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February 06, 2011

All My Children: I...Have Questions

As you have probably guessed, thanks to my habit of discussing AMC only on Sundays and only in brief, I have an almost pathological inability to write about All My Children in any sort of meaningful way. It isn't for a lack of trying--I always sit down and make a...well, maybe it's not a valiant attempt, but it's more than a half-hearted one! And I can only come up with the same things I always say (such as: "Why not pile even more melodrama on top of Kendall, who is once again having the worst year ever?" "Poor Denise Vasi" and "Ryan Lavery is the most horrific human being, and I don't even KNOW how accurate that is, to ever stomp douchiley across the planet to shout at people"), and if I am going to rail against the writers for their tendency to be repetitive, it would be hypocritical for me to do the same.

So in lieu of my usual comments, I have questions:

  • Does this show have a shit sense of pacing or what? Kendall escapes from the hospital, runs through the woods, collapses, is rescued and then in an ambulance accident ALL IN ONE EPISODE? What the hell is that about? It's not that I wanted five full days of Kendall unconscious amidst the trees (although a week of Kendall moaning "Mama!" would be more entertaining than much, if not all, of the show. I'll let you judge whether or not that's a backhanded compliment), but throwing more and more stereotypically soapy plots into Kendall's story all at once makes her seem like the poor, put-upon heroine in a soap opera parody.
  • Why was Griffin still driving the ambulance once Kendall was found? Shouldn't the heart doctor, you know, be treating the heart patient?
  • And why did the Chief of Staff need to tag along? Also, does anyone else want to kick Jake in the face? I cannot stand him.
  • Why does Melissa Claire Egan have to leave? I know I should be a kind person and want the best for her, and the best certainly isn't staying on this show, but...I am going to miss her. Her skill at playing demented is but one reason why (although that doesn't make it any less irksome that the writers are so quick to drive Annie crazy again when they need to spice things up).
  • What are your thoughts on Sarah Glendening's Marissa? She has much more presence than Brittany Allen did, but her Marissa comes across as incredibly smug, so she's no more enjoyable than Allen was.
  • Why did the show try so hard to make me care about Natalia's exit? "Remember that blatantly uninteresting character we created and then put on the backburner most of the time? She's leaving! So sad, aren't we all going to miss her? Sad face!"
  • What does Natalia's exit mean for Brot? Will he see his (already minimal) screentime dwindle even more?
  • Is there even a slight chance that something exciting will happen this week? I'll even settle for borderline interesting!


I can't be bothered to watch AMC these days which is sad since AMC is the first soap that I started watching regularly as a child back in the days when it actually tried to make sense. So sad about Melissa Claire leaving but the show wrote her back into a corner as just crazy Annie. Not sure why they even have Griffin as opposed to a character we might actually care about like Jamie Martin.

Well I have really been enjoying the Kendall and Griffin stuff over the last few weeks. I like Griffin (and Kendall) and I like the idea of Griffin with Kendall at some point in the future. The only thing about AMC I don't like right now is Rylee and Annie. Annie can not leave fast enough for me.

Sure they are piling too much on Kendall, but man oh man is Alicia up for the task. That women is making some pretty entertaining TV (at least for me) out of this stuff.

God!! Just the thought of Kendall and Griffin make me realize I made the right choice by tuning out. If AMC ever wakes up and gets TK back . . . I'll come back.

I really want a better story line for Kendall than what we are seeing right now. Enough with the medical emergencies it's bordering on the ridiculous. Why can't her story line be about her dealing with the loss of Zach and taking care of her boys along with running her Fusion. Then in time I would like to see her began to realize that Zach could be possibly be alive and have her go out and search for him. Why does everyone on this show have to be paired up. I just don't understand what the big rush is.

I adore AM/Kendall...but, this writing is just so bad...so overkill. Her weekly collapse, followed by another life/death crisis...dealing with "remembering" she shot David...ambulance crash...heart surgery in the field (umm...back of an ambulance). I am half expecting to tune into SNL this weekend and see a skit based on this story. UGHH!

With such a talent like AM and the interesting character of Kendall...they couldn't come up with anything other than her needing to be saved daily/weekly? How about a woman who is struggling to figure out a way to carry on without her soulmate...being there for her children...working at her company. Taking the lead on finding out if someone killed her husband. Who? Why? Making them pay. Kendall isn't the type of character that needs to be "saved"...Kendall would save herself.

AMC desperately needs TK/Zach's return...sooner rather than later. The absence of TK/Zach has left a void that cannot be filled...not in the dramatic sense and Zendall could give this show romance...that is pretty much non-existent on this show.

I feel that TIIC are pushing this K/G relationship, actually hitting us over the head multiple times. Why not let it come across naturally. I think any "emotion" Griffin shows comes across as forced/robotic. They are in such a rush to put AM with someone hoping this pairing will make us watch AMC. I love AM but, I am not feeling this.

I am trying to think of something to write here and frankly i can't come up with anything meaningful. This horrible writing for Alicia Minshew..one of AMC's great actresses is just too sad for words. Everything else is not even worth mentioning.

I'm surprised no one has said anything about nuMarissa. I can take her or leave her depending on the episode, but I do agree that she does have a bit of smugness to her. And that makes sense, since she's supposed to be Babe's twin. That woman was smug personified.

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