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November 23, 2010

Math Hurts My Head

Okay, so we knew on Friday that there would be ambiguity about some of the DNA results, particularly depending on how much information we got about Vimmel (?) and what actually went down when someone turned on the lights in the lab, and what actually was asked of him in the first place by Clint.

As of yesterday (which I'm going to have to admit was probably the best episode of this show since Bo and Nora's latest wedding), the characters got the following results: Brody (not Ford) is the father of Jessica's baby, Brody (not John) is the father of Natalie's baby, and Charlie (not Clint) is the father of Echo diSavoy's man-baby.  The audience was also privy to the fact that it was Marty who walked in on Vimmel in the lab and that she definitely did something at that computer and has a copy of some sort of results now in her home -- presumably Natalie's results.  We know that Vimmel's task was to make sure Rex's results listed Charlie as his father, and Clint's daughter's results listed Brody as the father, and that he accomplished both of these tasks.

Bear with me here.

Based on the language Vimmel used, we do not actually know whether it was Clint or Charlie that was a match as Rex's father -- we only know that he "made sure" the results indicated Charlie.  We also know that one of Clint's daughter's baby-daddies is not Brody and is "the other man," but we do not know if Vimmel switched the paternity of Jessica's baby or Natalie's baby -- only that we certainly have one baby on the way who is not a mini-Lovett. 

The go-to interpretation here would be that since (as far as I know) Clint was unaware that Natalie was having a paternity test and was, in fact, unaware that there was a paternity question at all, he intended for Vimmel to ensure Brody (and not Ford) was listed as Jessica's baby's father.  And apparently did not think to specify which daughter since, as I said, he didn't think he had to.  Vimmel, on the other hand, saw Natalie's name first (as Banks comes before Brennan), saw that the baby was John's, and switched the results to Brody. 

There's also the possibility that he did pick the correct twin and that Jessica's results listed Ford as the father, and he followed Clint's instructions to change it to Brody.  Meaning Ford is the father of Jessica's baby and Brody is the father of Natalie's baby, making this a twin double-bummer for the girls.

Another possibility?  Vimmel changed Jessica's results to Brody, and Marty changed Natalie's results to Brody, making Ford Jessica's babydaddy and John Natalie's babydaddy.  It's also possible that Marty didn't change a thing but just printed out a copy of what she interprets as Natalie's betrayal of John.  It's also possible that Marty did her old buddy Jessica a solid and switched her results from Ford to Brody.

My head hurts, but this is fun!

So basically we have no freaking clue what the truth is.  Correct me if I'm wrong (and I probably am because, mercy, this is complicated), but the only scenario that we have 100% eliminated is that Brody is the father of both twins' babies.  And on the other side of town (?), we know for certain that Echo (diSavoy!) is Rex's mother and that she is certain Clint is Rex's father, but we do not know the DNA evidence either way.  We also know that Viki is less than pleased right now.

Can anyone think of any other scenarios (other than a third party tampering with the results)?  The longest-shot, I think, would be that Marty had a big change of heart (not so much about dropping her vendetta against Natalie but about protecting Jessica), saw that Brody was the father of Natalie's baby, and changed the results to John... and then Vimmel changed the results back to Brody.  I was a little confused about the order of events, though, and whether or not that was even possible.

What do you guys think?

