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February 04, 2011

A Glare Full Of Loathing Is Worth A Thousand Words

I don't often give Maurice Benard credit for anything (with unintentional, Shatneresque hilarity being the major exception), and to give him and Steve Burton kudos in the same week is just staggering and shocking and a host of other semi-hysterical adjectives beginning with the letter S, but it's true! He was great when Carly told him about Michael's rape and when she started in on one of her usual "Dante is evil! Betrayer! Liar! HATE! HATE! HATE! [Completely unintelligible screeches]" screeds, he proved that he's capable of more facial expressions than the patented "duh".

Carly: If you want to blame anyone, then you point your finger at your first born. Because if it wasn't for Dante, Michael wouldn't have been in prison to begin with.
Sonny: Sonny

"Sorry, what? Did you say something? I'm just replaying, in slow motion, my memories of that time I shot you because GOOD GOD WOMAN there is something wrong with you".

Really, I enjoy Carly more than most/all, but her insanity was out in full force today. Her ability to rationalize the most dire situation and assign blame to everyone except herself is legendary, but I think she may have topped herself today, with the one-two punch of blaming Dante for Michael's rape and blaming SONNY for the pain Michael will feel when Sonny has a breakdown when he learns (from Carly, mind you!) the truth about Brenda and Dante's past. No, really.

Carly: Michael doesn't just need Jason and me. He needs his father, so right now would be a really bad time for Brenda to push you into a breakdown.

What?! And also, the fuck?

More thoughts to come later this weekend!


Screech or Cujo is back in full force. Cujo refuses to admit if she had simply left Michael at the Q's then his sucky life would have never have happened.

Carly is really being a loose cannon right now...she hates Dante, she hates Brenda and doesn't want her to marry Sonny, she wants to micro manage Michael's life, she won't forgive Jax for helping Brenda. I know people like that, they fly into a rage if anyone they know doesn't follow their rules or do as they say, but the standards they set are impossible for anyone to follow. They, on the other hand, are blameless in all circumstances.

that screencap is pure GOLD! Kudos, MB!

I thought MB was really good in the whole episode. Even his typical stammering/searching for words (lines) actually fit the conversation with Dante.

All I can say about Carly and her insanity is, thank god for Laura Wright. I totally "love to hate" her these days, which is in total contrast to how I felt about the previous incarnations. ("Hate to hate", "hate to pity", "meh".)

I am dying to hear your thoughts on the Brenda/Robin "mean girls" scene where they are blatantly dissing Carly while she creepily eavesdrops. And then there were tears? From Carly? Brobin were made of win today. And MB was good, but why is Sonny always sleeping and seemingly not concerned when Brenda is nowhere in sight. Not the best way to protect your ladylove from the worst, baddest criminal of all time (The Balkan, not Carly).

I was very surprised with myself because MB's scenes were actually tolerable! I think that this goes with the idea that he should only be on in moderation. MB is a good actor it's just that his character...well sucks big time.

That mean girls scene with Brenda and Robin was just plain wrong. I wasn't sure if they were 15 or what! I had a lot of respect for Carly this week, except for thinking she is blameless in Michael's rape. That scene made me really not like either Robin and Brenda. Thanks Guza for making me root for Lisa. (Unless that was the plan?)

Also where the heck is rape survivor Liz? I would think that she was the only person on canvas that would understand. Unless they bring back Laura that is.

I didn't see this episode yet, so I can't tell if it's just the juxtaposition of Carly and Sonny in this picture, but is Sonny wearing a leotard? Or maybe a black tank top from Old Navy? Maybe it's just me...

Maya, Sonny was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt/tank top. Something which to me looks vaguely Village People. But yes it does look like a leotard in the screen cap! Very funny!

@insertawesome,Chile Please! Don't drink the poor Carly koolaid. She runs her mouth about Brenda and Robin all the time. I had no problem with those scenes because everything they said was true. I love Carly but it was hilarious.Her ass was eavesdropping so she got an earful. Plain and simple.

I love Laura Wright the actress, but I still cannot stand Carly. The whole "Carly is a fierce and protective Mom" thing just falls apart when you remember that just that same day her other neglected son, Morgan, was crying and grieving over once again having his family broken up, and where was she? And she has a one year old baby, who is being cared for by a nanny.It's always, all about Michael, Michael, Michael......and Carly. She runs around town firing on everyone elses mistakes while she remains blameless.....it's more than my blood pressure can take!

I don't see how they could bring Elizabeth into this story. Carly hates her, she's got to stay away from Jason to protect her kids, and she has no connection with Michael. About the only way to bring her in would have been to have her attend him in the infirmary at prison, when all this first happened.

They MIGHT be able to sneak her in now if he goes for counseling at the hospital and happens to run into her and spill his guts, but otherwise, there's no logical way to get her in. Not that these writers care about logic or anything...

MB was actually pretty good after Sonny learns about Michael's rape. You could tell how distanced Sonny was in the scenes where Brenda was talking about cake, and I thought he and DZ were really good in the Sonny/Dante scene.

And Snarly was in fine form this week. I swear that woman has no self-awareness at all. I don't know how much more of her shrieking how everything is everyone else's fault but her's I can take. I F'loved Brenda and Robin's totally true smack talk about Carly. If I was supposed to feel bad for Carly (who btw has said and done way worse to Brenda and Robin and is currently planning on destroying Brenda's wedding), it was total fail b/c all I thought was "suck it Carly!" Carly likes to dish it out like the big bully she is, but she can't handle it being thrown back at her.

gh sucks

guza sucks mob is cool

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