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December 07, 2010

Oh No He Didn't

I watched General Hospital today. I know this because I took notes on it (yes, notes. Yes, I am an uber-nerd. Yes, I have a habit of writing things like "ugh" or "???" in the margins when something irks me. Yes, the page winds up covered with "ugh" and "???") and I had a few things I think I wanted to discuss, like: Theo being The Balkan because he totally is (becase the alternative is that, after the boring and pointless debacle that was Shirley, we are going down that same Very Special Episode route again, which...wait, boring, pointless and a retread? Maybe he's not The Balkan after all) and how I can't really get worked up about Abby and Michael's endless therapy scenes because the boy NEEDS therapy and she's a much better, if less licensed, therapist than Lainey could ever dream of being, and Molly being Molly.

But then I was sent a link to Soap Opera Network's GH episode count for November and I got so annoyed that all of my other complaints flew out the window. The following actors appeared in the most episodes. Out of 20. Just to remind you: 20.

1. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri) – 20
2. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) – 19
3. Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) – 17
* Laura Wright (Carly Jacks) – 17
5. Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) – 16
* Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda Barrett) – 16
* Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio) – 16
8. Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles) – 15
9. Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer) – 14
10. Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) – 13
* Jonathan Jackson (Lucky Spencer) – 13

I've felt for a while like Dante Falconeri was stalking me. Everywhere I turned, there he was. On soap magazine covers, on that damn "Brenda's secret that we haven't decided on yet is going to tear four families apart, forever, and Port Charles will never be the same" commercial that aired during every commercial break on every channel and, of course, on General Hospital where he seemed to be around all the time. And I felt that way because IT'S TRUE. He IS around all the time, being the recipient of piss-poor writing and dressing like a Sweathog. In fact, out of 230 episodes, he's been in 216. !!! Why? Why?! Make it stop! And I don't even dislike Dante! For the most part. Like, when he's not randomly inserted in stories he has no business being a part of and when he hates Sonny. So I mostly like him circa February 2010, I guess.

I am curious, Serial Drama readers: is there ANY character you'd want to see every single day? I feel like even Jack Abbott and Cameron Webber sharing scenes all the time would get--um, okay, that was a bad example because that would be one of the best things ever...


I will miss Robert Scorpio forever...

Kate Howard! I adore Megan Ward!

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