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November 12, 2010

The Day's Most Accurate (And Charitable!) Dialogue

General Hospital is so saturated with Brenda right now that it's hard to imagine a time when she wasn't in Port Charles, doing things and having everyone in town discuss, in detail, the things she has done. But then she comes out with a statement like this and you remember all over again that she was absent for years!

Brenda, on Carly's quest to unearth her secret: That girl has no life and she has the mentality of a 20-year-old.

Maybe Carly had the mentality of a 20-year-old in the late 90s, but it's been a steady mental regression since then. I'd hesitate to even compare her to a sixth grader!

The first part of that blunt assessment made me laugh and laugh, especially since Brenda doesn't even know half of the deranged schemes Carly has concocted to pass the time. And the fact that it was juxtaposed with some prime Carly crazy was icing on the cake.

In order to find out what shocking, scandalous, sordid secret Brenda and Dante are keeping from her so that she can expose it publicly and ruin two lives in one shot, Carly interrogated one of the other NYPD officers tasked with guarding Brenda in 2007 and did some Olympic caliber jumping to conclusions.

NYPD Officer whose name I don't remember, so I am just going to call him NYPD Blue: Sure I remember that detail. Brenda Barrett's hard to forget. She's a nice lady. Knockout.
Carly, choking back vomit: Why were you guarding her?
NYPD Blue: Brenda was being stalked by some guy who had ties to organized crime in Europe. Interpol was interested in him so the chief was willing to provide security.
Carly: Was there anything unusual about it?
NYPD Blue: No, standard detail: 8 hour shifts, Brenda had a room in a midtown hotel, uniform was supposed to sit in the hall and accompany her if she went anywhere.
Carly: And is that what Dante did?
NYPD Blue: He switched it up. By day 3 or day 4, he started taking double shifts. Guarding Brenda 16 hours at a time, and when I came on duty, I'd find them in the suite, not in the hall.
Carly: Were they sleeping together?
NYPD Blue: I thought so. Especially after I asked Dante straight out and he didn't deny it.

A rational person would realize that this so-called witness was giving her absolutely zero information; hello, he only thinks Dante and Brenda were sleeping together, because Dante didn't tell him one way or the other? "Wow, that is some unequivocal proof right there", the rational person would say, their words laced with sarcasm. Carly thought those words with GLEE. Every time NYPD Blue gave a vague answer that could POSSIBLY be construed as a hint that Dante and Brenda had sex (he wasn't banished to the hallway?!), her face lit up more and more, and by the end of the scene, the only thing keeping her from breaking out into the "We Did It!" song from Dora The Explorer is the fact that Dora is on Nickelodeon and ABC Daytime only pimps for Disney.

Wait until she finds out about THE BABY. Her head may explode before she even gets a chance to gloat.

Yes, Brenda alluded to THE BABY in the last seconds of today's show, a moment that probably would have been far more dramatic had it not appeared in commercials that air endlessly on, no lie, every single channel I get.

Brenda: I don't want to talk about the baby, okay? 

Speculation about THE BABY and a whole lot of questions about the Robin/Patrick/Lisa mess to come later this weekend!


is it too much to ask to have Brenda pop over to GH and visit her bff in the hospital?? I guess it is... funny me I thought Brenda and RObin might share more than one scene since the return of Brenda in August. Very disappointed by that. UGH to Brenda/Dante UGH to Patrick/Lisa/Robin gaslighting sl. UGH to Balkan, UGH to the whole show... thanks for keeping me up to date...

Cujo aka Carly, is so afraid of losing her position as number one in the life of Sonny, Jax and Jason. You have no idea how I wish they would all CUT her out of their lives and move without leaving a forwarding address.

I just CANNOT find one redeemable quality about Carly. I can't. I find her cloying, annoying, shrill, shrieking and an all around pain-in-the-ass banshee. It's like that person that thinks everyone they know just LOVES them and that everyone is their best friend, when, in fact, everyone loathes them and wishes they would take a long walk off a short pier. Carly's inane prattle about "Brinda" every five seconds is enough to give me a migraine. I wish someone would work with Laura Wright on her pronunciation.

Even Jax seems like he's trying to convince himself that he really loves Carly. WHY? Maybe it's more about taking a woman that once "belonged" to Sonny the way he perceives Sonny took Brenda away from him?? Now that he's got her, it's like herpes. He can't get rid of her. Plus there's the adorably big-headed Jocelyn to think about.

I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm the biggest Brenda shipper of all right now, even though I know her presence is on a little bit of overkill. She is just, to me, a breath of fresh air in a sea of incredibly annoying and worthless women on this show right now. The show makes me embarrassed for my gender.

SAM: Whiny, whiny, WHINERTON. Her little tantrum with Brenda yesterday was humiliating, and I wasn't even there. Clingy and cloying.

CARLY: See above

CLAIRE: Soon-to-be unemployed stalker and likely incubator for the next Sonny Spawn.

LULU: Eegads. She and Sam should compare notes on clingy and cloying.

ALEXIS AND DIANE: Underused, underrated and seem to only be there to point out the obvious stupidity of the other women in the area.

