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November 11, 2010

The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Even if a person managed to avoid reading about the big All My Children spoiler (I can't even imagine the constant vigilance required to do so. An internet embargo, surely, since it's on all of the soap websites. Covering your hands while you wait in line at the grocery store so you can't see the soap magazine headlines? Probably), today's episode has spoiled them for sure, what with the ENORMOUS ANVILS emblazoned with the words "Get it? Because--hee!--they are going to get a happy ending. The NOT kind!" hurtling through the air. 

I mean, REALLY.

Kendall: It wasn't all lobsters and proposals and happiness and romance. We've been through it, too.
Zach: Yeah, more than once.
Kendall: But that's over. Now we're together. Everything's great. We're finally happy and we're going to stay that way.
Zach: Yes. If I have anything to do with it, yes.


The only questions the formerly unspoiled could possibly have are: 1.) Which one of them is going to die? and 2.) In what manner? Gruesome accident? Tragic illness? Of boredom, from watching the rest of this show?

As heavily telegraphed as the upcoming tragedy was (and it was. Practically in neon), the Zach and Kendall portion of today's episode was like a love letter to the pairing. They took a trip down memory lane, recounting the happy moments that got them to where they are now, and we got flashbacks and discussions of the flashbacks that were just so charming that I can't even.

The way Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew reacted to the anecdotes was completely adorable. It seemed--and I could be reading too much into things in a breathless fangirl sort of way--that they remembered all of those scenes and loved them just as much as Zach and Kendall (and I!) did. I love and am really going to miss their rapport. But at least they're getting some (long overdue, am I right?) good writing as we move towards the end...


And then on the opposite end of the spectrum is--

There was a--

Something happened with--

The horrible thing that won't die is even more horrible because it now includes declarations of love and kissing. I thought that Ryan and Greenlee staring longingly at each other was about as wretched as it could get; I was wrong.

Ryan: I saw you motionless and I just had these images running through my mind. Everything that's happening now, everything that's happened rushing through my mind. And I love you too much to lose you again, Greenlee.
Greenlee: Did you just--did you?
Ryan: Yeah. And I should have said it before. I should have said it sooner.
Greenlee: Say it again.
Ryan: I love you. I love you and I never stopped loving you.
Greenlee: I love you, too.

Ryan: I haven't felt like this, like me, since our wedding day. Greenlee, I am so sorry. I need to say this, okay? I'm sorry that I didn't keep going. I should have knocked on your door every single day and told you how much I love you and that we were right for each other.

Ryan: We're going to get through this.
Greenlee, gazing adoringly at him like he was a Beatle or something and I sort of want to slap myself for using The Beatles and Ryan in the same thought: I know.

Judging by the editing of this episode, we were supposed to be swept up in the love and romance of Greenlee and Ryan finally ("finally") reuniting for real, and I think the writers probably anticipated that we would all run out at 2:00 and purchase fainting couches for the express purpose of swooning over this star crossed couple finally reunited after overcoming obstacles entirely of their own making. I couldn't do that at 2:00, though, because I was incapacitated on account of the vomiting.


I could not agree more! Placing Ryan and Greenlee in scenes right after Zach and Kendall just showed how terrible they are. I can't believe anyone thinks that they could possible be a super couple. AMC is really going to miss Zach and Kendall- there is no other couple like them. Kate Hall did a wonderful job with Zach and Kendall, as did TK and AM.

I didn't notice Ry-Ry & GL because I was so overcome with emotion from watching this beautiful, enchanting Team Slater & wondering why no one else in charge can see the breathtaking beauty in front of them except for me! OMG- I was a puddle- I've watched soaps for over 45 years & I've seen them all- come & go, die, whatever, but never was there another couple such as this magical Zen. It's all been said, so I won't elaborate at the 11th hour, but God, I'm going to miss them more than I can possibly say. Standing ovation for an incredible journey with the Slaters. Bravo!!

Zen were so beautiful today. Actually, they were so beautiful they made me smile through my tears. What a wonderful story for two great characters, and two stunning actors. What a run they had. I'm so glad I took it with them.

On the other hand, who took the stupid pill today? Who actually thought the toxic twosome could carry their weight in a show with a couple like Zen? A couple who's loss may be grave in a show with as little going for it as AMC. Sometimes I think they shoot themselves in the foot time and again because they like it.

And on another note-I saw the intro to the new guy for Kendall-hey read the mags. It's a done deal even though Zach isn't dead. As far as the intro was concerned, why didn't they just take his drawers off and show us everything he's got. Really. Look at the promo. Stinks of desperation to me.

