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November 10, 2010

The Fast Forward Button Makes The World Go 'Round

A few years ago, the sight of Maxie and Lucky in a scene together had me running for Lysol to disinfect my television and my soul. Remember how gross they were? What a foolish question, OF COURSE you remember. It's hard to forget that kind of offensive...griminess is the only word popping into my head right now. They were grimy and horrible and horribly written, and that entire era of General Hospital is both a travesty and a golden age compared to what we're sitting through now.

I never would have guessed that, in 2010, I'd be fast-forwarding through the vast majority of GH (okay, I probably would have guessed that part) and making a point to stop and watch Lucky and Maxie together in order to be delighted! But that happened!

Maxie: So! There is this Irish bimbo working at Jake's and she is claiming that you are her boyfriend. I mean, I don't even know how she got your name. You probably arrested her for shoplifting or something and she thought you were cute. But when I asked her what she was doing in Port Charles, she smiled at me--SMUGLY!--and said she was in town because of a guy she liked, and said she wanted to see how things went.
Lucky: Wait, she said she liked me?
Maxie: This is not a joke, Lucky. This woman is obviously delusional.
Lucky: Delusional? Actually, I think Siobhan is one of those rare people who looks reality right in the eye.
Maxie: Siobhan?
Lucky: Yeah. Although I do find it a little interesting that she would discuss our relationship with a total stranger.
Maxie: Wait. Hold on. So this woman really is your girlfriend? When you've been flirting with me this whole time?
Lucky: We've been flirting?
Maxie: Oh, don't act like you didn't notice. We even kissed! Come on, Lucky, I know there is no way that I am this easy to get over.

I was charmed. Jonathan Jackson and Kirsten Storms are wonderful together, and Maxie is way more tolerable when she is being possessive of Lucky than she is when she's irrationally jealous of any woman in Spinelli's orbit. I don't know that they will ever be a couple--Lucky and Siobhan seem to be moving forward with the writers' seal of approval in the form of a flashback--but they are a welcome, welcome, WELCOME diversion from the carnival of horror that is the rest of this show. I mean, The Balkan and the way that he is eating the show, sight unseen? That is going to get a big post of its own filled with question marks and different variations of the phrase "They brought Brenda back for this. FOR THIS". And Luke and Tracy and Maya and Ethan's wacky Vegas shenanigans? That...is not going to get a big post of its own on account of the excruciatingly lame factor. So you see why I am latching onto any enjoyable moment I can!


Why not have a Maxie/Lucky/Siobhan triangle? Anything is better than another round of LnL2yuckiness.

Speaking of LnL2yuckiness, the last thing Liz needed was ANOTHER baby! Ugh.

If they could be bothered to give Siobhan a last name...(cause if they have it slipped past me)...I might more fully invest in her as a character instead of a plot point.

I think she said her last name was McKenna

Yeah Lucy someone just told me that. Thanks=) But still....i'm still at a complete loss on her. And....I know this is a piddly thing to think of but isn't her working in Jake's...illegal? Cause...she didn't exactly come here on a work visa.

and I'm still needing someone to explain to me when Nik and lucky became buddy buddy again. Cause huh?

I like Siobhan, but her accent is so over done. My maternal family is from Ireland, and my grandparents moved here in the 70's. They never spoke with such a thick over done brogue. I cringe when I listen to her sometimes. They need to have this actress watch a few episodes of Irish soaps. No one talks like that lol, unless they are Stephen in Braveheart.

Beth R., I said the same thing to myself when I read a spoiler that she "wanted to earn her keep." Sure she's white and European, but she's still an illegal alien if she gets paid to work at Jakes.

Tabby, there is no single Irish accent, just like there's no single American accent. Erin Chambers' interpretation of the accent is sometimes over the top but mostly she sounds a lot like some friends of mine who live in County Kerry. The accent there is more sing-songy and drawly like Siobhan's is. The only thing Chambers doesn't do that's common to that area is the rolling "r" but her accent is still realistic enough based on my experiences living in Ireland for several years.

As for the illegal immigrant thing, everyone should know by now that in this Brave New World if you're white and an immigrant, you're clearly seeking to enrich your life, assimilate like a good little wannabe American, and help make this country "better" (i.e. more white). But if you're brown, you're obviously a criminal and/or terrorist who wants to steal all the awesome jobs from decent white Americans. And you talk funny. So GTFO.

