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January 20, 2011

Showdown at the Buchanan Stables

First of all, I love soaps. The fact that the standard conventions will just never die gets funnier and funnier as years go by. Today, in standard soap fashion, Gigi and Rex were speaking too loudly in a public area about the babydaddy issue with Natalie and almost got busted by Jessica. When they managed to escape unscathed, they had a discussion three feet away from the original conversation about how with Marty in Crazytown, the two of them are the only ones who know the truth, and they need to be careful about what they say and who they say it around -- at which point normal people would end the conversation, considering both of the participants know damn well what they're talking about. But not in soap conversation. "The only people that know. That Natalie's baby. Is Brody's. And not John's. Are you and me." Which Rex responded to with a facial expression that looked like he might've just tasted a little vomit.

Then Cutter showed up and gave Aubrey a hard time about being cutesy with the mark (Joey), and I was wondering why this guy was acting like they'd never done this before. To which Aubrey immediately responded, "Why are you acting like we've never done this before?" Oh, you soapy tropey people, how I love you!

Oh and HOLY CRAP VIMAL'S WIFE IS HOT. I mean, the dude's adorable in a nervous, nerdy kind of way, but Shenaz Treasurywala is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous actress (with Buchanan twin hair, I might add).



This woman married a man who "forgot" which twin's paternity test he was supposed to switch, and fixed that predicament by flipping a coin. I rather love that she's all Lady MacBethian so far.


See? Same hair.

Okay, but the main event today was, of course, the big Buchanan stables showdown between Bo and Clint. When we left them on Tuesday (which feels like a year ago), Bo had just approached Clint and pulled a gun on him. Today he filled Clint in on everything he knew and Clint made a small effort to deny it, but realized he shouldn't bother. He made a more energetic attempt at denial when Bo brought up Eddie's involvement, but even that couldn't last. And once he admitted it, he told Bo that he and Nora deserved everything they got. The only moment in which he showed a hair of remorse was when Bo raged at him for the fact that Eddie had almost raped Nora. At which point:



Clint go boom!

Ultimately Nora and John (seriously, writers? You just couldn't leave John out of this one moment?) showed up and kept Bo from shooting Clint, but Bo left it by telling Clint he's no longer a Buchanan and is, in fact, no longer anything at all. The showdown did not disappoint at all, and frankly was seriously heartbreaking at the end. I have no idea how Bo and Clint will ever move past this one (I was disappointed only that Clint wasn't furious that Eddie tried to rape Nora; that part makes this damn near insurmountable but... well, it's a soap), but with Robert Woods and Jerry ver Dorn acting at the center of this storyline, I can't wait to watch how they get there.


Out of the gaggle of Fords and their ladies, we had only the one (the original) to deal with today, which was tolerable even if he himself was not (blathering on about how Kelly should give him a chance because, "hey, hasn't she ever done anything horrible in her life?" [which, yeah, stepson sex] was torture considering he offered up not a single word about feeling bad about what he'd done to Jessica [apparently it all worked out because "the kid's not even" his!], but he is what he is and all of it's tedious). But I do have to mention that we'll be losing Langston soon, as it was announced that Brittany Underwood has been let go. I'm not going to insult anyone by pretending to lament this decision as I've obviously been pretty critical of Underwood and especially her character around these parts, but in a broader sense, it's really a shame. Had they gone in a different direction with this character she could've been part of the upcoming generation for years to come, but as it stands I found her difficult to invest in whether in a sympathetic or a love-to-hate kind of way. I do, of course, wish Brittany Underwood the best and hope she is able to move on to something that's a better fit than this show and character.

That said? I worry that her departure frees up Ford, which makes me fear for all remaining women on canvas.

Destiny out!


Louise, re: your response to Brittany Underwood being let go

You are a class act. I agree with you 100% about the character but even more, I'm really impressed with the way you said it. There's a time and a place for gloating/I told you so's/etc and a civil tone is certainly the better (and lesser traveled) road to take.

Yes nicely said. They could have gone in other directions for sure. Langston had potential. The story over the last year must have been hard for BU to do- her heart just didn't seem to be in her acting. She certainly could see what most of us saw- a destroyed one dimensional character written into a box.

Well, maybe now Brittany Underwood will have time to eat something. And maybe I'll learn to stop hating the Fords so much!


shenaz what a body hello she looks like natalie boo to underwood getting fired she was hot i like how she was bubble i am going missed her i guest no abuse story with ford i like how she and ford was a dark couple boo to oltl boo boo boo boo boo

Goodbye Langston. I liked Langston the minute she came on screen, and it's too bad that Bobbie Ford took her down with the sleazy sex and cheating on Markko. It's shame that Lang/Markko couldn't have patched things up and left town at the same time last year.

Today's OLTL was the bomb. Clint/Bo and then Clint/Bo/Nora scenes were very good. Clint has become a very bitter man. What brother gets involved with his ex-sister-in-law in the first place? Clint knew darn well that Bo/Nora had unresolved issues marital issues. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of how Asa would go after women who were in love or with Bo (Delilah, Becky,,etc).

I wish Brittany all the best. I have been cheering for her over the past 5 years and it will be sad for me to see her go.

I won't miss Langston, but at least when he was with her, Ford was contained. Now I'm terrified (considering the anvils that rained down yesterday) that Ford is going to turn out to be the father of Jess' baby and Brody is gonna get the shaft.

Speaking of the wee pocket cop, his recognizing Cutter from somewhere was vaguely interesting.

To C: "...wee pocket cop.." Snorted my soup; thanks a lot! :)

Oh, Jess's baby is TOTALLY Ford's, and being a "babydaddy" will change him and make him a better man and blah blah blah.

Vimal's wife looks like Bree Williamson in a wig!

My first thought when i saw Vimal's wife: why couldn't they find an Indian actress (there must be thousands) to play an Indian woman instead of this woman with the bad accent. Then I just saw her name in your blog. Ooops....

LoL, she DOES have Buch-twin hair, but her's is nicer, fuller, shiny, etc. I thought preg. ladies were supposed to have fabulous hair!

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