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November 19, 2010

My Eyes, My Eyes! or Who Is Too Big For Her Britches?

The list of things I never need to see is a long, long one.  I'll grant you that.  But a sultry, hot-n-heavy sex scene between Rex and Gigi definitely falls on that list somewhere between Dick Cheney in a bathtub and my parents getting it on.  I honestly can think of few soap opera hook-up scenes that generated less heat than that.  (No wait, Todd and Marty.  But for such different reasons.  By the way?  More on that later.)  I'll give them credit for making one good call -- they played it with a comedic edge -- but that's it.  Were we supposed to be happy for them?





In other desperate-attempt-at-generating-interest-in-a-couple news, Langston needs to be taken out back and shot.  Really, it's just time to put her and us out of our collective misery.  Not only is she stupid, duplicitous, and dull-as-dirt, she's now decided that she is in some position to insult Blair.  She's decided she's in the position to suggest that she could get herself a man that Blair could not.  Look, I make no pretense that I'm impartial when it comes to Blair, a character whose choices and actions I often disagree with but cannot help but always root for (oh, except for the singing... I never like the singing), but... I mean first of all, Blair had already played this game before.  She'd propositioned Ford in order to expose his player ways, and it worked.  Of course when he showed up to sleep with Blair, Langston answered the door and bought his lie that he was there to see her, but regardless of whether she bought it or not, Blair explained to her what she had been trying to do -- and yet this time around, it wouldn't occur to that little bint that Blair is just trying to prove the same point?  She actually thinks Blair is just trying to seduce Langston's boyfriend? 


And has the nerve to throw attitude at Blair, suggesting that she is "tired" and embarrassing herself?  Oh suck it, Langston.  Blair has more to offer any man than Langston could ever dream of.  This is really just making me long for Cris and Blair to start up their friends-with-benefits arrangement again, but I have to keep reminding myself that we're less than two months away from the arrival of one Ted King in Llanview.

Meanwhile, Blair's ex was across town manipulating their daughter Starr into signing some suspicious document and getting irritated with her that she's in a "bad mood," and basically being an all-around candidate for Father of the Year.  Oh and he insulted his two-time rape victim a few times just in case his oldest daughter might not completely loathe him enough, and fortunately Starr did call him on that (though not enough... never enough).  Todd did tell Starr today, "Shoot me if I'm glad that Cole's out of the picture," and I am anxious for Starr to take him up on this directive.  Shoot him, Starr, shoot him!

THE DNA RESULTS ARE IN, THE DNA RESULTS ARE IN!  (Why did the results for Jess and Natalie take about two weeks but the results for Rex took one day?)  Oh, but wait.  One, two, three, or none of them may have been tampered with.  My head hurts.


Pretty convenient that all three involved parties were right in a row alphabetically in the system so we didn't know which one(s) the dude was messing with.  And I actually mean that -- that's a pretty convenient coincidence!



Destiny out!


Langston was ruined the second they turned her into a Cramer woman, and I liked her scenes with Dorian. When we first met Langston it was at the quarry a few years ago with Starr and Starr's love interest at the time. She was quirky, funny and wise beyond her years. Langston gets a little sex with Markko and suddenly her nose is so wide open that she's doing all kinds of sneaky and sleazy stuff. The fact that Ford had sex with Jessica who thought she was a 17 year old should have sent Langston running to the nearest convent.

Rexx/Gigi - Blech -- boring and the sex scene was horrible. I think Rexx needs to hit the gym if he's going to keep taking off his shirt.

Poor Natalie should have told the truth at the very beginning and now she's stuck in a big old lie.

Langston must be high off her hairspray fumes if she thinks she's in Blair's league. Child Please! Blair would turn Ford out and leave him in a coma. Langston could visit him at Llanview Hospital.

Ted King can't show up fast enough because I'm tired of Blair playing with these babies.

I hate Todd for his coldness to Starr's feelings, but am I wrong for loving how he got her to sign that court order barring Marty from seeing Hope? That was amusing. Marty's face was priceless. I'm sure she'll find a way to blame Natalie for this, too.

I am tired of Ford and Langston. I'm tired of Blair hitting on Ford too. It's getting old and I don't get the point of Blair being involved with these kids. They all look ridiculous.