Zach and Kendall are indeed the magical super couple of AMC. How tragic that we are about to lose their magic, because of ill advised decisions made to move the show to CA and along with it lose Thorsten Kaye, who gave life to fascinating multi facetet Zach Slater and one half of this amazing pairing we are about to lose. Watching today's show, beautifully written by Kate Hall, I was overcome with sadness, but at the same time elated to see these two actors reliving their alter egoes' truly epic love story.

Thank you Mallory for your on target commentary and for posting the video from today's show. I know that I will watch it again and again.

Zendall were beautiful today...as were AM/TK. What a wonderful and amazing couple. For all the times those in charge tried to treat them like a "typical" couple...AM/TK were able to rise above that and show why there is nothing typical about them. The episode was bittersweet...reminding me of why I fell in love with this couple...but, also reminding me why this will be such a loss for this show.

Putting Rylee in the same episdoe...only showcased, IMO, why that pairing is not all those in charge believe them to be. Enough said.

Mallory another perfectly written commentary on AMC. Yesterday's show was perfection in relation to Zach and Kendall..The only thing I would want and I know we won't get it a sex scene on screen! I have a feeling that is being saved for the toxic duo. I watched the show and cried along with my fellow Zen fans at the stupidity of the people of AMC to allow Thorsten Kaye to leave. This show is hurting and it is even more apparent when you analyze what is left as couples on this show, Ryan and Greenlee among them. I could not STAND them the last three times they were together and to shove them down my throat in media and repeat performances and telling me how great they are isn't working, it's making it worse. I decided everytime they were on (after the obvious use of Zen to prop them again) I would clean or vacuum. So I was lucky enough to miss their crapola.

I already miss Zen and hope and pray one day Thorsten will return to the role of Zach. Zach and Zen was the best ride I have ever taken in soaps and in life. I will always thank both Alicia and Thorsten for some very great times and great friends that I met, loving this couple.

Were Ryan and Greenlee on yesterday?? Oh, I guess they are why I was using the mute button and looking out the window when Zach and Kendall weren't on.

The only thing AMC did for me yesterday was show just how well they have gotten at twisting the knife. I actually cried everytime Zach smiled because I know what is going to happen to this fasciniating MAHN. There will be no AMC for me once his plane goes down. But in my own mind, Zach Slater will live on and I will never forget him.

I have watched many soaps over the years and have loved many characters . . . but nothing can even come close to how I feel about Zach Slater. I feel such a tremendous loss and I hope AMC gets exactly what it deserves for ever thinking they would be fine w/o Thorsten Kaye, one of the finest actors around.

Yeah, I'm bitter

Very well said! The writers know that Ryan and Greenlee aren't as popular which is why they placed them after the Zach and Kendall scenes. If we are watching their scenes then we are sure to see them right after. Wrong! I mute them, change the channel, zone out, OR just catch the Zach and Kendall clips ONLY online later that night. I hate that Rylee is being shoved down our throats 24/7. How many times does this make it for them? Rylee 10.0? Give me a break.

Zach and Kendall were beautiful today. I keep re-watching every moment and preparing myself for what is to come. No other couple will ever compare to Zach and Kendall.

Zach and Kendall were beautiful today. I will miss them terribly. Why we could not have had scenes like this with them is so sad. Oh that's right we must love the scenes with ryan and greenlee because they are the new supercouple. This new fellow the are promoting now seems desperate to me. I know that Kendall has to go on because life does go on, BUT they are telling us " you will love this shirtless/hunk because his nakedness is just outstanding, and Kendall and his nakedness will be so good together. I would rather see TK standing there in his suit. The Frons school of "you must/and will be overwhelmed by my choices is a joke. ryan and greenlee in the same episode shows us how terribly boring/vomit worthy this couple is. All these things are so "underwhelming to me" IMO. TK/AM ZENDALL I hope for your return someday, but I will watch the episode again and again and just cherish there beauty.

I can't get over how amazing Zach and Kendall were. I'm going to miss that couple. I'll still have Kendall to watch, so I won't be completely bored. I'm going to miss the pretty of those two, though.

That whole Rylee thing...ugh. As soon as Ryan got all quiet and emotional as he lamented how scared he was seeing Greenlee lying motionless. My reaction? "Really? B/c her leg just totally twitched."

They are the worst and I was sickened by all the kissing. Then I felt intense rage that this is what we're going to be stuck with instead of Zendall.


P.S. I'm sorry, but AMC's stylist needs to be led by the hand to pick out decent shoes for Greenlee. It took forever to get rid of those gladiator horrors on heels and now she has another pair of clunkers that have fast become annoying.

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