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February 18, 2011

In and Out and In Again

PICTURE IT: This blog. One month ago. News that Rebecca Herbst was unceremoniously dumped by General Hospital made us feel all sorts of emotions--some of us were enraged, some of us were dejected, some of us were celebratory and all of us were worried about Cameron Webber's future on the show.

(I probably didn't need to recap that for you, since it went down a mere 30 days ago, but if soap operas have taught me anything, it's that viewers are wholly incapable of remembering things that happened even 24 hours earlier.)

But! She's sticking around after all. What? I know!

ABC isn't talking (yet), but Digest confirms Rebecca Herbst(Liz, GH) is staying! The fans have spoken and the show reversed its decision to write her out. Stay tuned.

YAY, for starters, but also...questions. SO many questions.

  • Since when does ABC Daytime make GOOD decisions? This is startling to me.
  • Was this all a publicity stunt? It couldn't have been, right? Especially since I don't think any of the...I'm trying to think of a polite way to phrase this. Especially since I don't think any of the burnout morons (that's diplomatic in a way, right?) at ABC have the skills necessary to make that happen.
  • Will they actually, you know, write for her now?
  • Oh em gee, are we going to have to sit through the (I'm assuming character-assassinating) story that was meant to usher her off the show, only to have the writing pull a "Hey, never mind all that, okay? Didn't happen" since she's not actually leaving?


I'm both happy for RH and unhappy that I still have to put up with Liz.

Aside from that, it's nice to hear that fans can make an impact on SOME things... even if quality of the show isn't one of those things.

Don't think Guza won't take his writing wrath on her for spoiling his nefarious plans for a perfect non-mob-story GH.

Mallory you so funny. "Write for her". Please. To show his displeasure that he couldn't get rid of her after all, her sporadic and poorly written airtime now will look like a well written front burner storyline in the mid 90s compared to what's coming.

As I told you earlier today, I can explain James Franco's decision to do GH repeatedly with greater ease than I can explain this.

I'm glad RH still has a job. I hope she'll look for another job since this show is craptacular and dark. I also hope TIIC won't kill ____. There are a few shitty characters that don't bring in the ratings, played by actors who are paid too much. TIIC should get rid of them before RH.

I'm happy that RH has her job back. If the actress was leaving on her OWN to pursue future projects, I would be very happy for her. But, when a legacy character like this is kicked to the curb for "story dictated" crap is when I get mad.

RH is 33 years old and is in the coveted 18-34 and 18-49 year old age bracket that is loved by the advertisers. I'm sure her three children eat, breathe and live all things Disney! What better spokesperson can you get than someone who works for your company that likes Disney stuff?

As for Liz's exit story, I'm sure Frons was foaming at the mouth with his input on getting rid of a character that he doesn't care for. Thank goodness the fans overruled his butt.

One last thing, am I the only one that noticed GH was getting rid of the female half of two very popular pairings? LnL2 and Liason? Lucky and Jason are paired with Siobhan and Sam, while Liz was being written all crazy and vindictive and acting juvenile with date rape pill girl Brooklyn?

LnL - Luke is with Tracy, while Laura is off screen in Europe. Genie F. has not been on the show since 2008! Why not? Is it because she's part of the shows Super couple, but is no longer needed since Luke has been paired with Tracy?

I'm . . . kind of sad because I was ultimately happy that there was at least a finite amount of time for them to f*ck with Liz's character and otherwise underappreciate Becky.

If I thought there was a chance in hell of them turning this "epiphany" (Oh! Hey! That chick we fired who's been in 2 very popular pairings and even made Ric likeable and who wins all these polls and gets lots of mail is actually popular? Who knew?!) into anything resembling a positive feature story for her, maybe I'd be more excited.

But I'm going to assume that she's "back" until some time passes and she remains backburnered and bitchy and they can spin a new exit as "mutual" or "her decision."

In the meantime, at least we'll still have Cameron.