As for the rest of the episode, there's really no use commenting on the banality of the Langston/Ford scenes and the show's continuing feeble attempt at rehabilitating Ford by having him wait for sex with Langston and feel disappointed in not being a father.  Just hate hate hate.  And speaking of characters the show actually did take time and care to painstakingly rehabilitate to some degree and then decided to throw all of that hard work to hell in a handbasket, what is there really to say about Todd's latest stunt?  He's already air-quoted the fact that he raped her twice, and there's not really anywhere to go from there.  But yesterday he kicked off his shoes and made himself comfortable in the home of his two-time rape victim where he taunted and laughed at her and talked about the pleasure he's taking in her misery.  Oh and he used his devastated and heartbroken daughter as a pawn in his revenge on Marty (on whom he needs revenge for... what exactly?) by tricking her into signing a court order keeping Marty from her granddaughter.  I have said a million times that the most compelling thing about the character of Todd Manning was how deeply haunted he always was by what he had done in college, and they have gone so far past the point of no return with him that I'm going to have to go ahead and assume that in his adorably family scenes with Tea and Dani, I am supposed to be worried for his wife and daughter because they love a very, very bad man.  Right?  I can't think of anything else they could be going for that would make the least bit of sense, though "sense" is something I am often asked to withhold as it applies to this particular television program.  That said?  Those were some damn good Todd/Marty scenes.


Destiny out.


I thought Clint as (blech) Rex's father was fact at this point (a laughable notion considering how many times Rex's paternity has been rewritten), but I guess it is possible that Echo was wrong all these years and Charlie's really Rex's dad. I doubt it, though.

All this talk about baby paternity and DNA tests makes me miss Kish.

I'm waiting for the inevitable result that one of the twins gave birth to Rex and Brody is his father. With all the mucking about in the DNA lab, that's got to come out at some point, right?

As for Todd... stick a fork in him. He's done. There is no soul or pathos to him anymore. There is no struggle. He gets anything and everything he wants, laughs happily about it and goes home to his True Love and Shiny New Daughter who adore him and everything is wonderful. I have no interest in anything he does anymore.

Just keep him away from Blair and her kids because they're just pawns (see how he treated Starr? A pawn in his game against Marty which... escapes me. What is the purpose there?)

I loved that character beyond all reason once. There is nothing worthwhile in him anymore. Period.

Oh how I hope that Ford is Jess's baby daddy and Brody is Natalie's. The soapier the better.

My theory is that since Vimmel works at BE, he would've known Natalie Banks as being Clint's daughter. He switched her results after Marty printed out the correct results. I think she'll use the fact that Natalie had to have a paternity test as leverage to antagonize her and either unintentionally make her miscarry or give premature birth. Nat will assume that she knows that Brody is the father and stress out. Jessica's baby daddy is Brody and Clint is Rex's dad.

I have to give OLTL credit for a triple paternity story that is actually worth watching for a change. I'm pretty confident that Clint is Rex's father but that they will play out the lie that Charlie is. Clint did say that he knew Rex was his when he donated DNA during the whole story about Shane's lukemia and finding a donor.

As for Natalie and Jessica it's really anybody's guess who the daddy of each is at this point. I think Clint meant for Vimal (as I watch in Closed Captions that's how that dude's name is spelled) to switch Jessica's because he didn't want Ford to be the father but Vimal switched Natalie's possibly because like Angie mentioned he knew her from BE (assuming he worked there when she did) or some other reason. The assumption is also that Marty did something on the computer but like Louise said we don't know that she actually did anything other than maybe print out the results of Natalie's test.

But again, the writer's have really done the best job of keeping us in the dark about what's what. I am looking forward to watching and seeing what other stunts they have up their sleeve. It's definitely not over until the babies are born and either switched or kidnapped or dying of some rare disease.

I love watching Marty go off the deep end though and I'm finally grateful Susan Haskell has some meaty material to work with.

Is it also possible that while Todd was roaming free around Marty's house that he found that print out under the sofa cushion? I hate him again after his latest stunt, but bringing him into the story could be interesting.

My thoughts after that epi aired: a;dlfkjsdfg

Okay, I think Vimel switched Nat's test and not Jessica's. John is the father of Nat's baby, Brody really is the father of Jess's baby, and a piece of fuzz is Rex's father.

You've pretty much spelled out the twists and turns of the three DNA test results. I agree with those who think Clint is intended to be Rex's father, even though as you say the dialog is vague enough should tptb ever want to change that.

