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November 30, 2010

The More You Know, The Less You Care

Some lessons learned.

You see?  Todd does have limits!  He thinks there is nothing funny about child abuse.  Rape, on the other hand, warrants chortles and smirks and air-quotes, but there are limits, people!  Okay, I'm just being naive because I know the limits come into play on very clear occasions, and those occasions are when Todd can reflect on his own victimhood.  What sweet bonding between Todd and James today.  And just in case we were confused, Clint is paying for a child abuser to stay out of jail, while Todd thinks people are justified in murdering child abusers with their bare hands.  Because Todd is complicated but good deep down, and Clint is... oh, I don't even know who the hell they've decided Clint is anymore.  His scheming is fun and, as I repeat like a broken record, is clearly being relished by Jerry ver Dorn, but why resurrect story arcs that had already come to an end to give him a reason for the schemes?  Why not just tell a story in which he gets new reasons that make more organic sense?

Oh hey, isn't it so sweet that Nate thought sex would be better with someone he cared about (has any teenage boy ever actually said that and meant it)?  And what was with Dani's utter shock that Nate constantly thinks about sleeping with her?  What rock is she living under?  I guess when you're getting shuffled off from boarding school to boarding school, you have no access to pop culture or anything in the world that teaches you the universality that teenage boys are completely sex-obsessed -- of course, since she is dating what appears to be a middle-aged man, perhaps she assumes he's tired of sowing his wild oats and is ready to settle down with a nice girl and start a family.


Terrifying French sex!

Queen Victoria does occasionally have to admit that Llanfair is technically Charlie's home, too, and he might actually get to have a say in a few things every once in a while.  I'm not crazy about this storyline at the moment because Charlie is such a sad-sack character to begin with and the eventual discovery that Rex isn't really his son will make him childless once again, but it's still nice to see him actually stand up for himself from time to time.  I do love the Queen but it's also fun to see royalty humbled!

So, the best way to introduce a new actor and an entirely new character is to give them a hot-and-heavy hotel room sex scene?  Interesting choice.  I guess this means Joey has left his ministry career (okay, I guess we've known that a while).  And did anyone else love how Kelly's story to Aubrey on the plane included most of the sordid details ("he'd been with my aunt before me, then I cheated with his brother, then I married his brother, etc."), but conveniently left out the part that goes, "Oh, and then I cheated on his brother with his son (my step-son) and gave birth to my husband's grandson who is the great nephew of this super-love-of-my-life I'm telling you all about!"

We also learned that prison officials always give courtesy calls to mothers and girlfriends of inmates who get into fights.  Fights.  In prison.  Grownup person prison.  Call his mom!  Call his babymamma! 

Oh and uh-oh.  Dani's in peril.  Again.  


Dani/Starr will always be in peril...

I'm glad that EA (Matthew) is actually a real teenager and not the thirty year old pretending to be a teen (Nate).

My Clint is Clint Richie (RIP), and his character would have never done any of the recent shenanigans since Asa's death. but JVD is now putting his own spin on the character and that's okay, I just don't want Clint to end up backed into a corner. Clint has slowly been making a move to the semi-dark side since Asa's death and having to take over BE and become head of the family.

Kelly is an idiot.

Todd/James - oy. Todd is a douche.

The prison fight notifications are very weird-any chance they're planning an offscreen death for Cole? (Or,if you prefer,an offscreen faked death in the grand Thornhart tradition? TK's free-maybe just a quick shot of him putting a stretcher on a plane or something...)

Eddie's so skeevy he makes my skin crawl when he's being skeevy at characters I don't give a crap about. That's some Olympic level skeeve right there.

I can appreciate the whole thing about Todd and child abuse because that was the thing that actually got me feeling for the guy in the first place... but you're totally right. Victimizing women? That's totally okay. Child abuse? Not remotely... unless Todd's doing it and then he can shrug it off with 'I was out of my mind or something.' Shut up, assjack.

By the by, I love how he rewrote history with that one, too. He was not ready to kill Peter Manning. Peter Manning didn't die before Todd got the chance to off him with his own hands. Peter Manning had a heart attack and Todd begged Bo to let him go to Chicago and see him and when he got there, he finally told Peter that he didn't need him anymore. They were very very good scenes but Todd's vengeance against the father who beat him wasn't there. It was Todd saying good-bye to that abusive asshole once and for all... and Peter gave him the key to 'find out who you are' which set off the Lord Heir thing.


