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January 26, 2011

Failed Sympathy Elicitations (or Suck It, John McBain)

Good grief, McBain. I am so sorry your freaking kid has been given an astronomical irrevocable trust fund by his grandfather. What does he mean, "We're not too sure about the whole trust fund thing?" Who's this "we?" I don't remember Natalie complaining about it, and if it's irrevocable it's clearly not conditional. What a freaking douchebag. Here's how he reacted to his son being financially set for life:


And is he going to mention to Natalie that he's helping Bo try to send her father to prison for murder?

And Ford. I am so sorry you lost the job you were rightfully fired from and do not deserve.


It is shocking! The poor dear! How can so many unjust things happen to this sweet fellow? On the bright side, it did give us Ford threatening Clint:


Ooooh, scary! Clint agrees:


Nice! Clint just laughed in Ford's face, as well he should.

Hey James? My deepest apologies for losing your completely unearned free ride to college.


I know that on television there's no such thing student loans, but seriously, get over it, dude! He showed up not long ago without even having finished high school. So buckle down and earn it like the rest of the world has to, jackass.

I can't even feel bad for Joey for being disinherited considering he's such a dipshit. And he did make the good point that his mother didn't disown him, so he's still an heir

Now I certainly did not feel sorry for Natalie because Roxy named her after a dog she loved! Because I thought that was the sweetest thing I've ever heard. I can think of no greater honor, in fact. If the apocalypse ever happens and I have myself a girl child to name, I think I'm all set now! (It's also just occurred to me that this wouldn't be the first named-after-a-dog scenario in my family. I think I love my family twice as much as I did an hour ago.) Loved the Roxy/Natalie bonding scene and the fact that Roxy went all nuts buying a million things for her new grandson:


Aww. (Speaking of Roxy, I guess I have to go see My Big Gay Italian Wedding now.)

Basically if I'm not mistaken, we were asked to feel sympathy today for Ford, James, Joey, and John. Let me reach down deep inside and see if I can muster any up for these folks. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. And... nope. None.


Vimal has "a dagger over [his] head!" This Vimal/Rama business continues to smell a bit Shakespearean, even in syntax! Also, Rama knows Aubrey:


I'm already loving Lady Rama Macbeth, but this just made Aubrey 0.5% more interesting. Which makes her a total of 0.5% interesting.

And most importantly, Grandma Viki is so effin' cute.


Li'l Asa! One of two.

Destiny out!


I would like all of your OLTL posts to have a secondary title of "Suck it, John McBain" from now on. Thanks.

It was a good episode today. Any day that has Roxy you know will be good!
I am loving Vimal and Rama, they are hilarious. I predict a juicy story between these two, I hope your Lady Macbeth theory pans out.
I can even get behind the Rama-Aubrey friendship. They kind of remind me of Tina and Gabrielle with their get rich quick schemes of the past.
Plus Clint laughing in Ford's face? Yeah I can pretty much say that it was a perfect episode!

I love that Clint is still on fire. Not only did he laugh in Ford's face but framed him for murder as well. And he basically told Joey he's an idiot which is pretty much what he's been since he's returned.

Rama is definitely going to be a troublemaker and it's going to be fun to watch. The added bonus that Vimal will be her oddball sidekick.

John couldn't be a father to a rock. He definitely has no business being one to an actual child.

Aubrey (and Cutter for that matter too) have been uninteresting because their only connection have been to Tweedledee & Tweedledum (aka Joey & Kelly). I think they have the potential to be interesting once they get away from those two and start interacting with more people, especially characters that have wider appeal like Rama & Vimal or as rivals like Clint.

You took the words right out of my mouth re: Ford and James' whining over losing perks they didn't earn. I dunno if Show wanted us to feel bad for them, but I SO didn't.

Clint laughing in Ford's face was the cherry on the sundae.

Roxy is adorable, but these scenes of her being all super grandma made me sad all over again that we didn't get to see her in similar scenes with Sierra Rose/Kyle/Fish.

I hate to bring maths into this (not really) but if you started from 0 for Aubrey's interesting-ness, +0,5% of 0 is still 0. Percents are relative, not absolute.

I'm so glad I quit watching this, although I might come back if you tell me both Buchanan twins' babies were Brody's.

Thanks for the math lesson but, of course, I was not being literal!

I imagine they'll rewrite the paternity about 5 times over the next few years, but I don't think you'll get your wish with Brody -- I'm guessing he's just dad to Jessica's baby.

E.A.I like the way you think with that Tina/Gabrielle comparison.

I think Ford/Brody are the baby Daddies which leaves old McBore out in the cold.

Clint laughing at Ford was the highlight of the show which MEANS he is Jessica's baby Daddy!

Joey is an idiot.

Ford is such a worthless character but enjoyed seeing Clint laugh in his face! But why is Bo just accepting that Ford sexually abused Jessica?? Oh yeh- sympathy for Ford. James should get a few jobs like Markko did. Ugh, can't stand any of the Fords, but then that's nothing new.

Ohemgee I just laughed so hard reading this post. Thank you and I love you!

Someone over at ABC likes them Ford boys because none of them (mabye James) is worth a plugged nickel. Get.A.Job. I have to admit to liking Ford when he was a sleazy sleaze, but now he's been Cloroxed to death!

Bo has been way too nice to Inez and her sons. He just heard Ford admit to having sex with his mentally unstable niece. He let Inez skate on drugging his beer.

I can't see these faces anymore! My daughter has all the posters and cards. Pop-culture is so boring..

Here's how he reacted to his son being financially set for life:

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