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January 26, 2011

Someone Needs To Do Some MyFace De-Friending

Poor Shane, getting bullied online.


Shane computer

And once again, One Life to Live's Art Department slays me. I hereby cyber-announce that I want to buy them all a beer.

That is all.


Oh and I have a headache. We really need more new actors? I'm exhausted.


So Shane is getting MyFaced bullied by people stuck in the early 90s?

I'm just trying to picture a older viewer trying to figure out what "PWNED" is.

I'll but the art department the second round cause that's just too hillarious!

Beth R., so true! It's a weird amalgamation of era slang... "NOT" (early 90s), "ROTFLMAO" (early 2000s), "PWNED" (um, mid-2000s, I'd say?). Perhaps the Llanview High School faculty is chiming in as well?

I could NOT believe Shane was already in high school!!! Shouldn't he be twelve or thirteen? Granted, he looks older, but still!

And let me guess. Austin Peck will be playing Inez and Eddie's other son, Hottie McHotHot Ford, who just happens to have slept with Aubrey. Golly gee, won't that be just the most shocking thing ever!

I didn't catch Austin Peck on As the World Turns but unless things have changed since he was on Days, I believe you meant:

We need more "actors"?

Uh-oh! I've actually never seen Austin Peck do any acting (or "acting," as you put it), so I'm of no authority to say. Well, this does not bode well...

OLTL has way TOO many newbies.

Inez, James, Tomas, Ford, Aubrey, Joey, Cutter, Vimal and Lady MacBeth, Nate, and now this Austin Peck character. Yes, their cheap as far as the vets go, but I would rather they brought Kevin home permanently in the form of DG.

Shane's voice is deeper than Bo's. I am going to miss Carmen Lo Porto's version of that smarty pants Jack.

I gotta admit ..... I have no idea what PWNED means. Help!

Web sites frequently shut down after

savings from winding down combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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