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January 10, 2011

Clearly They Hate Us, But They Gave Us This Gift

Allow me to first say that One Life to Live was soaptacularly delicious today in about fifty different ways. Two complicated premature baby deliveries (the mothers being twins, no less, and one of them being delivered by the arch-rival of the mother), illicit sex, a showdown between two grande dames, roughly twelve different secrets on the precipice of exposure, and all of it gloriously intertwined.

Seriously, this was the kind of episode that has me clapping like a seal. 

It was important to say that before I get to the meat of the matter: STOP TRYING TO TORTURE US BY REMINDING US THAT FISH STILL LIVES IN LLANVIEW! Damn. I appreciate that some or all of the writers probably do want to still be writing Oliver Fish's story and that's why they had John taking a call from him today and I respect that, but the heart. It hurts the heart. It hurts the heart real bad.

So, Jess went into surgery and naturally it didn't go smoothly (when has it ever?).


Marty thought better of abandoning a woman in labor, and went back in to help Natalie deliver the baby... breech. (There are seventeen ways to turn that baby, Dr. Saybrooke!)


Dorian and Echo had it out at an AA meeting (with Dorian's wig going every which way throughout the scenes).



Rex talked Charlie into skipping the drink (oh, don't we all wish we could be lucky enough to have such an amazing fake son?).


Aubrey and that guy got it on, Kelly brought Joey a magazine photo of Aubrey and that guy canoodling in public (it was hardly a damning photo, though), Clint and Viki bickered a bit more about Charlie and then decided to stand strong for Jessica, and John tracked Natalie down to the Buchanan Lodge WITH THE HELP OF OLIVER FISH.

And a cute little winking Nathan Fillion (formerly Joey) shoutout:


"Does this guy look familiar to you?"

It was, I might add, an All Grownup Day. If they keep this up with at least 2 adult episodes per week from now on, I might even accept that as a reasonable compromise and stop complaining so much. Nah, probably not.

Destiny out!




Fish saved the day! From off-screen, but still! Go Fish (heh)!

And you forgot to mention Kelly holding up a copy of Richard Castle's (aka Nathan Fillion!),asking the guy in the hotel book shop is he 'knew that guy'! Made me laugh out loud.

Sharon, we think alike! The second I posted it I remembered and scrambled to find a screencap of the Fillion bit. It's in there now! Yay one-time Joey!

I am so sick of Jessica in peril, BW's bugged out eyes, and her schmoopy crap with the wee sailor boyfriend.

But I'll even sit through that if it means more Ford-free, everyone over the legal limit days.

Are there women on this writing staff? There are certainly no women who have ever given birth.

Just once, I would LOVE for there to be a baby-- maybe even TWO babies!-- born on a soap opera without immediately being killed, kidnapped, or diagnosed with some horrible disease. The drama could actually be about the PARENTS and they could solve their problems without having to deal with a missing/dying/dead baby!

Heh. I made a funny.

Will definitely go back and watch today's episode. And Nathan Fillion warms my heart!

I heart Nathan Fillion......sigh.

Two babies and their Mommy's in peril? Oh, yes, drama, drama, and more drama! I can't wait until the babies get mixed up in Neonatal (I'm guessing that Nat's baby will join Jessie's in Neonatal).

Adults? Whoop! We had adults on the show all day long!

Totally LOLd at the Nathan Fillion moment! OLTL is really good at those sneaky little tributes :)

The Fish mention felt like a knife in my heart as well. *sigh*

But a really good show, though. Although, I gotta say, if Jess being in danger was going to be the cause of someone picking up the bottle, everyone on the show would be in that AA meeting.

And I also can't wait to see what Charlie's reaction will be to Rex not being his son. Personally, I'd jump up and down and do cartwheels, but that's just me.

The Marty/Twit storyline is still a strong one, IMO - and I'm surprised. SH did an incredible job portraying a woman in the midst of a breakdown, living in a fantasy that both fulfills her dreams and takes them away from her in a horrifying fashion. Twit, once again giving in to the quick fix, to the easy lie, marks her as, at best, morally ambiguous once again. She's taking advantage of John's trust, and doing it all on the back of a woman's mental health. How she'll come out of this is anyone's guess, except she somehow always seems to.

I wonder if this is the end of the road for Marty? I'm going to hate to lose SH, especially now that they've given her a storyline that displays her talent so well. If so, I hope that at least, Twit suffers some serious damage to her credibility when it's all over.

Poor Vicki! Her only smart child is in London. At least Jessica is a decent human being, as is Joey, though both are dumb as posts. And daughter Twit.....too bad they EVER found this one!

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