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November 02, 2010

Truth Telling, With Madison North

The All My Children writing staff--what follows is a shocking statement, so I hope you are seated while reading this and within arm's reach of a paper bag in case the surprise causes you to hyperventilate--has never really had a handle on what to do with Madison North and in lieu of genuine character development and actual story arcs, opted to just throw her into different situations to see what could possibly stick. So she went from a villainess to a damsel in distress, and then from a disciple of the Church of Ryan to... a devout disciple of the Church of Ryan.

But her relationship with Ryan is over (as proof of how serious she is about the end of their romance, she returned the greatest key of all time) and she has moved onto her latest--and greatest--incarnation: rational woman who calls 'em like she sees 'em.

Greenlee swanned in as Madison was packing her things and, upon hearing that Ryan is now single, got her junior high on, asking "Who did it? Did Ryan break up with you, or...?" Madison was understandably disgusted and later gave a speech equal parts wryly observant and deliciously bitchy.

Madison: Ryan's risking his whole life, his whole future to make sure that you go free.
Greenlee: Because that's who he is.
Madison: Exactly. He's always swooping in at just the right time, doing just the right thing. I should know, that's how I met him. He picked me up, he dusted me off, got me back on my feet. That's what he does. He can't help himself.
Greenlee: So...?
Madison: So there will always be another me. Or you. Or Annie. Or Kendall. Yes, you two will have your moment, but what if one day another woman gets herself in the wrong situation? Gets hit by a car, slips on the ice. What do you think Ryan's going to do?

Is she right or is she right? She's remarkably great when she's not worshiping Ryan! I am worried about her future with the show, though. She'll either revert back to crazy or become one with the back-burner. The former has potential to be entertaining, because who doesn't love unhinged people making Ryan's life miserable, but the latter just makes me sad. Don't let it happen, AMC writers! Do what you do best and just invent a new story and personality for her.


I think Bad Mads could be saved from the BB with a very alive David, being what Dalee should have been! :)

Madison, Annie and JR, those are the three characters on this show I can stomach. Everyone else sucks and blows--especially the Kanes. Kendall is a former shell of herself and is completely devoid of any passion or fire except for reuniting Greenlee and Ryan? Seriously. Bianca has yet to redeem herself for Baby Betrayal aka Gabrielle and serving has romantic cheerleader for a Erica/Caleb pairing has made her even more heinous. Finally, there's Erica. The oldest teenybopper on the planet. Could someone please, for the love of all that is holy (Lavery or St. Jasus, dealer's choice) please style this woman like she's got a mirror in her house!

Madison is awesome. I hope they let her keep her dignity and sanity. Because few people are allowed to see Ryan for who he is without being punished in some way.

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