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January 25, 2011

On Ambiguity and Apprehension

Remember last year when General Hospital seriously implied, but did not state outright, that Michael was raped in prison and we were all speechless with shock and horror? "They wouldn't," we thought. "They couldn't. They could not possibly think that this offensive, festering pit of a show is the proper place to tell such a sensitive story."

And remember how the show then began to only allude to what it had only hinted at in the first place and, instead of taking the opportunity to rail at GH for once again dropping a story before it limped to a (barely) satisfying conclusion, we were all secretly relieved and made jokes about having dodged a potentially horrifying bullet in a way that would make Jason Morgan proud?


Michael: She won't see me because of the things that happened to me in prison.
Jason: What things?
Michael: Carter. You know, what he did to me?
Jason: Abby won't see you because of what happened with Carter?
Michael: Abby understands what it's like. Not exactly, and I think she was in a relationship with a guy who used to hit her. She knows what it's like to feel trapped. It really messes with your head. You ever think I'm going to be normal?
Jason: I'm the wrong person to ask that question.
Michael: Do you think I'll ever be able to act like I wasn't in prison?
Jason: i think that you're always going to carry it with you and I wish you didn't have to. I wish it was like when you were a little kid and I could just sit you down and read you a story about Africa and you'd wake up the next morning and barely remember. That's just not how it works. But you've shown so much courage, Michael.
Michael: Not always. Not with Carter. It's like I'm still fighting him the way I couldn't fight when I was in my cell against Carter.
Jason: You did fight him. Every day you live your life, you fight him every choice you make and you follow through, you fight him. Don't let him take your soul.

I was going to make this into a poll titled "Is there any chance that General Hospital won't screw this up in legendary fashion?" but the only poll choices I could come up with were "Hell No!", "HELL NO!", and "Please don't make Profound Thoughts With Jason a recurring segment of this show", which didn't seem like much of a poll...

(Also, I seriously don't remember anything else that happened in today's episode. I know there was some awesome acting from Julie Marie Berman and some...um, attempted emotion from Andrea Bogart, and Dante trotted out that horrible soap line "It wasn't my secret to tell!" but most of it made nary an impression on me. And I JUST finished watching it a few minutes ago. This does not bode well, you guys. Deadly dull PLUS offensive? The next few weeks will be painful, although we'll soon get a break in the form of Sonny and Brenda's wedding which will eat the majority of the show for most of February, so at least there's that.)


ugh-- how can GH ever think the this is story that they should tell- Michael and Carter. It curls my stomach to think how morally offensive GH will make this story. GH's love of violence is something which truly bothers me. Gun violence always seems to be the answer with this show. It scary me to think what Storyline dictated exit for Liz they will write for her. Michael needs professional help and not from the professional hitman. He needs to be in therapy not be involved with the stripper.

JMO....Liz should have been the one working with Michael instead of Abby. She's a rape survivor and Carly's head would have exploded once she found out that the woman that Michael had a "crush on" was Elizabeth!

Yeah, we all know that Liz is going to be "Guzafied" even more now that she's leaving the show in a few months. Guza created the role of Liz and has done nothing but write crappy crap for her for years.

List of Couples I Liked on GH That These Damn Writers Have Ruined/Are Trying to Ruin:
Patrick and Robin
Dante and Lulu
Nikolas and Emily
Lucky and Elizabeth
Dillon and Georgie
Luke and Laura

So I guess all we've got left are Michael/Abby, Jason/Sam, Mac/Alexis, and Matt/Maxie, huh? Granted, the last two never get any screentime as it is, and Jason is getting on my nerves, so... c'mon, Michael/Abby, you're my last hope!

Oh, who am I kidding?

Ladybug - I thought Liz (along with her sister, Sarah) were introduced during one of Guza's absences on the show. In fact, i think it was after his several month stint in 1996 - he left and then they were introduced. In fact, when he came back, one of the first things he did was reduce screen time for Sarah (remember - she was dating Nick but there was that big shoot out, he was wounded and pushed her away during recovery) and then eventually write her out - and then he decided to make the conniving Liz more sympathetic by doing the rape storyline.

Nevertheless, I agree that Liz ain't leaving Port Charles with a smile and breathing.

The lulu-dante scenes have been fab lately. But yesterday. Even more fabulous? LW's hair.

I wonder if they have a plaque somewhere on set with a picture of young Genie Francis and frizzy-haired Anthony Geary that reads:

"General Hospital: Totally Handling Rape Storylines Offensively Since 1979"

Of course, that would mean that somebody somewhere acknowledges the shows history pre-Sonny and Jason and we damn well know that's not happening.

true true--LogopolisMike-- but GH did a remarkable telling of Liz's rape and Lucky finding out about his parent's past-- that was excellent.

I thought it was Lucky who trotted out "not my secret to tell," in trying to defend himself to Lulu for not telling her Dante covered up a murder!

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