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February 01, 2011

And Then My Head Explodes

I'm sorry, so according to John McBain and Bo Buchanan, Clint hired Mr. Black (Schwarz) and Mr. Blue (Bluestein) to beat up Robert Ford because "he might have gotten one of his daughters pregnant." 

My veins are literally exploding out of me. Just about. That's why he hired men to rough up Ford? And here I was, thinking he did it because Robert Ford took advantage of his amnesiac crazy-cakes daughter and had unprotected sex with her while she was in the middle of a traumatic situation! Foolish, foolish me. It was really just poor, fun-loving Ford having completely reasonable mutually-desired casual sex with a perfectly rational adult woman and then MEAN OLD CLINT went all crazy and over-protective about it and had some bullies beat him up simply because this totally innocent act might've resulted in a pregnancy!

There is seriously an aneurysm likely in my evening.


And Bo and John sitting there being all douchey and smug about it didn't help matters. Of course they're angry at Clint for myriad justifiable reasons, but having someone beat up a dude who violated his daughter (Bo's niece, John's future sister-in-law) is not an act that should lead to haughty self-righteousness from anyone, much less two people who are supposed to give a damn about Jessica and should, quite frankly, be self-righteous on her behalf right now. And sure, it was street justice, and Bo doesn't stand for that... but John sure as hell does.

And speaking of John, he concluded the questioning of the two thugs by making a homophobic crack after they said they had to get to a PTA meeting ("Yeah? You two have kids together; which one's the mom?"). So charming

And with all that said: please, please, please let Brody be the bio-daddy to li'l Ryder Asa:


He's already got the Brody look!


Plus, the little family is just too cute!


Why ruin it?


So at the end when Joey realized Kelly's still into him and walked in on her and Cutter, I imagine his unhappy reaction was to the fact that he saw Kelly weirdly making out with the side of Cutter's face:


What's that all about?

Anyway, I'm going to go beat something up now. Destiny out.


I wish to heck the show would stop trying to pretty this up. Ford raped a mental patient! Jess was so disassociated from reality that she regressed to half her age. Ford KNEW this, and yet he exploited a woman -- who had been clinically diagnosed with severe mental disease -- for sex. That's rape.

Add in Roxy's obsession with Liam looking like Brody, and I think we're in for a Buch-Ford Ryder and a Buch-Lovett Liam. That's right, I'm calling it. (I kinda hope I'm wrong though.)

Bo should be horse whipped for not wanting to beat the snot out of Ford for what he did to Jessie! His mentally loopy niece with 1,008 alters living in her head was mentally deficient when she and Ford did the nasty. Ford knew that Jessica was one french fry short of her happy meal, and he still slept with her. Which is one of the reason that I did NOT want Langston back with Ford.

Liam and Ryder Buchanan are adorable. Yes, I want Brody to be the babies Daddy which would cause all kinds of drama in the Lord/Buchanan/Lovett family for years to come. The last thing that John needs is a child.

I never thought of what Ford did was rape because of how the pro-Ford propaganda has been going down on this show. Upon second thought it makes a lot of sense. They have been claiming that since she's of legal age it's all cool because she's not PHYSICALLY 17. Hey she was mentally 17 and has a severe psychological condition. If she was schizophrenic then he would of considered the worst type of human being.

I've heard that DID gets a bad rap in the mental community with some saying that it's not a real condition and is made up by the patient. OLTL seems to be giving into that notion by not calling Ford a rapist for taking advantage of Jess. Some defenders of rapists say that since a woman dresses a certain way then it isn't rape because she "asked for it." It's all about consent. A 17 year old legally doesn't have consent.

I personally would of liked to have seen this go to trial. I also personally think that Ford should be listed as a sex offender. With Hannah she was barely of age. How do we not know that he's been after underage girls? Of course on soaps sex offenders always get away with it. Just look up "Fisher, Kevin Y&R."

I have to thank you Destiny/Louise for not giving into the Fords are awesome times a billion crap that OLTL is attempting to feed us.

“And speaking of John, he concluded the questioning of the two thugs by making a homophobic crack after they said they had to get to a PTA meeting ("Yeah? You two have kids together; which one's the mom?"). So charming.”

Not like one of your fellow cops and a friend/mentee of yours is raising a child with another man, right, John? Assface. I hope Fish and Kyle take him off the invite list to Sierra's birthday party. I’ve been liking John lately with Nat and Liam, but he’s already up on a high horse re: Clint and with Natalie’s secret about to blow, looks like he’s going to revert to douchey form in no time flat.

Ryder is sooo cute! I really wish Brody was the father of both babies. Imagine the soapy possibilities – two half-brothers with a rocky relationship, possibly pursuing the same woman (paging Sierra Rose)! The thought of Ford being Ryder’s father makes me ill.

Ryder is so adorable. I hope Brody's the father and not Ford.

Yeah, I agree about John's comment. Really?

Ryder is sooo cute. I need for that baby to Brody's b/c I cannot take Jessica being tied to Ford, who has apparently turned into this big victim. Seeing Bo and John trying to nail Clint for his "crime against Ford" and not seeming to care at all for Jess was the worst.

And that whole Kelly thing? I'm so glad you mentioned this b/c I wondered aloud, "Why is Kelly kissing his--but--this is weird."

I guess I am not politically correct, because I kinda hooted at that crack of John's. It didn't seem homophobic to me, it seemed like he was just giving them shit to rattle them. Either way, it made me laugh.

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