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January 13, 2011

Small Doses

So the "non-Ford-crew" episodes are over for the week, it seems, but they eased us back into them this time by offering up just one Ford and only two of their bland lady-people. Thanks for being gentle with us, One Life to Live!

Now I ask you, what two local teen girls would be most familiar on sight to anyone who works at the LPD? If you answered, "Uh, Starr and Dani," you are correct. But Starr and Dani have it all figured out: power suits and spectacles are the ultimate disguise!

Starr dani

Or not. I can't believe Detective Price didn't buy these two teenagers as high-powered criminal defense attorneys! I can't believe it! They should really take some tips from Dorian on the disguise front.


Blair was kind of hilarious yesterday with her repeated interruptions of Todd and Tea's amorous moments, and I would've accepted the whole thing as just a good comic bit that also reminds us about the mysterious painting....


But see --

Todd ass

Ass. "Oh, look, it's a painting of Blair the day of our wedding, why on earth would she show that to me as if it has anything to do with me or I could even give a shit?" And then his dig about how he's trying to forget her, the mother of three of his children and a woman who has been near death about thirty times because of him? Oh, such a heartthrob. I couldn't care less if he holds his romantic history with Blair in high regard or not because he's just so despicable, but having a little basic decency because of everything she's gone through for him and because she is the mother of his kids is basically the bare minimum. Which, of course, is why we won't see it from Todd.


Allow me to apologize in advance if any of you have this particular unfortunate speech habit, but when James asked Dani about Nate yesterday, he actually said, "Wait, so you sawl him?" Oh, Nic Robuk. Sometimes I do want to give the guy a hug and pinch his cheeks, but I also know that he is, in fact, a trained actor. Do we really need to have a chat with the voice and speech faculty at the USC School of Theatre?

Speaking of things people say that annoy me, I do wish they wouldn't keep flashing back to Natalie's flimsiest justification in history for her mountain of lies. "This wasn't planned!" is a huge soap opera pet peeve of mine (okay, it's one of those half-pet-peeve, half-hilarious-joy dichotomies because it's always so funny to hear the way characters say it with such righteous indignation) -- as if it makes a damn bit of difference. Oh, really? You and Brody didn't sit down in cold sobriety and map out a plan in which you have secret drunken sex, then promptly reunite with your exes who you'd thought had spurned you, and then you turn out to be pregnant, worry that it's Brody's but tell John it's his, then learn it's Brody's and lie to both Brody and John about it? You didn't plan this from the outset? Oh! Okay, then! No biggie! (Oh and I love the way Natalie is now talking her scheme out to her nameless baby, much in the way that Marty talked hers out to the photo of Cole. Way to make your sons unknowingly complicit, ladies!)

Destiny out!


Ted King's Tomas can NOT come soon enough.

TSJ's portrayal is one of the reasons I was rooting for Eli, even at his most psychotic, over anything remotely connected to Todd.


I will agree with you on one thing, todd is a true asshole. I have no clue what either Blair or Tea two hot smart women see in that ass.

Dandesun, I've started a little countdown. 8 days! I will be heartbroken if (and probably when) it's totally disappointing.

Louise, Soapnet has a video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hAJwS7oTAM) of "Who's Coming?" for the various ABC shows. Ted King is at the end... I don't think it's possible for it to be disappointing.

I was worrying, too. I've built it up so much I was like "this can't possibly live up to my own hype" and then I saw that and went "oh, it totally can."

Fears obliterated!

The one thing I can take heart in in regards to any Blair scene with Todd is that there is nothing in her that seems remotely interested in him, either. She's just not a complete fucking dick about it the way he is. Oh, and given his role as the father of her children, she does treat him with way more care than he's shown her in years.

Oooo! I am all tingly from that video. Very nice!


Not gonna lie...the second I heard about the "disguises"? My first thought?

Ohh Louise is going to loooove this one.

Still Team Natalie. I like my lonely island of fandom.
I'm glad to have friends in Todd hate though.

Lisa, I thought most people were supposed to be Team Natalie. Are they not? (I have no side because I just like the good story and good rivalries and I like both of those characters; I've just gotten the impression that Marty is very hated by most fans, but I could be wrong!)

Beth R., ha! You know me too well.

