH and I am thanking ABC for keeping Llanview on the air!

I am definitely right there with those of you who would prefer Adrianna over Langston as a Cramer any day! Langston fills that role horribly.

Did anyone else notice Adrianna strategically holding her purse over her stomach when she stood up? She looks great, but it seems like the prodcuers are trying to hide her weight gain.

I so love watching Marty go off the deep end. This is the best thing to happen to Susan Haskell and this show since she returned (which is when I started faithfully rewatching). Marty has been way overdue for a great story to show off SH's Emmy worthy acting and I'm hoping this is it. Watching her smack Natalie around and give John snide remarks has been the highlight of my day.

My Cramer women wish would be to bring back Ah-dri-ah-na (in my best Dorian voice) and Cassie and get rid of Langston and the ever grating Kelly.

I will mourn Blair/Eli until the end of the show, probably... BUT Ted King has been on my Wish List for Kassie for years.

I am completely stoked at his coming aboard. Those two are very well schooled at turning shit into gold so I'm looking forward to what they can do together.

My guess is that Brody is the baby daddy to both the babies, but Jessica will flip her shit when Natalie gives birth first -- and to a son while Jess pops out another girl. Brody will love both babies but fancy Nat's more since he put a stem on the apple with that one, leading to mucho delicious feuding sister drama.

(And I can't believe you didn't get a screencap of Rex's reaction when Gigi called him out on telling Adriana about their sex life. LOL)

I guess I'm in the minority. I'm loving the twin WTD mess, but Marty is still grating my last nerve. At this point, I wish that they'd just send her off with her son for obstruction of justice or something.

Also, I'm noticing how ABC is turning old beloved WB characters into douchebags these days. First Xander on Private Practice and now Mitch Leery (who is looking great, btw). I'll never be able to watch Buffy and Dawson's Creek reruns in the same light again. :(

I am loving the WTD story! When Brody put his hand on John's sholder the other day, I think I swooned a little. And I keep talking myself in cirlces about the outcome! I haven't put this much thought into a storyline in ages.

I'm kinda proud of OLTL for not completely glorifying vigilante justice. I'm a little bit appalled by the dubious moral code running rampant in Salem right now.

Loving scheming Marty. If I remember rightly, she was a baaaad girl in the old days.

And OMG! I LOVED Lorenzo Alcazar with Carly back in the days when she was in the coma and dreaming of him. Ted King makes me SWOON. Yay!

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