Joey and Aubrey just made me miss Blair and Eli getting it on in the Palace. AND Blair/Eli did a hell of a lot more damage and caused a hell of a lot more of a ruckus. (I still miss them!!) So, we've got the triangle fully established with Kelly-Joey-Aubrey. Okay. Duly noted.

The best, of course, was Viki's threat to Echo. That was so awesome I almost went blind due to exposure to sheer awesomeness. Now I want Viki and Dorian to just pull shit on Echo and then high five each other after every stunt. And then put it on YouTube... or LlanTube or whatever the hell it would be in Llanview.

Dandesun, yeah, I noticed that rewrite of the Peter Manning death, too, though I clearly do not have the steel-trap memory that you do about specifics! And I too would love for a real Viki/Dorian team-up to evolve here.

JB, good point, maybe they are planning an off-screen death for Cole, because it's not as if they don't regularly come up with other ways to get characters out of a room. Just makes no sense.

I'm probably in the minority but I am enjoying John Wesley Shipp's performance as Eddie Ford. He’s skeevy, smarmy and obnoxious in just the right mixture. In just a short time he’s turned out to succeed Todd as the town’s most hated narcissist. Hopefully he won’t become the over-the-top villain Eli turned out to be.

As for Todd, I just have too many issues with the way the writer’s have handled his character. Empathizing with Starr’s newest SO was just one of those things. It was way too implausible for the Todd Manning who tried to steal his daughter’s baby so he could raise it as his own with the amnesiac woman he raped for a second time whom he also planned to marry. And Todd seemed awful complacent when talking about his history with Peter Manning. The old Todd would’ve had a lot more anger. It seems like the writer’s are attempting to make Todd a likable character with heart while also trying to keep him as the bad man with the bad past who occasionally still does bad things to people (tricking Starr to sign away Marty’s right to see Hope) but it’s not working anymore. TSJ looks like he knows it too because once upon a time I enjoyed hating him as the aforementioned Todd but I have since lost any interest in Todd as a character.

The scene with Nate & Dani was pretty skeevy considering the age difference of both actors. I cringed through a lot of it.

NuJoey & Aubrey were interesting to watch (OK I was mostly watching Tom Degnan’s fine self in his black tights – I swear the casting dept must pull their male actors from a Chippendale audition or something).

Loved the way Vicki gave Echo her ultimatum. I’m sure there will be some fireworks ahead.

I really love watching JVD as EvilClint I just hope they don’t pile so many evil deeds on him that could cause his character to become too implausible and unlikable. Jessica Letia however has been a bore as Inez from the start and I don’t see her seducing Bo making her character any more interesting. But I’ll go with it if just to watch Nora toss out a few of her clever barbs Inez’s way.

The redemption of the Fords needs to seriously stop! NO one is buying it! The more they try, the more I hate that family. Does anyone care them?

They all need to go, except maybe James, I saw a hint of chemistry between him and Starr at the beginning, so there is hope for those to.

Characters that need to disappear: Nate, Robert, Inez (bring back Lindsay and do the same story, would be ALOT better), Gigi, Langston, and Christian (sorry).

Characters that need to come back:
Lindsay (see above) and Kevin (duh!)

Character that need major overhaul: TODD.

"I noticed that rewrite of the Peter Manning death, too, though I clearly do not have the steel-trap memory that you do about specifics!"

And yet, I can't remember much about trig. Alas.

The worst part about the Ford push is how EARNEST the show is trying to make them... what with the 10K runs for charity and 'I'll totally wait six months to have sex' (and I swear to God, if I have to listen to Ford countdown how many days until he gets to bang Langston again in his 'sexy bedroom voice' I'll wind up with bulimia for Christmas.) while Nate is totally into foreign films and earnest explanations about sex... James does have the abused kid angle down but, oy, enough with making them all want to be SO GOOD, ALL THE TIME. I don't buy it!

Anyone else think they're going to have Ford and Aubrey have a past together? Her name was on his phone and now she's banging Joey and they're all in the same town and Kelly's there, too, and... I feel another 'oy' coming on.

Love your blog. ICAM about all your points. And Dandesun- no kidding- Ford and his countdown to sex with the "love of his life Langston" makes me want to heave just typing!

Every time Ford is on the screen he reminds me of the actor Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) from years ago.

Yeah, LadyBug, but Lou Ferrigno was - and still is, have you seen him on that car commercial? - hotter.

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