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November 03, 2010

Is There Ever NOT An Exception To Police Procedure?

Hats off, by the way, to Florencia Lozano today.  Today she rose above the typical Tea hysterics (I don't mean that as back-handed toward the actress, by the way, as I've said many times I think she plays those to the hilt and they are what is usually called for) and made some refreshing choices during Tea's confrontation of Greg and really almost actually made me feel something in response to this storyline, which I've found predictable and dull thus far. Way to go, Flo!  (And her work later in the episode was bogged down by the presence of that Todd character, naturally, but that seems to be an inevitability.  And Todd has, I guess, made his final choice about which members of his family he's going to give a crap about.  'Cause that other daughter?  Eh, she's fine.)

But it was nice of the police escorts to make their standard exception of stopping to let their prisoner get confronted by someone.  This was a special circumstance!  (I've never seen anything else on a soap, of course, but... okay.)

It was also nice of One Life to Live to follow up on the Evans family subplot, which they dropped six freaking days ago with no explanation. Today we got the deeply satisfying explanation that, despite last week hearing Greg say the words "I killed her," Destiny's mother (Charlene) in fact died because she tripped and fell.  Oopsie!  Oh and Greg got rid of the body so no one would suspect him of murder.  And so sixteen years later he became an accomplice to murder so that no one would find out, and his parents think he should be given special consideration from the law as a little "thanks" for the fact that he, you know, didn't kill Tea.  Man, if only I could get a reward every time I didn't kill someone.  (Anyone else remain confused as to which part of this Greg and Shaun's parents did and did not know?  They seemed to immediately know it was the "secret" worth helping a serial killer in exchange for his silence, but if they didn't know about the cover-up part, it seems they'd wonder whether it was worth it.  And... I only care about the Evans [grand]parents because I love those actors, right?  I guess we're not really supposed to be too concerned with their non-contract side of things.)

By the way, did we ever get any sort of an explanation for the second and third opinions Tea allegedly got regarding her fake tumor?

Natalie continued not being a real person today by having a prolonged conversation with this:


And didn't bat an eye.  Granted, they were talking about how he might be the father of both her and her sister's babies, so it's not exactly your standard everyday exchange.  And she obviously noticed once, even though it took tequila.  But damn that boy's still pretty.


Oh and yay.  Tuc Watkins (David) is coming back.  They'll resolve and resurrect David/Dorian for a few seconds, he'll stand around and deliver some one-liners, and then leave again for greener television and theatrical pastures and Dorian will be left with no love interest again.  Hoo-ray.

But Sean Ringgold's on contract now!  I like that, and frankly still hope that if Kelly has to stick around, they actually consider exploring her chemistry with Shaun.  (Sorry, Vivs!)

And did y'all know that Trevor St. John (Todd) is in My Soul to Take, the new Wes Craven film?  I was so thrown to see him; I really had no idea.  He's got a fairly big supporting role, and feeling excited about seeing him in the movie like that made me really sad for his earlier days on this show... for me he really was once one of the most fascinating actors and characters on daytime.  I still foolishly hope that something will improve in that department.  (If you're a scary movie junkie like I am, by the way, I definitely recommend the film despite all the negative reviews -- it was an oddly sweet horror movie, if that makes any sense.)


Is anyone else confused about how this is the start of November sweeps?  (Don't spoil us if you're spoiled, though.  I'm just curious if anyone else thinks this all feels off!)


I really hope that Brody is the father of Natalie's baby, since there is more drama for years to come with Jessica versus John being the father.

Evans Family - I have a feeling that old Destiny is going to be reeling for a long, long, long time. Greg is a goner! I will always miss "a brain is not a foot" and his loopy run down the hospital hallway.

FL was really good today.

Todd - the man can only focus on one child at a time. Starr, Jack, Sam, and now it's Dani's turn. A new kid means Todd loses focus on the first three that he fought to take away from Blair.

Without the histrionics Tea is just a Mary Sue. Florencia should get more scenes like the URN OF LIES!!!!! or whatever it was called.

"And did y'all know that Trevor St. John (Todd) is in My Soul to Take, the new Wes Craven film?"

Considering he drains the life out of every scene he has on OLTL, how appropriate.

First off, kudos to Carl on the Trevor St. John dig. Well played.

Secondly, I love the idea of Kelly and Shaun. However, this is OLTL. Diversity isn't exactly high on their priority list, and I have a feeling we'll be seeing Destiny and Shaun only in "blacks only story purgatory". They'll occasionally interact with other characters, but mostly they'll show up once every couple of weeks. Maybe one of them will become a jazz singer or find an inner city kid to mentor.

Sometimes, I really hate daytime television.

Carl, yes, the "URN OF LIES" scene was superior fun (and it was hilarious that no one gave a second's thought to the fact that those were actually someone's ashes even though they weren't hers!), I just wish it hadn't been watered down by Todd's utter non-reaction.

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Eric Castelli

My friend and I went to see My Soul To Take and it was excellent. Many surprises. Not sure if I'd call it scary, but definitely a treat.

I am SOOOO disappointed in the Evans family reveal. AS IF Des wouldn't be over the moon at having her hero Greg be her actual DAD instead of just her brother! Gimme a break! Now, she might be pissed that he blew her off for fourteen years while he was off being a big-headed world-famous surgeon, but still. None of this story is bad enough to cause a normal person to commit murder to avoid discovery!


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