Siobhan is working at Jake's and we're worried about what's legal? Hee. Hell, this show's lead male characters do almost nothing but engage in illegal activity every single day.

Personally, I found it more interesting that she just happened to stroll into Jake's at all. She speaks more normally than Spinelli, regardless of the accent.

I am enjoying the story because I enjoy Jonathan Jackson. He is delightful with Siobhan and he is delightful with Maxie as well. I like Maxie with Matt or Lucky. She is carelessly self-centered but so much better than the selfish, whiny brat she turns into anytime she is around Spinelli. It was a great scene with Maxie and Lucky and the kind of thing I would like to see more of on this show.

Not a fan of the character of Lucky - if there were ever two people who should not have spawned it was L&L, the rapist and his victim. Maybe that was the turning point in this show for violence to become the accepted and hey, let's make it a love story too.

No thanks.

And this version of Lucky? It may be orginal Lucky but it isn't being written according to how the character was written and developed in the JY and GV years.

And I have never watch a supposed "man" who sniffles, snots, and whines more than this version. I can't figure out if he's just overly dramatic, has sprung a leak, or if Maxie is secretly shoving pills down his throat off-screen. And I honestly don't care, I just can't stand to watch him.

Romantic lead ... romantic anything - he just ain't.

I don't care about the character of Siobhan at all except for the part where I think even she deserves better than him.

Bring on Luxie! I've never really liked Siobhan but yesterday, when she told Jake that she wouldn't sleep with him, not once but twice, when the man didn't come on to her or give her any intention that he wanted to sleep with her, then I wanted to kick her fake, Irish "feisty spirited" butt all the way back to Ireland!

I was hoping that Olivia's line to Jax about Carly having a double standard with her bellyaching about Brenda, when she doesn't change her underwear without talking to Jason and Sonny first would have gotten an honorable mention.

Awesome Writer snuck out for a smidge of truth-telling.

Maxie and Lucky....ick.

agreed on the brenda thing. there is a totally great business called a FASHION MAGAZINE and a brenda just happens to be a fashion model. what a great excuse to use kate howard a little bit more! and wasn't franco interested in her for a minute? how did he even take "no" for an answer? i wasn't all that in to the franco storyline but at least james franco is something nice to look at, even if i have to look at him on mute.

Wow Olivia, I have never disagreed with a person more than you. I think Jonathan Jackson is a MUCH better actor than most on this show. He has range, he has history. Do you prefer Maurice Benard who seems to pause, wait, and stare more than act? I was counting down the days until JJ returned and his are pretty much the only scenes I don't fast forward. I can even handle the over-the-top Irish accent to see JJ.

Opps, meant to say that I diagree with Crystal. Sorry!

No, Michelle, I don't consider MB much of an actor either. And I have never liked the character of Sonny.

Mo and JJ are pretty much the same in my view, one-note actors - one stutters, one snots. I don't see much range out of either actor.

For as little screen time as some are getting to develop certain characters, there are definitely actors on GH who have alot more talent and versatility than the previously mentioned two. Unfortunately, we will probably never get to see much from them. JJY, JT, JC, BB, BA - regardless of the less than stellar scripts they get - they bring the little they are given to life every single time.

Actresses? That's a whole other can of worms.

My random question of the day to Sally Bowles: there is actually a Jake on this show? Like Jake of Jake's the bar?

No more GH for me!! ^^ Sorry, no there isn't a guy named Jake, I just think I was so frustrated with the direction of the show when I wrote my grumpy comment that I wasn't paying attention.
The guy who runs Jake's is named Coleman (I guess his first name could be Jake) The only other Jake on GH is Elizabeth's son.
Just why would he want to sleep with Siobhan when he's with Kate? Why would Siobhan even think he wanted to sleep with her anyway, regardless?? Ugh, this show's portrayal of women is so annoying to me it's going to give me acid reflux!

Crystal, you're dead on about JJ's original version of Lucy. All of the snotting, tears, red eyes, whining and pitiful teenage voice as he gripes about that poor "tramp" Liz that did him wrong...snort! Why hasn't JJ been told that his character screwed Sarah Webber after Liz called off their wedding? How about Lucy sleeping with Sam and coming home to throw it in his wife's face? Lucy's scenes this week with Jason where he looks like a "howling monkey" made me and several friends play the YT scenes over and over and over while laughing our heads off. Lucky is NOT a romantic lead, hell to the NO!

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