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January 23, 2011

All Kinds Of Sadness

Last week will go down in...I was going to say "history", but my fingers wouldn't even let me type it on account of the absurdity, so let's revise: last week will go down in the first paragraph of this blog entry as "The Week of CRAZY Casting News". I had barely recovered from the news that Rebecca Herbst was let go from General Hospital when Melissa Claire Egan announced that she will be leaving All My Children.

I think I speak for us all when I say: "WHAT?" And also, "Oh, no!"

Melissa Claire Egan has been a rare bright spot on AMC these days. Even when the writing is terrible (which it often is) and even when the show accidentally stumbles upon greatness and then falls all over itself to take it back for no apparent reason, she turns in uniformly excellent performances. And she makes amazing faces! All over-the-top and soapy reaction shots. She's divine.

It's not that I blame her for leaving. She's ultra talented, so I am sure that she'll have success on whatever daytime or primetime show she lands. And I wouldn't want her to stay on the sinking ship that is AMC just because somewhere out there is a cranky soap blogger that she's never met who would really like Annie to stick around.

But, selfishly, I am disappointed all the same. What am I supposed to look forward to now?! Alicia Minshew can't be expected to carry all of my hopes and dreams on her bony little shoulders. True, there are stories that I have been enjoying (Cara and Griffin? Surprisingly intriguing. Rev. Ricky? J'adore! And I never would have predicted that, since Eddie Matos was SO horrible on GH and is SO irksome in his State Farm Commercials), but I can't let myself fully enjoy them. Because I know--I KNOW!--what AMC does when I like something. They take the something that I like and set it on fire in the most appalling way possible OR cut its screentime drastically in favor of more of...this.

...why? WHY?! Why do they get so much airtime? And why is their writing SO heinous and syrupy sweet?

Ryan: Do you remember when we met at WRCW? Remember that day? I commented on your name, and I said that it was unusual, and you said that you were an unusual woman. We've been friends, enemies, lovers, husband and wife. We've found each other and lost each other multiple times, but we're here now, Greenlee. This is it. This is real. We made it. Every dream that we've ever had, we'll live it. And for every time that I've hurt you, I will love you a thousand times over. And I got to admit there were times where I didn't think that we would make it back here, but we did because of you. You taught me what real love is. You did. Will you marry me?

Greenlee: We did it. We got to the place that we wanted to be for so long. We're committed, together finally. And I promise I'm going to do everything I can to honor what we have, to protect it, to protect us.



The only saving grace of Ryan and Greenlee's endless reunion in bed (which.... EW) was that Greenlee herself sowed the seeds of their inevitable flameout with that speech. Because somehow, I don't think Ryan is going to see Greenlee colluding with Scott to keep Ryan and Madison apart (and keeping the secret of Madison's Ryspawn) as "honoring what they (sic) have".

At least, that's what I tell myself.

Hey, is it me, or is Griffin getting more bearable?

I am really sad that Melissa Claire Egan is leaving AMC, although like you Mallory, I absolutely completely get it. The show is going down and going down hard. But she is wonderful and I really liked Annie/JR and JR/Marissa/Scott is the worst triangle ever!!! (New Marissa is just as bad and boring and lame as old Marissa, except now she's haughty and righteous all the time!)

I too was snarking at Greenlee's little speech and can't wait for her to get smacked down. My only hope in all this is somehow she has to turn to David again and we get more of that glorious duo.

Love Reverend Ricky!!!

Well, it's official then. I can remove AMC from my DVR guilt-free since she was the ONLY thing left I was watching for.

I too am surprised at how much I like Rev. Ricky, given those bizarre State Farm ads!

ryan greenlee I did not watch that day because I read on the boards that the whole show was about them in the sack. even typing this makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

You taught me what real love is!!! lavery you make me laugh in your face... you clown nose thong wearer!!!

They are the most boring, crap fest, vomit inducing couple, but TIIC keep them front and center. No wonder AMC is in the toilet.

We should probably keep it a secret that people like Rev. Ricky,lest he be shot to death in the most contrived way possible and his heart given to Kendall when poor Josh's explodes soon. Because this is AMC,after all.

Didn't Eddie Matos play a character named Ricky on Port Charles? Is he playing the same character, or am I not supposed to remember that?

Regarding Ryan/Greenlee: Gag me with a spoon. They are the worst.

Ryan: Do you remember when we met at WRCW?

Uh, no. I must have blocked it out. But you know what I do remember involving you, Greenlee, and WRCW? Leo and Greenlee's first time. When Greens was crying her eyes out in a wedding dress because you wouldn't give her the time of day. If I can remember this, why can't she?

Sigh. I would kill for Josh Duhamel to return as Leo. How many years has it been? I should probably let it go, right?

Frankly, Melissa Claire Egan leaving is no big deal in my opinion. She was a decent enough actress but often fell into the lazy category at times giving one note performances. Nuance and subtlety were not her strong points which led to a feeling of lack of depth. Maybe it was due to her inexperience, she's still young, but coupled with the lack of anywhere for her character to go, she had, IMO, over stayed her time. And two other people who have also worn out their welcome and need to GO NOW are Ryan and Greenlee. Time for Cam and Rebecca to pack it in before they sink this show even further.

You said it best Mallory, "Even when the writing is terrible (which it often is) and even when the show accidentally stumbles upon greatness and then falls all over itself to take it back for no apparent reason, she turns in uniformly excellent performances."

Yes, the show stumbled upon greatness -- the unexpected combustible chemistry between Jacob Young & Melissa Claire Egan -- and instead of choosing to capitalize on it like most OTHER shows would have done, they decided to take a crap on it!

They led us around like puppy-dogs for 9 months, piling on one layer of angst after another, all in the hopes that eventually we'd get a payoff. Even a short payoff -- some blissful, hot, sexy moments between JR and Annie before the destruction began.

But no -- almost immediately after they got together on December 2nd, the destruction of both characters began...They began to write Annie as losing her marbles (desperate, jealous, weak, simpering Annie made a come-back) and JR as a royal douche who couldn't make up his mind between the woman he's been obsessed with for 9 months & the woman he was so bored with, that he couldn't even think about her when kissing her.

How does this rehashed, trite storyline even make sense? Are we supposed to believe that JR felt nothing but lust for Annie all this time? That he didn't bond with her at the cottage, that it didn't almost 'kill him' when she married his cousin? Or that Annie was only recently a strong, independent, feisty woman who was NEVER jealous of Marissa (dubbing her Mrs. Extra Special Pink Flannel Love), even when she was still married to JR and in the mansion?

The writers have known about Melissa leaving for quite some time. But instead of utilizing the chemistry of their actors to their best advantage & building a love story before they put a tragic spin on it, chose to SPIT AT the fan-base and give us the painful, unwatchable crap that is on our tv screens daily. It was so bad today (12-25) that I flippin' needed to drink alcohol while watching to dull the pain!

The writers are HACKS! No simpler way to put it. I will never watch this show again after MCE leaves. And I honestly think Jacob Young won't last much longer either! I've heard various rumors that he's extremely disappointed/unhappy with the direction that they've recently taken JR. And no wonder -- because they've transformed him from JR Chandler 'with stones' to JR 'pussy' Martin, who postpones his divorce to Marissa for no inexplicable reason other than perhaps he doesn't want to hurt her itty bitty little feewings...Too bad she didn't give two flying hoots about his feelings or parental rights when she was trying to YANK custody away from him!

Hello @LeBarron! I'm pretty sure Eddie Matos played the annoying/gross Professor Pete on GH for awhile during the MetroCourt crisis. One of the many obnoxious, early life friends of Patrick Drake.

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