I don't like Elizabeth, but I have to say, I hope TPTB do a better job of writing for her. The last time I read about her character, we were asked to buy that she was so freaked out by the birth of her third child that she was a basket case who could not go to work. Yeah, right, a nurse and a three-time mother folds.

I think this stay of execution is exactly that, a stay. BH will likely still be gone, just in 6 months instead of 6 weeks, & Liz will be vilified for months, rather than weeks.

I suspect they forced her to take a massive paycut, and they'll still not write for her.

Good point, Laura. It was probably a nasty negotiation technique from TPTB.

Although I can't understand why RH can't get work outside of soaps; she's gorgeous, and not just soap gorgeous. But maybe the steady paycheck of a soap is overall better than a CW show sort of paycheck.

@Lisa. I think that has a lot do with it. Greg Vaughn is beyond soap gorgeous and he hasn't worked much since being let go. She has 3 kids and I'm sure she would leave willingly if she thought she had prospects out there. At least I would like to believe that she would.

If fans of RH can organize a prolonged and very loud campaign to get her un-fired, I wonder if fans of the Quartermaine, Scorpios, Cassadines, Spencers, GH during the 80s, GH of the early 90s, Night Shift 2, continuity and history, love and relationships, family and friendships, non-victim females, non-mob-related heroes, Casey the alien can band together to get together to get Guza fired.


Interesting tweets from soapsindepthabc, the magazine that first broke the story.

@HHLeagle2323 Actually, I pointed out that those things DO NOT work. Becky's fans went a lot further than that. And they kept it up.
1:47 PM Feb 18th via TweetDeck in reply to HHLeagle2323

@JasamFan7 Even when #DAYS John/Marlena were written off, the reaction wasn't as prolonged.
12:49 PM Feb 18th via TweetDeck

@JasamFan7 It's not about her. It's about the prolonged and extremely vocal outcry. Haven't seen anything like it in a LONG time.
12:49 PM Feb 18th via TweetDeck

@WubsNet about face. Trust me.
4:56 AM Feb 18th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to WubsNet

@soapsindepthabc hmmmmmmmmmm....:) so, PR move or about face?? you have some NEWS to get out!!
4:55 AM Feb 18th via TweetDeck in reply to soapsindepthabc

Personally, I think all of this is a little strange. When they first announced she was out, I felt something was off. I even said to some friends that if she didn't have a new job at another soap within a month, then she wasn't really leaving. I know you say that TPTB couldn't pull this off, but they already have. What about the whole AMC David's Dead/Vincent I is fired nonsense? It was all bull.

It's nice that fans feel empowered by this, but I don't think we've gotten the full story here. And for the fans who think they "overruled" Brian Frons - let's get real. He does what he wants. Whether this was a PR stunt or not, give the guy credit for not getting rid of your fave, instead of continuing to bash him. I'm not happy with what he's done with our shows and I think he's a creep, but if he made a decision I was happy with I would show my appreciation.

I am happy for RH, her family and Liz fans. However, if the writing for Liz continues to be as craptastical as it has been over the past serveral YEARS than I am less than
thrilled about the character staying.

Aside, if TIIC really want to cut some characters, why not start with Lisa, Terrell and Spinelli, yes, SPINELLI and why not throw in Johnny for good measure.

I don't think for a minute that fan reaction had anything to do with Becky's reprieve. It could be that the actors themselves were getting pretty upset about it, and that might have rippled up to TPTB. We will probably see something like what happened to Stuart Damon. He lingered around for months as "Ghost Alan" with very little to do until they finally ushered him off with little opposition. Guza and Phelps are still in control, and they have made it clear that they no longer want to write for her. If I were Becky, I would be looking around for new opportunities.

I'm very happy for Becky and her fans, but pissed that Stuart Damon's fans couldn't win him a reprieve as well...

Chances are Steve Burton did a little overtime for Guza to get that decision reversed!

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