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November 29, 2010

From Port Charles to the Francophreaking Oscars

General Hospital ruins most things it touches and I thought for sure that this would include James Franco's career because...well, because this happened and that hour represented the lowest depths television could sink to.

But Mr. Franco left Port Charles relatively unscathed. Not only is he a shoo-in for a Best Actor nomination at this year's Academy Awards (I keep telling people that he's absurdly talented, but the longer he was on GH, the harder it was for them to believe and the more overtly judgmental their faces were whenever we had that conversation) but he's also hosting the Oscars with the ever adorable Anne Hathaway. Sometimes all you can say is "What the what?" and imagine just how clumsily the GH writers will allude to this bit of news at Oscar time...


I seriously do not understand what GH and movie fans see in James Franco...his acting seems very contrived to me.

Oh, Mallory, I know. I am one of those disbelievers who thought he tanked his GH appearance. Seriously. It was awful. Even for a bit player on a soap, it was a whole new level of cringe-worthy.

However, Danny Boyle might have something to do with me developing a tolerance for James Franco. I'll admit it, I love all of Danny Boyle's movies and my desire to not fault Boyle's judgement totally outweighs my skepticism about James Franco. Which means...as an actor, I suppose JF doesn't suck all of the time? Does that count as a compromise? ;)

I think he's just about the cutest thing ever. And he always has that look like he knows the answers before the question is asked, or that he's just enjoying his life. I don't know why, I just find him entertaining. And huge kudos to him for going back to school.

He is hosting Oscars? I never watch except for the red carpet/dresses part. The speeches are predictable. The nominees are usually predicatable. I just can't sit still that long. But we're talking about a bunch of big egos getting accolades for getting paid exhorbitant amounts of money to pretend to be someone else. Umm... we all did that for free as kids. Then we were expected to get real jobs and make a real difference.

And JF's performance on GH? Bwwahahaha! With those writers? It wouldn't matter who was coming on to do a guest stint or join the cast, the storylines suck every single day. You could have the entire group of Oscar nominees do a guest stint and the show is still going to be lacking the most essential element. The entire show is cringe-worthy, at least JF added an element that wasn't wholly predictable.

Anyone else thinking ABC will pre-empt their daytime line up the day before or after Oscars to show us "classic" episodes of Franco?

Beth R,,,,LMAO!

I have a feeling James Franco is going to make fun of HIMSELF on the Oscars. If he doesn't, someone else is going to. I envision a jaunty little musical number with scenes from his "Franco" days playing on a big screen. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Anne Hathaway - ack. Just don't like her AT ALL, and in addition, I can't see her being the least bit entertaining as a variety host. I just don't think she has the personality for it. James Franco will be great at it, but Anne Hathaway? I say again, ack.

P.S. - James just filmed an episode of Inside the Actors Studio. I'd love to see James Lipton ask him about his Francophreakin' stint on GH. LOL! TMZ reports that they had to turn people away for tickets it was such an in-demand taping. James also stayed an extra hour and a half after to talk to any student who wanted to speak with him. No one has done that since Paul Newman.

Apparently, nothing bad can touch him, including Bob Guza!


LMAO at Beth R.

Seriously, I pray he never goes back to GH...doesn't matter if his character died (DID his character die?? I stopped watching) - it's a soap - no one ever REALLY dies. Please James, stay away.

How much you wanna bet he's one Barbara Walters 10 most Fascinating People of 2010. She released the names of 8...but two are still a secret...

I do love me some James Franco. However, here's my question...how many of us get paid "to pretend to be someone else"...that wonderful, talented person our employer wants us to be. We just don't get paid exorbitant amounts of money. Most of us are fascinating people, Barbara Walters just hasn't met us yet!!!

James Franco is a good actor but above all he makes good choices in term of directors and type of movies..well except in term of..soap opera..lol..but still this little guest starring in soap land was surprising and quite fun original, gutsy so i quite liked it..just for the idea of doing it..and even here we could see that the guy has charisma..yes his acting was quite OTT but on soaps it is almost like that..they want highly emotional drama..so the actors gave them that..IMO it is better that some dull, emotionless, wooden acting who would be dull, wooden also in prime time and movies.. so people don't watch..Being boring is the worst of worst curse when you are an actor.

I cracked up with the remarks about Hollywood movies stars...i agree the amount of their paid checks is ridiculous and quite offensive for the rest of the population..but the actors who do their jobs, the stage actors who are talented, who work strongly, give everything and are discreet, humble, modest and and and..above all those who are paid "normally"..and i mean by that those who are not paid more than nurses for example (who actually make a real difference and should seriously be more paid by the way) should be respected.
Actors (well when they are talented and are in good, clever projects..lol) are artists so they should allow people to open their mind, to cultivate themselves, to be entertained..but granted they don't find vaccins with their work..lol so they should stop being so praised and paid like that..but let's not forget that these "stars" are a minority in the acting world..it doesn't change that it is totally unfair but their movies make money so..well this system is just totally unfair..but what can we do if not NOT watching their accolades puke fest ceremony..or REVOLUTION !! lol

As for Anne Hathaway yeah..she is ok..but Franco is so much more fun, charismatic and a better actor..so YEAH ! for Franco and kind of meh for Hathaway..IMO always..lol

Considering what the awesome team at GH has done with (to?) Adrienne Barbeau (not to mention the most talented members of their cast), I think it's fair enough to suggest those who haven't seen Franco in other productions give him the benefit of the doubt ;-) He probably still won't be everyone's cup of tea, but it's just not fair to judge someone by their appearance on today's GH.

I didn't mind Franco's acting so much, but his speech impediment really took a lot away from the menace of his character. How am I supposed to listen to a guy lisping through murderous lines?

As for Barbara Walters, it sounds more like she's interviewing the 10 people the most idiots are fascinated by, rather than the 10 most fascinating. What is fascinating about Snooki, or any other 21-year-old party girl, just as an example? That's one show I plan to skip. As is the Oscars. Anne Hathaway is an interesting choice. Can't quite imagine it, don't really care.

Huge fan way before General Hospital I still think I would have liked to see more of the hotness and less of the crazed psycho-serial killer. I read he wanted to be a dark character but they wrote him with no redeeming qualities.

I don't have a problem with him hosting the Oscars, it one night

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