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January 17, 2011

Worst. Grifters. Ever. (or Worst. Hospital. Ever.)

I know when I'm trying to snow a well-known person from the most prominent family in a small town, I'd probably do a lot of making out in the only health club in town with the person I'm pretending is my sibling. I'd also make myself sound even more like a grifter when asked about my job by vaguely answering, "Oh, I've had my hand in a lot of ventures," instead of inventing some generic job that I can fake my way through. Oh and then I'd get all up in the face of a friend of my fiancée who I'm fleecing, and rather than maintain my ruse I would totally tip my hand by revealing to said friend that I am indeed full of shit. Surely that'll back her right off! Way to go, Aubrey and Cutter!

Also, if I were running the psychiatric ward of a big hospital and one of our patients had gone so far off the edge that we had to put her in restraints, which she then got out of and rendered a woman unconscious so that she could escape, I'd probably make sure security or actual staff doctors were nowhere near said patient when she was found trying to take a baby -- it seems that the patient's ex-boyfriend and arch-rival (who have nothing to do with the hospital) can get it totally under control by themselves!


Poor Roxy! They dusted her off for her once-a-month appearance for which she got insulted by her kids a few times and then knocked out by a crazy shrink.


So happy! Not for long.


Dr. Nutbag! She's awfully resourceful in the midst of her breakdown.

The "danger! danger!" music that underscored the nursery scenes was absolutely hilarious. Someone just go take the freakin' baby from her! She's not armed, people!

And even John was the one who had to restrain Marty in the end? Good lord please never let me be driven mad by my attachment to daytime soap operas and have to be admitted into the psych ward of that craptastic hospital.

Oh, and what was the significance of Marty's evil grin at Natalie at the end? Was that supposed to suggest that she's been faking her breakdown or something? I mean, sure, she'd be the right person to do it as she knows the symptoms and behaviors, etc., but I'm not going to love it if she's taking "how to get away with a crime" lessons from her two-time rapist.


Sadly, today we learned that neither Nate nor Inez really killed Eddie (or so everyone seems to believe at this point). That basically implies that we're stuck with both of them for at least the foreseeable future.

Nate dramatically (or something) admitted he'd only confessed to protect his mother.


Drama! Acting!

Speaking of acting, Inez confessed to Bo and Nora that she drugged him and faked the whole adulterous business, and she did so without making a single facial expression. Truly a feat. Oh boy, I can't wait till they totally absolve her of everything because mean old Clint was behind it and it's not her fault at all that she's an attempted date rapist, she's just a sad, poor victim. Or does anyone have some glass I can eat instead?

And so much for the nice 2011 track record of "No Fords Till Wednesday," though at least it was the reduced version.

Destiny out!



Roxy has a long history on this show of being the psycho du jour's chewtoy. Way back when Natalie was still new, Roxy spent what seemed like the entire summer in a box thanks to either Nikki Smith or Alison Perkins.

Probably both. I recall people referring to that as Roxy-Still-in-the-Boxy.

I love how Marty just puts her doctor's coat on over her patients robe (with the open back, yes?) and can happily wander around (she's barefoot or at least wearing just socks) and no one notices.

Not to mention the stench of crazy she gives off that is so strong that everything behind her has that 'hot on the desert highway' wavy look to it.

Jeezy creezy... Bring on Tomas/Blair PLEASE!

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your posts/reviews Louise. You are very funny & smart... & though I might not always agree with what you say (though, most of the time I do-- apparently I am 1 of 2 people who still liked Cole, though I agree TPTB tried EXTRA hard to ruin his character, I just blocked all that out/gave him a heretofore unknown brain tumor), you always present your views in an intelligent, hilarious way & it really is a treat. I have many a laugh out loud moment. You also keep posts here coming pretty regularly, I know the other SD girls have been busy, so yay for you keeping SD full of recent posts! ;0)
That is all.

Except I must note that that pic of Nate makes him look like a 35 yr old grown-ass man.
Gross that he is dating a 16 yr old. He should be in a romance with Jess or Kelli, or the lady who plays his mom, lol.

Nate IS the oldest high school senior in history, isn't he? I thought maybe he pled guilty so just he could finally graduate.

They did show the preview for tomorrow's show with Bo telling someone I presume to be Inez that they were under arrest, so maybe she will actually pay for the attempted date rate/drugging a cop thing. Or maybe she'll be arrested for the murder of Eddie Ford that she says she didn't commit, even though she's not getting outraged over being falsely accused of murder or anything. So maybe she did do it and will be sent to prison for life.

But if they do not at least arrest her for the attempted date rape, I will be really angry. This is the third time in a year and a half that a girl on an ABC soap has drugged a guy in order to get him to sleep with her or make him think he did. (Stacy/Rex and Brooklynn/Dante on GH) And those are just the ones I know about. If a guy did that to a girl, there's no way he could be redeemed, but I guess we are supposed to believe that since a woman did it and never actually raped them, everything is hunky dory. It isn't. Date rape is way too commonplace to be treated like it is no big deal. And I would hope that it especially is not okay to forgive and forget for the police commissioner and district attorney!

Rant over.

Miry, thanks so much! Always glad to hear people are enjoying the posts.

Dandesun, yeah, I'm pretty sure for one thing that Marty hasn't bathed since 2010 and probably does have that extra crazy stench!

Yeah, having a storyline that puts Nate in a suit does nothing to help him look age-appropriate for Dani!

Whereas putting Dani and Starr in little power suits did nothing to make them look older.

Ol' Man Nate is just not a believable teen. He looks older than Ford. And Ford ain't no teen.

Giggle. Marty is about as crazy as Natalie. She's faking it people! Marty is doing her best to make Natalie sweat and I'm enjoying every bit of it! I like both women and the entire story has been a hoot.

Roxy. I miss Roxy being on at least two times a week.

Nate. Ugh. Nate is really gross being involved with Dani since the actor looks to be in his lat twenties or early thirties.

I hope that Bo throws the book at Inez and then my girl Nora beats the crap out of her.

Well, one thing we know for sure. Gnat’s baby definitely isn’t John’s.

If it was, the little guy would be dressed in black and have a three day beard growth. AND desperately need a bath….come to think of it, the baby, just by being a baby, has that covered.

I bet that if baby talk could be deciphered, he was saying to Marty, “Hey crazy lady, I don’t care how crazy you are now,PLEASE keep me away from that red-headed, pool-playing nutjob! You’ll get better – she’ll still be Natalie!! Run for the door!”

Miry, just so you know, I also still liked Cole despite his consistent rageful behavior. I miss Starr and Cole.

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