Todd has a brand new "shiny" family now so he doesn't have time for Blair, Starr, Jack, or Sam.

Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. Ugh! I have a feeling that baby Jared McBain Buchanan is going to be the witness to all of your lies going forward, just like your Aunt Tina with C.J. and Sarah.

I'm Team Marty - although I'm really more Team-anyone-other-than-Twit. I think she's the Babe Carey of OLTL, and that's the biggest insult I can think of.

If only, just once, Twit wouldn't automatically do whatever is in her own short-term interest, maybe I'd feel differently. And if she'd only learn that it all blows up in her face sooner rather than later. This time, she's using a woman's mental breakdown to get away with lieing to the man she supposedly loves. Bullcarp. Twit only loves one thing and that's herself.

But I guess there's no reason for her to invest in any integrity. Eventually, as if she's coated with teflon, it all slides off her and everyone not only forgives her, but celebrates the wonder that is Twitalie.

Actually, she's more like a combination of Ryass Lavery and Babe HoCarey, except even stupider. And that's not easy to achieve!

Ron, I don't hate Natalie at all but I agree that what she's doing is dead wrong and I'm looking forward to the fallout. That Marty's actions were illegal and immoral doesn't negate the egregiousness of what Nat's up to (it just has nothing to do with Marty). For drama's sake, I hope it all comes out BEFORE any mitigating circumstances are revealed to save the day (e.g., the probability that Vimal switched the wrong test and that Baby No-Name Banks/McBain is actually John's kid after all).

Bring on Roger Howarth already (or at very least expose the impostor)!

I think if Natalie were to fess up and face the music, it would go a long, long way to redeeming the character for me.

I'm not a long-time viewer, and I think that's part of the reason I dislike her so much. Since I've begun watching, she's lied so many times to so many people, and behaved selfishly when pushed into a corner. She's Vicki's kid, and I'd like to see that aspect of her background take precedence for once.

Team Natalie! and I want to defend her very wrong actions that are understandable.

Natalie was raised by Roxie as a Balsam, not a Buchanan. It's the whole nature versus nuture argument with her and you can guess which one wins 99% of the time. Vicky's 'kid', Jessica has serious mental issues and everyone treats her with kid gloves and she never is responsible for anything that goes wrong in her life.

Natalie is a survivor and wasn't raised with the love and support of the Buchanans. She is not used to people supporting her so she always tends to go at it alone and never considers the long-term consequence (just like Roxie).

Angie....Excellent points on my girl Natalie.

I am enjoying the story between Natalie and Marty since MA and SH look like their having a blast.

Louise....There are rumors/spumors that BU aka Langston is out at OLTL, along with two directors. I guess their looking to save cash.

I liked Langston until they turned her into a panty dropper with the Ford/Markko story line.

Langston might be hitting the road? I'm not liking her much ever since they put her together with Ford, but before that, I did. And I think she has talent.

I wonder if this means we might lost a Fudd too? THAT would be heaven!

Good points about Natalie and her background. This is the sort of perspective a long-term viewer has and I'm glad to hear it. As a newish viewer, I'm not acqainted with Natalie's early character or her introduction, so my feelings about the character have been based on what I've seen I started watching.
Thanks for the background.

I just read that they're not naming the babies for TWO MORE WEEKS.
They're just doing this to piss me off, aren't they?????

Well, thank God they're not girls. Otherwise they'd probably call them Brodette and BainLee.

Sometimes I honestly wonder what is wrong with Todd. Seriously. His actions aren't even human. It's as if the writers think that it's entertaining for him to be so cruel and masochistic. It's not at all.

It really makes me wonder if in fact he is just some...thing...and not the real Todd. What thing is he? Possibly a robot brought from the future to drive certain characters crazy? I don't know! What I do know is that he is NOT a hero. He is not someone to emulate in any way shape or form. He certainly is not rootable. I truly hope that some writer views this and thinks a little bit more about what they are doing with him. Honestly they really really are not listening to the fans and doing whatever they or Frons wants.

Louise, I'm not on a team either, but I do hate Natalie lately. She is supposed to be the fearless one, and she loses her mind every time they pair her with John. It drives me fucking nuts that she KIDNAPPED MARTY! Totally batshit crazy. She was great with Jared, and they've totally destroyed her since they killed him off.

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