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February 11, 2011

"O" My Goodness: Legendary Soap Stars Reunite

Watching yesterday's Oprah has gotten me excited about Ms. Winfrey's eventual takeover of the entire universe because I figure that if she's in charge of everything, that would include daytime television programming. And judging by her soap enthusiam, she would be awesome at that; she showed more genuine interest in daytime during her introduction of Susan Lucci than Brian Frons has exhibited, ever.

In case you missed the show, here are some things that I learned (and re-learned) about some big-name soap stars.

1. Susan Lucci is, seriously, the most adorable person ever.

I am always hesitant to talk about soaps with people I know; what if they--how can I phrase this? What if they have terrible soap taste? How could I look someone in the eye if they admitted to, say, 'shipping Spinelli and Epiphany? Or not liking Susan Lucci?! 

2. Susan Lucci's New York estate? There are no words.

Well, there are three words: real estate porn. The house from Home Alone finally has some competition for my dream home (I LOVE that house!). I was feverishly trying to screencap every single minute to fully commemorate the pretty, but the shots were so quick! But we got to see...

The library where she reads her scripts

Her bathroom and facial care routine

Her exercise room

The woman looks to be at least a quarter elf. She is TEENSY.

And, um, this.


Also, she told a story of how her daughter used to make her consolation prizes after her Emmy losses, including a poem that she wrote when she was 9, that is now framed and displayed on the wall. Cute!

3. Watching her reaction to her Emmy win will always give me goosebumps.


I love that she displays her Emmy front and center on her mantle.

4. People really, really like David Canary, Larkin Malloy, Walt Willey and--most of all--Michael Nader.

La Lucci was--say it with me--adorably shocked when Oprah announced that all of Erica Kane's ex-husbands were waiting for her onstage and she sprinted over to hug them while Oprah introduced them in chronological order*. The audience cheered the loudest for Adam (OBVIOUSLY and OMG, it was so good to see David Canary!), Travis and Jackson. And then, frankly, went nuts for Michael Nader.

*For reference:

Jeff Martin

Phil Brent

Tom Cudahy

Adam Chandler

Mike Roy

Travis Montgomery

Dimitri Marick

Jackson Montgomery

5. Tony Geary looks about a hundred times better off of the GH set than he does on the show. Also, he dated Elizabeth Taylor for a couple of years.

Oprah: You recently let it slip that you had an affair with Liz.
Tony Geary: ...are you talking to me?

He was a gentleman and kept it quiet, but she mentioned it in an interview, so it's out in the open. And also, kind of off-putting.

6. Genie Francis looks beautiful.

Am I right, Justin?

7. Genie Francis is as tired with Bob Guza's shtick as the rest of us are.

When asked if she'd ever consider a return to Port Charles, she had some interesting things to say.

Genie: If there were ways to go forward with Laura and make her into what I would like her to be now, then perhaps I would do it. 
Oprah: What would you like her to be?
Genie: I would like her to be funny and to have a little bit of an agenda that might look a little bit vengeful, but really isn't. I think she'd have a plan. There's nothing in me that is willing to play a victim anymore. I'm sort of done with the wounded dove in my life.
Audience who is obviously as fed up with Bob Guza's portrayal of women in Port Charles as we are: [Breaks into wild applause]

So, um, the moral of the story is that Genie Francis is never going to be back on General Hospital.

8. Darnell Williams gave Debbi Morgan away at her wedding and I was overwhelmed by how sweet that was.

I was overwhelmed in a different way by this oh-so 80s clip of them winning their respective Emmys.

Admit it: all of a sudden, you started singing a Bangles song, didn't you? Holy Day-Glo, Darnell.

9. Michael E. Knight is incredibly charming.

Like the Cameron Mathison situation, I find myself wishing that the AMC writers would pretty much just let MEK play himself. Because he himself is funny and wonderful, and if he just got to ad-lib, or even break the fourth wall and tell viewers about what he had for lunch, or who he is rooting for on Top Chef: All Stars, I'd always look forward to Tad's scenes. It's just that the writers have a tendency to go the smug and self-righteous route and nobody likes that.

10. Jeanne Cooper is basically awesome.

JeannecooperShe got all choked up when Oprah asked her what about Katherine she's most proud of, but I think my favorite part of that segment was when she referred to Darnell Williams as "the young man Darnell". It was adorably grandmotherly.

As you can see, it's not like the episode broke new ground or anything, but it was fun. And there were flashbacks. And it was produced by someone who can actually speak about soap operas without sneering or choking on their words with disgust! So that was a nice change.


