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February 07, 2011

Get On With It!

Today's One Life to Live was more of a big set of teasers than a real episode that moves plot forward (which is fine), so I just have a few stray thoughts...

After listening to Jessica talk today as if today was her first happy, worry-free wedding, I realized my memory is foggy. Someone give me a history reminder-- Jessica's wedding to Nash was...what? I loved that couple, but I can't remember their wedding and have some bad feeling it was one of those hospital-bed weddings. Someone fill in the gaps! Otherwise, there was Tico and there was Antonio, right? I can see the inherent drama with the wedding to Tico, but remind me what the drama was at her wedding to Antonio?

It's nice that everyone in town has an experience-based point of view about paternity lies.

Blair and Tomas were apparently, like, the H-story today (their first few scenes were about two lines of dialogue). But how sexy did Ted King look in those glasses? 


I want to drink wine with him!

Any chance that while Cutter and Kelly are faux-dating each other (well, they're dating, but one is doing it to serve a con and the other is doing it on the rebound) they might actually fall for each other for real? I'm seeing a little spark there. Maybe it's just that he's so much more interesting than this incarnation of Joey?

Also, Charlie has become utterly unbearable. It's one thing to disagree with your wife on an issue or a person, but it's another to treat her like she's gone off the deep end into human abomination for not agreeing with you. He needs to shut it, and fast.

I admit I'm a little bummed that the shit's going to hit the fan at least in part due to my favorite couple:


It's a little cartoonish, but I did love that Rama was the one physically protecting Vimal. But if they're the ones to blow this out of the water, it seems to me that they're essentially just plot points who can easily be dismissed, so I'm making a concerted effort not to get attached. But it's not easy.

I guess tomorrow's a big day! Maybe the rest of their family and friends will show up to the big wedding then? Yeah, probably not.

Destiny out.


I don't remember the details of Jess' wedding to Antonio (because my memory is pretty crap), but her wedding to Nash was indeed one of those hospital-bed weddings.

Totally agree with your review of this epi...just one long tease! Surprised you did not mention Clint and Bo going to blows. Lame-ass NuJoey had a lame-ass response too. I thought Natalie was very pretty in her gown but Jessica...well, she looked much better when she married Antonio.

Speaking of marrying Antonio, Jessica went through with the ceremony while struggling with her DID. To make things more difficult, Nash was one of Antonio's groomsmen. Very dickish of Mr. Vega (he was a stud.)

Another thing about Jessica's wedding to Antonio, like the WHOLE town is there whereas her current double-wedding extravaganza is sparsely attended.

Todd, Blair, Tea, Dani, Starr, Jack, Sam, Matthew, Rene, Cris, Roxie, Kevin, Shane, and Nigel were missing at the wedding.

Actually soapbaby, Jessica was already "integrated" by the time she married Antonio. The drama was (like you said)Nash was a groomsman *vomits* and Jessica was totally in denial about her feelings for him. I liked her dress in that wedding, this current one...not so much. It doesn't help that I think her current fiance is a bore!

An Rev. Andrew Carpenter officiated!

ted king cap <3 <3

The drama with Jess's wedding to Antonio also involved Nash trying to talk her out of it right before. Also she did a Tess-like thing to her dress and everyone went "WHOA, who are you today?"

And her wedding to Nash happened while she was waiting for a liver transplant.

I liked the bodice of her dress this time, but the skirt was...what the fuck was that?

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