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January 19, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

If you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that bad news typically makes me get my shriek on. I'm sure you'd expect my reaction upon hearing the news that Rebecca Herbst was let go from General Hospital to include an absurdly long screed filled with, well, screed-length remarks in parentheses in the middle of a run-on sentence, and lots of ANGRY CAPS LOCK TYPING, and questions about Brian Frons and Bob Guza's job security that, if they were spoken aloud, would be verbalized in the form of a long, plaintive wail and a sneer (I'm not sure what the written equivalent of a sneer is, but roll with it) at ABC's somewhat terse statement about her exit:

"Storyline dictates the exit of Elizabeth Webber this spring. The next few months promise to be a 'not to miss' story for the character. We at ABC and GENERAL HOSPITAL wish Rebecca Herbst nothing but the best in all of her future endeavors."

(I am guessing that those are sarcastic airquotes, incidentally.)

But mostly? I am just really, really sad. I am sad that a daytime veteran (who plays a legacy character!) who was part of multiple (!) hugely successful pairings and some hugely memorable storylines is getting unceremoniously written off the show after spending years uncertain of whether she'd be dealing with the backburner or character assassination. I am sad to be losing a character that I have loved for years (I realize that this is not an opinion shared by many people; Liz seems to be one of the more polarizing characters on daytime)--I mean, she has not been written well in a REALLY long time, but, because I am an optimist and also a fool, I held out hope that the writers would realize how much story potential this character has in her.

And, selfishly, I am sad that my Things To Look Forward To On General Hospital list--which was crazy short to begin with. And, like, five of the things to look forward to are Carly-related. CARLY!--is going to become even shorter. I will no longer be able to swoon over Rebecca Herbst's shiny, shiny hair and...I hardly want to type this, because I am just speculating and jumping to the worst case scenario, but: we may no longer have Cameron. I know. I'm perishing the thought and biting my tongue and so on! Ugh, I hate everything.


Devastating. This, to me, is as horrible as AW brutally killing Frankie off. Becky/Liz was the only thing that kept me a viewer, and I'm done for good now. And you know probably Franco will kill her, or maybe the iPad killer will?

Either way, watching her go is NOT must see tv.

Wow, a legacy character, mother to two chidren NOT fathered by Sonny (I mean, seriously, the next generation of kids of PC are all going to be related), a woman with a career NOT focused on Sonny (or Jason any longer) - and she's out. You know my next fear - she's going to die. Because characters on this show don't get to say they are moving away or getting a new job - they get killed, often viciously. Guza likes to make sure that there is no future for most characters - not on screen, then kill 'em. Oh crap - free thinking - will Jason get custody of the kid? Will Lucky? This is so going to get much worse.

I heard the word last night on another board. I just felt so disappointed and ripped off because I was really looking for L&L2 with JJ and a reuion with baby Aidan soon. I haven't been watch GH because it has been horrible. Just holding out hope that the show would iron out something once this Balkan mess smooth out with TPTB right its self. But it looks like the show wants to pass the point of no return with those ABC bosses. I just hope this historical characater does not leave GH...like most in a body bag. At least I have Shadam on Y&R keep soaps interesting.


This seriously makes me sad and pissed off, all at the same time. I love the character of Liz and I love Becky. I got to meet her one time and she was so nice. Eff you GH, EFF YOU!!

I was waiting so so patiently, through Liz and Nik and Brook, and Lucky and Siobhan, for a glorious LL2 reunion and a real adult love story for them, as portrayed by their originals. JJ's return gave us LL2 fans what we've been waiting 10 years for. And now this. Dumbest. Shit. Ever.

I am neither a fan nor hater of the Liz Webber character, but I think Rebecca Herbst is both a class act & a good actress and she deserved better writing & more storyline. She does not deserve a "storyline-dictated" exit from the hack writing regime of Bob Guza. I hope this is not the beginning of the end, although truth be told, it's probably more like the middle of the end. What a sad day for daytime. And a sad day for those of us who love our rare glimpses of Cam & Jake.

