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November 15, 2010

Can I Ask ABC Daytime To Pay For My Therapy?

It's not that I had forgotten how horrible and annoying Ryan and Greenlee are as a couple, because the memories of parts one, two, three and so on, of their union are burned into my memory. It's just that I thought, or hoped, that their official reunion would put an end to the gross scenes of them yearning for one another from afar, all moony and disgusting.

I...was wrong. Now they are are moony and disgusting in the same contained area.

Ryan: That felt good, the massage you were giving me.
Greenlee: Yeah, you always liked that.
Ryan: Yeah.
Greenlee: Do you think we're star-crossed lovers?
Ryan: You mean like Romeo and Juliet?
Greenlee: Yeah.
Ryan: I don't know, I think we're more battle tested than those two.
Greenlee: Yeah, their love story didn't end so well.
Ryan: What about ours?
Greenlee: Well, it's always been intense. Especially when someone or some thing is tearing us apart.
Ryan: Never again. Never again.
Greenlee: This feels so good. No, we should wait. Until the trial's over. And then we can be together.
Ryan: Honestly, I can't wait. And I don't think you can, either.

First of all, EW, obviously.

Secondly: is this what the show is going to be like from now on*?! Ryan and Greenlee having vapid discussions about how true their love is, kissing, staring soulfully into each other's eyes? Because I don't know how much of that I can take before I either go crazy or...I don't see an alternative to that route. I can already see my cable's episode descriptions: "MONDAY: Ryan and Greenlee kiss". "TUESDAY: Ryan misses Greenlee". "WEDNESDAY: Ryan is on Greenlee's mind". "THURSDAY: Kendall plans a surprise for Ryan and Greenlee". "FRIDAY: Ryan and Greenlee kiss passionately". And I can also see the tears that will make me cry...

Thirdly, EW.

*Until cancellation or Rebecca Budig's next exit, obviously


Mallory You say EW I say EW EW EW EW EW EW EW and YUCK. Putting them on with TK/AM ZENDALL, IMO is a mistake on TIIC part. ZEN hot, chemistry, breaking my heart, couple, then we get the vomit inducing ryan and greenlee declarations.

Gloria, you have said it all. I'm enjoying Zach and Kendall's scenes, and then those 2 come along and ruin the whole thing. Why, why, why????? It seems like they took most of the show, we need more Zach and Kendall!

OMG when was Rylee's "love story" ever intense?

Ryan completely skeeved me out with the massage line. My tummy did not have a positive response.

It says something when Zach is 3,000 miles across the country from Kendall while talking to her on the phone, and their scenes together were more romantic, more intimate and more real than anything Ryan and Greenlee did while clinging to each other in a cave.

AMC is losing the wrong couple.

Spot on Mallory. It really wasn't such a good idea to have the Rylee scenes right before or right after Zendall. It is just a reminder of what viewers will be losing...and the sickfest they will be left with.

I couldn't agree more. Rylee makes me sick. I miss Zendall already. I won't be able to watch without them. No one could ever fill the void.

I thought it was absolutely hystercial how they tried to show Ryan and Greenlee as romatic and HOT as Zach and Kendall. I literally LOL'd!! Its true, the phone between Zach and Kendall had so much more romance, feeling and emotion to it. It brought me to tears.

There is nothing good about TK/Zach leaving AMC, but the one thing I can say . . . I NEVER have to look at Ryan Lavery's face again!! Unless TK comes back. He makes sitting through Ryan tolerable.

Bye Zach . . . bye AMC!! BIG . . . BIG mistake

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