Gigi and Rex do nothing for me in the Heat Dept, but their love scene didn't gross me out. I do think they would both be better with other people. I think Gigi has chemistry with older men more than with men her age.

So many friggin' DNA results! I thought the "truth" was going to be revealed this month? Instead we're just going to be wondering which test was switched and which wasn't. Lord have mercy.

Its disgusting what Todd is trying to do to Marty. I really do not like this version of Todd, nothing to root for. What happened to the Todd always wanted to atone for his sins against Marty, didn't he exist? Since when is he out to always revictimize her? I think that is awful.

I really hope that this new crazy version of Marty goes postal on him and I don't know, kidnaps him and tortures him for months. I would SO watch that!

Marty, karma is bear! Marty knows darn well that Starr would never keep her from Hope.

I'm not a JPL fan and I dislike Rex as a character. I really wish they would pair FF up with someone else because I cringed during the Rex & Gigi sex. Pretty much like I did when Ford kissed Langston.

@ EO: TSJ's Todd has always hated Marty as far as I know. I'm pretty sure after raping her twice the writers pretty much scrapped Todd's ability for atonement. He may have been sorry afterward (probably that he got caught) but it passed pretty quick and he went back to hating her.

It looks like the Whose The Daddy story for the twins won't be over until the babies are switched or kidnapped or dying.

JT, I guess I know that but I try not to believe it. The Todd-Marty relationship was much more interesting and complex when Todd actually felt remorse for what he had done, knowing that you can never erase the past. It felt more deep to me.
But for the past few years, Todd seems to hate Marty and continues to victimize her, which is really sickening if you think about it. How can OLTL position Todd as their lead hero when he intentionally continues to victimize and terrorize his RAPE VICTIM??

If you notice, I do not talk about RH or TSJ. I really don't care who plays him as long as the writing is correct.

I have never considered Todd as a hero -- more like the guy you either hate, love to hate or just plain love. I'm on the love to hate team and enjoy it when his schemes blow up in his face. Of course, everyone turns around and forgives Todd three days later which totally ticks me off. If Viki can forgive Todd's crap then why didn't she forgive Tina after the last round of Bess/Tess nonsense?

I don't know what annoyed me more: Todd's intense, ridiculous hatred of Marty or Todd's whining about Starr not coming to his and Tea's party and Starr apologizing for it (!). At least Starr has one parent who actually wanted to be there to support her through such a difficult time. Also, this may be a little late, but when he and John were searching for Todd's family in the warehouse, he made a comment about them needing to save his family b/c they're the only people who care about HIM. Really?

I wish Natalie would get busted on her facial expresses alone. Too funny.

Rex and Gigi made me want to vomit. There was nothing sexy going on and I felt uncomfortable after watching that.

Langston was ridiculous. I agree with LadyBug. Langston really changed after she had sex with Markko. Now all she does is pant.

Oh please Todd is not a hero, his pairing with Tea is ridiculous by the way..the guy should be more tortured with ANY of his relationships..TSJ has charisma and sex appeal and great chemistry with SH (oddly i think he has more chemistry with her by far than with his more "acceptable" love-interests but whatever) but he should play more remorse deep subtext in his scenes and above all in his scenes with Marty given the very famous and uneasy and complex history between the characters.
By the way i will totally watch BSC Marty wreak avoc on Todd, he will totally deserve it and he is a wicked big boy he could almost enjoy it..lol

Gigi and Rex are dull but watch Days just once when there are some sex-scenes between Rafe and Sami (and there are a lot don't worry it is easy to find lol, their relationship is basically only about that and talking about Sami's children God forbid to take care of them of course lol) and believe me you will be happy to watch Rex and Gigi sex fest after that..Sami and her new boy are painfully awkward together but it is the most obvious (if it is possible) in their awful sex puke scenes.. So be happy to have endure Gigi-Rex instead of much much worse..

JT, to EO's point, a few years ago TSJ's Todd was on trial for "raping" Blair (she had a brain tumor which affected her memory), and SH's Marty showed up to testify to his remorse at raping HER. The hate only started up again when Marty moved back to Llanview. That's why it bugs ME to see Todd so free of remorse. He was once a complex character and now he's an effing cartoon. It's so boring.

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