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November 04, 2010


It may be inarticulate, but what else is there to say, really?  Today's episode was just... gross.

Todd and Tea and their schmoopy little tepid dull reunion sex that they couldn't even show five seconds of because it would somehow demean the wholesome pure goodness that is their beautifully true love story.  Gross.

Tea's lame little insecurity spell about whether or not Todd really wants to be married to her, and Todd's schmoopy little bland reaction.  Gross. 

Todd and Tea are having ANOTHER wedding.  Even though the last one was valid this time.  Another wedding.  You know, to share the wholesome pure goodness that is their beautifully true love story.  Gross.

This is freakin' Todd Manning and Tea Delgado.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE BLAND.  They should be hot and hateful and hysterical and over-the-top.  THEY SHOULD NOT BE BLAND.

Old-Dude Ford and Todd's newest prize-for-being-awesome (or daughter, whatevs) having a sugary pedo reunion.  Gross.

Starr and Cole's "hot" little creeping-up-the-bed last-sex-ever scene.  Gross.  (Though I was a bit happy for them considering I'm pretty sure this was the first time they'd gotten laid in years.)

John basically admitting that he couldn't handle raising another man's child because it, you know, undermines his manliness.  Gross.

Half the town being totally convinced that Echo (DiSavoy) knows something about Rex's mother while Echo (DiSavoy) says things like, "I would never hurt Rex!" and no one, especially including alleged-investigative-reporter Viki, has even considered the obvious?  Gross.

King-Of-Statch-Rape Ford trying to convince Mouth-Breather Ford that if he saves a girl's life she should totally give it up to him.  Gross.

In order to serve the unfortunate inevitability that Clint is really Rex's father, they are playing along as if Rex is somehow some sort of worthy adversary for Clint.  Please.  Gross.

The fact that all of this could still be counter-balanced and made better by the presence of Fish and Kyle?  Gross.  (Yes, yes, I am still bitter!)

You know what's not gross, though?  Natalie's adorably improperly-positioned and hardly-fastened pregnancy pad.  Not gross at all.  Hilarious.



"The fact that all of this could still be counter-balanced and made better by the presence of Fish and Kyle? Gross. (Yes, yes, I am still bitter!)"

This. Infinity. A year ago, they were having their adorable rooftop conversation.

Today? Schmoopy/bland Todd and Tea. Fords running wild. Clint (most likely) getting stuck with Rex as a son. Why is everything so horrible!

Okay, maybe this is just me. But I still absolutely LOVE Starr and Cole. Yes, just yesterday I was all "they had their chance, it was great, but now it's over" but I gotta admit, I'm more sad about it than I thought I'd be. I remembered how adorable they used to be and really, they are SO. CUTE. I'm such a fangirl, I know. Don't judge! But this is what soaps are supposed to be about- love and loss. And I was about to start crying. Kristen Alderson most definitely deserves an Emmy (nomination, at the very least)!!!!!

JPL is a Frons pet which means he's now being made into a Buchanan....zzzzz.

Rexx and his hammy ways get on my nerves, and I used to like Rexx years ago.

TnT - Let them have their one month of happiness and then the will be at each other's throats.

I love pregnant Natalie. She's cuuuute.

How come you don't sign off with 'DESTINY OUT' anymore? Don't you love us anymore?

Aw, Knope, I didn't know you cared! Honestly, I think I dropped the sign-off during a flurry of episodes in which I got really pissed at Destiny and it just sort of stayed gone... maybe she can earn her way back!

Ah, Kish, we hardly knew ye. And yet, you are infinitely missable! Waaahhh! Stupid Frons.

Todd and Tea in lovey dovey mode or in hot at each other's throats mode are pretty blah to me..i just don't see the chemistry and for me it is the most important thing (good writing is also important but on-screen chemistry in number one) in order to make a soap or tv, movie pairing viable and enjoyable..Todd has far more chemistry with Blair or Marty (i know i know their bad controversial history but it doesn't change the fact that the actors have awesome chemistry so their scenes together are interesting to watch IMO).

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