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January 24, 2011

reasons to be giddy

Dootdootdoot. Dootdoot! Doot! Dootdoot. Doot! Doot! That's the sound of me doing my Ted King happy dance, in case you were wondering. Considering it was 6 degrees when I left the house this morning, the fact that I am now all warm and gooey after watching One Life to Live, of all things, well... it's saying something. Tomas was so cute running around all frantically, so excited to see Blair, so excited to learn she's single, so excited about his wine (to this I can relate)!





I'd say Chem Test: A+. Not that I'm shocked.

While I adored those scenes and feel like whatever this whole Tomas/Blair thing is definitely holds a lot of promise, it seems strange that basically the entire viewing audience noticed that the painting was from Blair and Todd’s wedding in the 90s, but Blair was so shocked to learn it. Right?

Meanwhile, Clint was hilarious immediately being onto Inez and the genius "wearing a wire" plan.


Inez was less hilarious being generic and emotionless again. After Clint pointed out that he's still in control, she looked at him and said "Whyareyoudoingthistome" in the flattest manner in the history of flat.


There's her big "my life's destroyed!" facial expression. I AM MOVED TO TEARS. THE POOR, POOR DEAR.

I'm pissed, of course, that Bo didn't pressing any charges for her drugging him, but thankfully he at least finally told her to steer clear of him and that he didn't want to hear her apologies.

Nora, on the other hand, laid down some law today with Clint.


Nora: I had an opportunity to tell Viki. But I didn’t want to hurt her like that. Because she respects you and she loves you. They all do. How could I possibly tell them that you have been plotting against your own brother and threating Inez and having me kidnapped and tortured and that you killed Eddie Ford? How could I tell them that? That would just devastate them. Your sons, your daughters, your grandchildren, your nephew, they all look up to you. They all love you. So, no, I wasn’t going to be the one to take that away from them. I’m going to let you do that all by yourself. You know, it’s funny, I always remember you talking about protecting the family the way Asa did. Well, from now on, Bo and I will be protecting the family, we’ll be doing that, we’ll protect Asa’s family. From you.


So Shaun and Theo get a scene and it’s…. to talk about Destiny’s and Darren’s breakup?


Lame. Time to introduce Theo to some ladies. And re-introduce Shaun to some ladies (and by the way, he still has chemistry with Tea!).

And Matthew and Destiny kissed and, just, yikes. It started fine and then turned into one of those awkward, no-movement-at-all teen kisses. 


Uncomfortable. Having had a lot of experience directing teens in stage kisses, I can tell you that it's not easy. I am not unsympathetic. But c'mon. Just watch some footage and recreate!

Layla and Cris broke up, of course. Her speech was a rather torturous cliché. I mean seriously? "Je ne sais quoi?" Anyway, even though Layla did cheat on Cris, I’m glad the breakup was ultimately so that she could put her own dreams and career first.

Oh and James and Todd appear to have HAD it with Starr. She’s still talking on the phone to her boyfriend and father of her child and he went to prison like seven whole weeks ago! GAH! She’s so stubborn!

Destiny (making) out!


In the young actors' defense (of the only young actors on this show I feel compelled to ever defend), having had (not a lot, but enough) experience kissing as a teen, awkward and no-movement-at-all might be the most accurate (and possibly the kindest) modifiers a make out session might be. Not that I look to soap operas for realism, but still...

Blair not recognizing what she looked like in her own portrait and when... well, it torked me off, I'm not going to lie. But her reaction to it all today was worth it. It was really beautifully done, very subtle... even her voice got small when she saw him holding it up.

My breath caught in my throat, I'm not going to lie.

Everything between Blair and Tomas today made me want more... I want to savor them and take my time. I'm in.

And I, too, love the wine stuff.


All good reasons to be giddy (especially Ted King coming in!), but I'm also kind of giddy because I'm wondering if the "Blair's wedding portrait" mystery might eventually show that Tea's "That's not Todd!" comment during her "illness" wasn't a big tease on the audience after all, but actually foreshadowing. A recent ad about the storyline hinted that may be the case.

I mean, I don't have any strong feelings one way or the other about who plays Todd Manning or even the character himself. I just love that feeling of "OMG! Are the writers gonna go there?!?!"

Nora was THE BOMB today! I was shouting "You go!" at the TV the whole time she was telling Clint what a low-down scum his family would think he was. AWESOME!

Meanwhile, I have been catching up on the last two weeks of OLTL with the new babies and all, and I noticed something that really bugs me - since when does a baby in a nursery get ID'd by the father's last name when the parents are unmarried? I'm just sayin', do soap writers know ANYTHING about the real world?

Nora was on fire today! I don't think Clink ever gave one iota of thought about how his actions would hurt his children, Viki, and grandchildren.

Inez looks way too much like Bo's old love, Delilah Ralston. Maybe if Inez was Delilah's scheming younger sister and wanted Bo as a notch on her bell. I just don't buy Inez as the mother of three strapping mid-twenties looking men.

That kiss between Destiny and Matthew was so awkward that I physically flinched and thought about my own teenage kisses years and years and years and years and years ago.

Destiny and Matthew have NO romantic chemistry. That was awkward to watch.

I'm with SwanSinger on this one. I'm glad Matthew and Destiny are getting screen time and I love their friendship, but that's it for me. I loved Matthew/Dani and Darren/Destiny! Matthew was way better for Dani than Nate... mostly because he's not forty!

@Judy - when you have a baby you can give that baby any last name you want. It doesn't have to be yours OR the fathers.
At least that is how it is in my state. Just an FYI.

leave hot whinez alone she give the show what the show needs she is not all bad all the time i know when she is good you will never say anything about it boo to hater

Destiny/Darren broke up??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I loved them so much!!

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