Well, you get my point. Brenda may be in danger from the worst-named villain in all of soapdom, but at least she seems to have some COMMON SENSE!! And, she brought the absolutely awesome Adrienne Barbeau along for the ride, which I can't thank her enough for.

Yes Carly is on my last nerve but I love Laura Wright she is taking this role and rockin each scene! I'm so tired of GH period with mob and crazy Lisa getting away with everything. Bring Maya's little sister who was suppose to come with her in the first place. Bring back Keesha Ward and have the three Ward girls live in their grandmothers old house (since Lucky doesn't live there anymore)! Have Jason start remembering his old life and be torn between his lost love Keesha and what he has with Sam. Have him remember his FAMILY and quit the mob and start working head of securty at ELQ (I know he was suppose to be a doctor but come on we know that's not gonna happen)! Have Tracy be pissed that Edward might try and groom Jason to take over ELQ. Have Monica be so happy that she is getting her family back that she takes over as Cheif of Staff and Bobbie becomes Head of the Nurses. Sonny has to give up his power in order not to go to jail and ends up opening a night club. Nicholas becomes a real Cassadine and gets a woman who lives him and Spencer gets a mother. Lucky finds out Aiden is his and he and Elizabeth get back together. Elizabeth gains a backbone and turns into one of those mothers who if you say boo to her kids she will take your head off! IT'S MORE I WANT TO SAY BUT I ALREADY WROTE TOO MUCH SORRY I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF! LOL

As annoying as Lulu can be, last week she uttered a line of dialogue about Brenda that had me saying "Amen!" She said, "I'm so tired of this chick!" My sentiments exactly!

I know the kid (if there is one still floating around) will probably be Alexander's, but a kid from a Brenda/Jax fling would make the show a LOT more interesting. To me, anyway. After all, Emma's going to need someone to date when she's aged up to 16 in just 2 years. I'm sure GH is already laying the groundwork for a Brendan Jax/Emma Scorpio Drake/Jacob Morgan Quartermaine triangle.

I think that the kid of Brenda and the Balkan's (or his son, not really following too carefully) is going to end up being Spencer Cassadine. . . when he got kidnapped by nanny evil I bet she switcherooed him with this Balkan character's kid who is going to end up also being that other Cassadine who is supposed to be way more scary than Mikkos, or Helena . . . and that's the birth certificate Helena was looking at tied in and everything.

Hey, bethie!

Funny you should mention Spencer Cassadine and Brenda ... I thought in yesterday's little scene at the hospital about being thrown from the pony that Brenda looked like she could be his mom!

Not sure how old he is though ... I think he's been both SORAS'd when he had lines and then age-reversed when he needed to go back to the dungeon ... so not sure. But then again, it isn't like the little details (or the blatantly obvious big ones) make a difference to the writers.

But it would make an awesome story ... so yeah, probably not happening.

That scene with Spencer and Brenda was really ODD. I thought maybe it was to segue to her talking to Nikolas, but that was barely two strangers chatting. Was that just a random Guza insert or is there a purpose for her meeting little Spencer??

LaTanya,,,,Just say no to LnL666. The crap that came out of Lucky's mouth when he found out about Niz to Liz was vile. When Liz found Lucky in bed with Sarah in 2002, she cut them both out of her life, but eventually forgave them. She NEVER once lashed out at Lucky with the vulgarity and "where is that girl from the snow?" BS that he spewed at her in January. Let Lucky have his new Irish girlfriend and find Liz a single hunk with a dangerous side that brings back the spunky Lizzie that showed up in 1997.

@LadyBug I'm not even a Liz and Lucky fan I'm more of a Liason girl so I'm all for them making her single or giving her someone new. Just as long as they make her spunky and less of a doormat for others to walk all over!

@Rene' - That was Guza's way of saying...."Look! Vanessa and Tyler are in a scene together. They use to date in real life. Remember? No, for real. Like OMG! Awkward!"

He's so lame. LOL!!

@Janet B, I'm gonna agree with you on Lulu. The look of thinly veiled disgust and disbelief on her face after Brenda finished her "Sonny's awfulness is really my fault" crap was the only acting resembling normal human behavior this show has seen lately.

I am the only person in the world who does not like Laura Wright in the role of Carly (hair aside). That was when I stopped watching those scenes.....she has become the queen of harpidom. Or harpydom. whatever. I'm sure it is the writing, but it makes me wince. So shrill and there is no point to what she does. And Brenda has eaten the show. EVERY scene she is in. I guess they paid her a bundle, but I'm out.

What's gonna kill Carly is that she pursued this Dante and Brenda connection, which is going to lead to the discovery that Jax was the father of Brenda's baby (couldn't have been Sonny thank G. .ah, Jason Morgan) and the child either still exists or she miscarried or the baby died or something equally horrible for Brenda to have gone through alone, hence her "fragility" of late.

Also, how lazy is it that she was at the hospital, but too busy/stupid/self-centered/"in danger" to go visit her best friend, her "little sister" Robin who is currently experiencing a life threatening crazy bitch AND and an infection. . .Guza sucks.

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