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January 21, 2011

What Else Is There To Say?

Okay, I understand that soaps are thrown together at breakneck speed and therefore do not allow for re-takes except in the most extreme of situations, but unless the cast and crew was staffed entirely with a gaggle of folks who just fell off a turnip truck, I cannot fathom how a certain moment in today's One Life to Live was not an extreme situation. When Todd (charming as ever) was chortling and gloating to Starr that Marty has had a breakdown, he bragged about his wonderful foresight in having conned Starr into signing Marty's rights to her granddaughter away and reminded his daughter, "You really went down on me for it."

I'm not joking. I replayed it three times. He referred to his daughter having gone down on him. I find it difficult to believe it was worded that way in the script, but I also find it difficult to believe that anyone kept a straight face after it was ad-libbed. Am I eleven years old? I don't know. It's possible. To me, that phrase really means just the one thing at this point, and frankly I'm not sure I'll ever be able to consume another meal.

So really, what else is there to say? I think I have PTSD.

Okay, no, there's a couple more things to say:

Shut up, Todd.

Nora and Bo are adorable but were really asking too much of Matthew to keep him totally in the dark while presenting him with this new world in which he didn't really see what he know he saw and can no longer associate with a beloved family member.

I really like Tea (and especially the actress who plays her), but sometimes when praise is lavished on her for her courtroom genius I really want someone to explain to me what she did that was so masterful. There was practically no evidence against her client and certainly not more than there was against half the town, and she exposed that fact in court. WHAT A BRILLIANT BARRACUDA. Eh?

Viki is the cutest thing ever. 

Poor Cris. Incidentally, the 2006 rerun from Wednesday was god-awful, and the only positive thing it really did for me was remind me of the history of tremendous affection I have for Cris. And how super-hot I found him with the longish hair. 

And finally? TED KING!!!!!!

Destiny out.


TED KING!!!!!!!!

Okay, ewwww. I totally didn't catch that Todd/Starr thing... EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

And Matthew really deserves the truth from Bo and Nora. They're always keeping him in the dark about things, and he especially deserves to know what Clint and Inez did. I bet Clint gave him some messed-up version of the story and now Matthew's probably going to go against his parents again. They totally brought it on themselves this time. Matthew's sixteen and has been through a lot. He's not a little kid and he deserves to know!

I recorded it just so i could see TED KING. he is love.

Todd is a douche bag.

Tomas is hot.

Matthew is old enough to be told the truth, and now we're going to see some more acting out from the teenager.

I didn't get why they didn't tell him. The excuse that they don't have proof yet and don't want to tip of Clint was seriously WTF-y. They should of told him. Now Matthew is going to shut out his parents even more.

I am not so happy about Clint in general. It's like the writers are trying to go as far as possible. It's like he's the next Eli or something. This obsession of making one character do all the evil deeds in town is extremely lazy and cartoonish.

With the fact that Nora was almost raped by a guy Clint hired, I'm not sure if I can be a Clint fan anymore. It doesn't matter how great the actor is, Jerry ver Dorn is very very good. When you cross a line with a character, you really can't go back. Look at Adam on Y&R.

OK, finally caught an episode today and here's my question: Is Blair six-foot-five? Cuz I don't remember Ted King being a short man but she towers over him.

And, what a flimsy premise to get him on the canvas - why in the world is Blair so obsessed with this damn painting? I don't get it.

Finally, as hot as he is, what is up the frenetic character? The guy is really a weirdo. I hope he mellows out cuz I love Ted King.

P.S. In today's episode, Nora kicks BUTT!

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