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February 09, 2011

In Case You Missed The Wedding...

Here it is in a nutshell so far...

Clint walks his twin girls down the aisle on their collective wedding day. Aww!


Rama/Vimal: Wait! Clint has done something terrible!

Natalie/Jessica: Who are you people?

Clint: Vimal was fired and angry, he's just here to start trouble!


Rama/Vimal: But it affects the family! You had DNA tests changed!

Charlie: Does this have to do with my good little boy Rex?

Vimal: Rex isn't your boy! Clint's really his father!

Natalie/John/Jessica/Brody: ....

Charlie: It can't be true!

Rex: It's totally true.

Background Actors: Gasp!

Gigi: Rex, the best part of all this is that I still love you!

Rex: Eh...

Charlie: (goes and throws some fists at Clint) You are mean, mean, mean and I hate you hate you hate you hate you!

Everyone: Good lord, Charlie, shut up!

Charlie: (flailing) I can't be here anymore! Rex was the best thing that ever happened to me, I don't even ever remember having another son, Rex is the son every man dreams of, I want vodka! (Exits.)

Clint: ....

Jess: My dad wouldn't do that!

Bo: Sure he would.

Viki: (to Clint) I am staring daggers into your soul.

Clint: Okay, that one actually might hurt.

Bo: Clint, you're under arrest.

Jess: But he's my dad and it's my wedding day!

Natalie: Hello? Just yours?

Jess: It might also have something to do with you and John and Brody, too, but I'm a princess! And Rex is lame and has nothing to do with us.

Natalie: Okay, seriously, hello?

Rama/Vimal: Girls, girls, this actually has a lot to do with you. There was another DNA test.


Natalie: Okay, moving on, this is silly!

John: Wait, what other DNA test?

Cutter: This is the best fucking wedding I've ever been to.


Oh, and across town...

Starr: Prison is depressing!


Langston: On purpose.


Awww man, I thought you'd have more to say on this. Still, it was hilarious. I've always felt bad for Natalie, because next to Jessica she is always an afterthought. Apparently, Jessica thinks so to.

Still trying to figure out why Cutter, whose only purpose seems to be an advertisement for chest waxing, was there, while Matthew, who at one time was actually a major part of this storyline, was not.

I really want the show to address the hypocrisy of Clint hating Rex and keeping him out of the family for trying to con the family at one point while he loves and accepts Natalie, who did the exact same thing. I guess the difference is that Natalie is Viki's daughter while Rex is Echo's son.

And Carl, I think Matthew's absence is completely plot-driven, so that he doesn't find out about all of Clint's evil schemes, since I think this Clint manipulating Matthew is supposed to last awhile longer.

nice jeans langston very happy male viewer

sanen85, I actually have long thought Natalie is Clint's favorite child -- I hope they can bond over all this somehow even though he betrayed her. They definitely can understand each other!

Tara, yes, it makes no sense that Natalie, who conned the family MORE than once knowing they were blood, is welcomed but Rex, who conned the family once, not realizing he was related to them, is not. Though to be fair, on most days I'll accept the "yeah, but Rex is a douche" justification.

Matthew's absence is ridiculous.

Jessica's whole "Whatevs...WEDDING!" reaction was hilarious!

She couldn't care less about Rex.....and neither can I!

I think it also matters to Clint who the mothers of these children are. Natalie is his daughter with Viki, so Nat may be wayward at times but she comes from a woman Clint loves.

Rex is from Clint's horrible mistake with Echo - Clint has continually apologized to Viki since Echo returned, saying it was the worst thing he's ever done and he can't express how sorry he is. Nothing good can come from his "affair" with Echo, including Rex.

This recap made me laugh so loud that it would be embarassing if anyone else was still here at work.

Until I got to this Charlie part:

"I don't even ever remember having another son..."

which made me laugh and cry a bit. But it's not like his wife remembers him, so why should his dad?

Am I losing it or didn't Charlie originally have 2 sons? Didn't Jared have a brother who died as a young child/teen? So shouldn't Charlie be upset at now losing THREE sons?

And yeah, it didn't make much sense for Clint to allow his family secrets to just keep on spilling out. And why the hell would Natalie just stand there like a deer in headlights? Her look of horror should've turned to hope the moment Vimal talked about being confused about which Buchanan sisters' paternity test to change.

And Starr? I just can't stand the character anymore. Where is the girl who tormented Max and Asa actually liked? This cheesy pathetic and boring girl was ever that awesome? Oh how the mighty can fall!

Sflbf, YES, Jared had a younger brother who died as a child.

And everyone else, whether Clint hates Echo or not, he is being a douche. Yes, I said it, Clint is a douche.

See if this was the actual dialogue I would totally start watching again!!

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