On Tuesday's show, Marty's copy of Natalie's results did list Brody as the baby-daddy, so that could be the truth, Marty could have changed it before she printed it out, or Vimal could have accidentally changed it before Marty got there. But with the Clint/Brody interaction and editing them with Natalie's scenes on the same show, I think we're supposed to get the hint that Clint thinks it was Jessica's results that were changed when in reality it was Natalie's. But it's still very vague and complicated, and they'll probably do a new DNA test whenever they find out Clint was tampering with these ones.

As for Todd, I think tptb are trying to have it both ways with his character - a romantic lead with Tea AND the show's bad boy. However, he's just a sap as romantic lead and he's just plain hideous and cruel as the bad boy anymore. I will never enjoy watching Todd torment his two-time rape victim just for kicks.

I think Tuesdays show proved two things:

1) Clint is the father of Rex (I'm sure Vimal said that he CHANGED the results to indicate Charlie is the father).

2) All Marty did was print Natalie's result and did NOT tamper with it. She thinks that Natalie is having Brody's baby (we cannot be sure one way or the other), but her gleeful attitute today showed that she did not switch the results, but just happy with what she found.

This means either the TRUE results will be good for the twins (Jessica's baby is Brodys and Natalie's baby is Johns) or both are bad for the twins (Jessica's baby is Fords (Yuck!) and Natalie's baby is Johns (Meh)).

Btw, does anyone else find Vimal hilarious?? I do, lol

Btw, Roxy gave me tears today :(

Haha, with those faces that Rex makes, "man-baby" is correct!!

Vimal is hilarious! I thought Clint's head was going to explode when Vimal was trying to explain why he didn't call after changing the DNA results.

Roxie! Wow! We went from "star tossed lovers" and "two ship wrecks passing in the night" to whaling on Echo about being Rexx's mother. Good stuff all around today.

I have never considered Todd to be a romantic lead, just a rapist douche bag. TSJ and SH have sizzling chemistry and I enjoy watching their character's animosity. Years ago, Todd was tortured about what he did to Marty, not any more, there has been too much water under the bridge for both Toddy and Marty. I think Todd wants Marty to go away so that he doesn't have a constant reminder in Llanview pointing out his past life. Isn't that one of the reasons that Blair can't stand Marty?

Whose the Daddies? I was hoping for a Brody/Brody combo since John is so boring and I didn't want Jessica giving birth to a baby by the man that had sex with her while she was mentally unstable. I hate that Natalie doesn't want to lose John -- the guy is NOT a catch!

I think Matthew is catching on to good old Uncle Clint and his DNA switch. Will Matthew spill the beans?

JT, ABC spells it Vimal, so in this case the closed caption typists got it right. I've seen closed captioning mistakes on real people's names, though, which is kinda funny :)

I just watched Monday's epi. E.O., Vimal said he made sure Rex's paternity test STATED Charlie was the father. He didn't say he changed it to say that. But I agree with you, I think Clint is the daddy. Poor Charlie can't catch a break.

Vimal and the migraine: HA!

Did anyone else notice the changing positions of Nat's bump? In the scenes with John it was low and looked fairly normal, then in the scene at Llanfair it was right up under her boobs. Babies do move around, but not that much!

Where are all these Roxy scenes? I didn't see any Roxy in this show! Was it another day?

Oh, my bad, E.O.! Tuesday's episode, Vimal says he CHANGED Rex's results! I just better get up to date before making any more comments :)

Enjoying the twins baby daddy story, but don't care who Rex's daddy is anymore!

It isn't believable that Clint would not claim his son - if you have watched the show for many years, Asa did that to him with Cord and it seems out of character for him to do
it. But I do like this 'evil' Clint for a change, and am looking forward to seeing what happens with Matthew.

Still love the show even with the boring/stupid parts & love your posts Louise!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pretty sure Clint is Rex's father. He was a match for Shane and started "thinking" and then had a paternity test done.

Oh! I also hate maths!

I love math until I have to do it... :>)

All this about that and of course babies are the main attraction.

music equipment like a guitar or better yet a Uke for some folly.

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