I can admit freely that the character of Liz Webber has not been written well in a long time. However that is not the fault of the actress. Becky has always been a class act and available to her fans. She stuck with this show for 13 years even though logically, there had to be times when she was offered other venues and other opportunities. She deserves much much better than to have her character exit the show in a manner that is most likely "Storyline dictated" in terms of "JJ needs an Emmy reel scene". And this on the heels of hearing Erin Chambers was offered a contract and they sent out casting notices for TWO other newbies for contract roles? Cameron speaks. This ranks up there with bad calls like firing Lindze Leatherman and Stuart Damon. I wish Becky the best, which obviously includes no Frons, Guza or Phelps in her future, a wonderful hit show that appreciates her in ANY medium and the knowledge that she has more class than MOST of those connected with GH these days.

I was barely hanging on by a thread with GH now I'm done. I'm a Rebecca /Elizabeth fan no matter who she was paired with. You could tell something bad was gonna happen by the way they've been writing her lately. Their getting rid of vets and favorite characters in order to bring on newbies and to concentrate on the mob.......which is ridiculous! So the Webber's bite the dust just like the Quartermane's and Cassedine's. Sure there's one or two of each family sitting around in the background but lets face it the writers and head of daytime cares nothing for them. I'll still come on Serial Drama for some laughs and updates but, I will not be watching. I swear on their last day Cam, Jake, and Aiden need to get together and give them a serious bitch face along with the middle finger on their way out!!!

Well, I guess we know who's getting the grain shovel WHAM! today.

But considering the "casting call" I'm wondering if the producers aren't just going to let RH go and put Liz on the back burner for re-introduction after all the Franco stuff. Like maybe when Helena comes back to wreak havok with Luke/Lucky/Aiden.

Meanwhile, we've actually been enjoying the shows recently - Carly coming around, maybe, with Michael, Lulu dumping Dante's butt, Theo's hypnosis of both Siobahn and Brenda (that's the only thing it could possibly be - mesmerism) and of course the up-coming senseless but expected Bloody Wedding - there goes Claire and probably Mike.

Oh, I'm sure the ones who have said Liz will probably be killed off are right. So sad and so completely unnecessary. I'm sure there are people somewhere who love the characters of Sonny and Jason, but even those people don't want them & Carly, Brenda & Dante to be the ONLY characters, do they??????

Another vet bites the dust. JFP and Frons have spent years trying to get rid of Liz since they don't see the appeal of the character, well, there goes the LizFF, Liason, LnL2, Niz, LiRic and potential Pat/Liz fan bases.

I see no reason for me to ever go back to watching GH or reading the various blogs..

How about a parallel universe GH written by Claire Labine and run by Wendy Riche? The cast could be made up of all the Guza victims both fired and still on GH but ruined and ignored.

I have no idea what dictated storyline exit will be used for this character, but I am certain it will not be worth of either the actress or the character. It'll just be another reason for Lucky to cry, Nik to brood, and Jason to ... blink. Love the actress, love the character, have no further use for the show. It's like virtual toilet paper.

What will become of the charcter's children? Who knows, but I am certain it will be the most offensive thing that can be cooked up by a group of people with no respect for the show's history, no respected for an actress who did nothing but respect her employer and co-workers, and no thought to the fans who have been loyal throughout the painful past 3 years of WTF and whiplash.

It's not surprising, yet still so disappointing. GH's inability and/or refusal to write compelling stories for popular actresses hurts my brain. Such a waste...

My feelings for the character are inconsistent at best, but this is just stupid. Liz has been on the show for 13 years, has chemistry with whoever they pair her with, actually works in the hospital, and her children aren't related to Scummy. But since she's being let go, I just hope they do a coma storyline (ala Nora Hanen) that way they can bring the character back and her children can stay on canvas.

Oh really really stupid move GH !
BH with her character of Liz Webber was once of the most talked character on this show..loved her hated her viewers talk about her, are interested in her drama..(by the way her men are less talked about when they are with other women.. so good luck TPTB with that..it could be kiss of death..).
The girl has several really popular pairings (i can't say the same for lot's of other female characters on any soap, prime time shows ..you may have also Brenda on this soap..but that's it actually..), she is part of some more successful storylines of this show, she is a legacy character, she has chemistry with almost all her acting partners (dixit her successful pairings or frienships..)she is tied to some really other legacy important characters with her children..and and she works in the hospital..on the freaking soap "General HOSPITAL" ! Damn it ! You can't make for better potential for lot's of lot's of storylines..yes you tried to put her on a corner writers recently, to destroy the character by very bad writing..but if you were just a little bit talented you could make up for that..but you are not talented and above all you don't want to write, to try for her..so shame on you..and if your show is cancelled..too bad for you, it will be deserved.

And I swear you all..if I hear ONE thing out of an ABC insider mouth about how they just couldn't find ANY stories to tell with Liz because she had three small children...well I will do like Mallory and CAPS LOCK RAGE about it. Cause I think that reasoning is coming....cause it's not like the entire universe BEGGED Guza not to put her last pregnancy into the storyline or anything......

And whoever said what happens to her boys will be offensive is totally correct. If the plan is not for the boys to leave with mom....then it's for Sam and Siobhan to raise them. Cause that will go over well.

Ok I want to be somewhat fair..lol so with Brenda and Liz you have also Robin and Carly on this show who had/have several popular pairings but Liz with Brenda has maybe the most several successful pairings on GH..and it tell you something about the interest she can get from audience..that's all i will say..dumb writers.

First the beautifulness that was Greg Vaughan and now this. I'm done and over it. After they got rid fo Greg I was gone for a year. Stupidly I came back for Vanessa Marcil. We all see what a bust that has been and now they let Becky go??? I am done...for good and for real this time. There is no where this show can go but down.

she was the only reason i continued to suffer thru GH...i'm out now too. they are idiots!!! i hate guza/frons.

This is pointless and stupid AND a disgrace to the actress and her fans. I agree with whoever said that this is the equivilant of AW killing Frankie. If she dies it will be the second most stupid, offensive move these idiots ever did. (The first being Georgie's death a week before Christmas.)

Let's just hope Diego doesn't kill her.

There is no way Elizabeth is going to be allowed to leave Port Charles in a dignified manner, on her own two feet. I guess this explains the recent scenes with Jason, Sam and little Jake. Clearly a set up for when Liz dies a tragic, horrible death and Jason must decide whether to go after Jake. Because you know it's going to ALL be about Jason. And then Sam can be the mother she's always wanted to be, and we can all be "thrilled" by this "happy ending." Ugh... I hate this show.

While I'm shocked and disappointed at the firing of Rebecca Herbst, I simply add the character of Elizabeth to the pile of beloved characters this show has either killed off, made unrecognizable or simply ignored.

Elizabeth will now join Laura, Allan, AJ, Tony, Emily, Justus, Georgie, Audrey, Leslie, Bobbie, Monica, Mike, Holly, Robert, Dillon, Anna, Felicia, et.al. on the list of beloved characters that TPTB had no use for.

May Ms. Herbst go on to do better things and have a happy life.

"I was waiting so so patiently, through Liz and Nik and Brook, and Lucky and Siobhan, for a glorious LL2 reunion and a real adult love story for them, as portrayed by their originals. JJ's return gave us LL2 fans what we've been waiting 10 years for. And now this. Dumbest. Shit. Ever."

Amen, Maya. What else is there to say?

I swear to Jasus that if they kill off Liz ala Emily and Georgie that I will go all Elvis on my TV and sue Frons and Co. for the damages. HACKS.

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