I liked that Oprah had all those legendary daytime soaps on her show, but why didn't she had anyone from OLTL on her show? Does Almighty Oprah know that OLTL even exist?!?!?

All the romances with Erica and Dimitri/Travis/Adam/Jack were in more recent years so I guess they might have more attention. I also think a lot of people were disappointed with how Michael Nader and AMC parted, as Dimitri was a great and strong presence. I'm glad Michael is doing OK now, although, as mentioned at some boards, the missing tooth is distracting. I wonder if Larkin is having health problems. I hope not. Seeing Tom again reminded me of how much I miss Tom and Livia.

I love that moment when Susan Lucci wins the Emmy, although what I loved most was Marj Dusay and Kelly Ripa, among others, jeering the horrible producers who tried to rush her off the stage!!

I think Oprah had on her daytime favorites and that's who she put on. It's her show. She can do that. :) I would have loved to see Peter Bergman, but again, her show, not mine. Can someone PLEASE tell me what the heck is wrong with how Larkin Malloy looks?? His face was extremly bloated. Almost like when somone is on Prednisone. I didn't even recognize him. I was never really a fan of Dimitri or Michael Nader. My favorite husband was Mike Roy. LOVED THEM! I wish he was back. I just have no words for Darnell and Debbi. Those two are just love. Period. Genie Francis had better not come back to GH. I would never forgive her if she came back and forced me to watch that crap again. Her coming back would do it and I would probably hate her for it. STAY AWAY GENIE!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S HOLY STAY AWAY!!!

I cheered right along with the audience when Genie Francis made a veiled reference (or not so veiled reference) that she was done with the crap they give her on GH when she comes back. And I especially loved that even Oprah cheered for that statement about her being done playing the wounded dove. Yay Genie! It's just too bad that Guza is so obtuse that he won't even understand what she was really saying.

I absolutely loved the episode but when I came back to reality again, it made me sad. Soaps just aren't what they used to be.

I think Oprah should put soaps on OWN. I could actually see strong, bright, funny and intelligent women on her soaps. And if not, I would love for Oprah to do another Soap Show with some other stars like Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser, Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms, Finola Hughes, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso, etc. But I know Oprah can only do so much. Sad to say, she's doing more than any daytime exec out there!

where the heck was erika slezak? that was the only thing that bugged me, its like that woman gets no respect and she has what like 6 emmy's?

I don't always enjoy watching Oprah but when she loves something I love, it's always a good time. Things that were confirmed by this episode:
1. Susan Lucci is simply the greatest person on tv. I love that she gets embarassed when people fawn over her. Can't wait for her book!
2. I'd pay a $100 for Tony Geary's autobiography if that was the only way to get it. (I seriously almost had a stroke with the Liz Taylor news. This was the first I heard of it because I like to pretend Wendy Williams doesn't exist.)
3. The veteran actresses on GH don't like Bob Guza. First Jackie Zeman makes comments about the awful show direction over the past decade and now Genie Francis takes a stand about always being the victim stuck in the same storyline. It's refreshing to know we aren't the only ones fed up with the bs on that show.
4. Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan age backward and they are just the cutest!
5. I want to hang out with Michael E. Knight...hilarious!
6. Jeanne Cooper is just fantastic...there are no words. No wonder she's been doing this so long she obviously truly loves it.

In my original post, I forgot to put "stars" after "soaps"! My bad!!! I still stand by my statement about OLTL stars getting the shaft from Oprah on her show!!!

OMG Walt Willey is one of the best looking men , EVER, and he stood out from the rest. I thought Larkin and Nader looked very sickly and not attractive like they were. Loved SL mentioning her chemistry with WW. The woman is no fool. Oh to be in her shoes just for one day.

LOVE THE SHOW!! Oprah stated she is having on who she wants. Thought the show was fab. Love Genie Francis she looks great. Glad she won't be coming back. Love Michael Knight - let him shine AMC!! Erica with all her husbands. That was terrific. Remember them all... Larkin looks sickly as does Michael Nader hope they are both ok....

Oprah did more for daytime yesterday than any network in years

Genie look SO GORGEOUS!! So much love for Oprah for doing this show. Lucci's house----real estate porn fo sho! Thanks for this beautiful recap <3

It's funny watching this because Oprah pretty much said what all soap fans have been saying: the vets rule. I loved that none of the people that she showed was under 40.

What did I really really like? There was no Maurice Bernard or Steve Burton. HAHAHA Guza! I know that's spiteful but come on! It was great to know that Oprah isn't going to put on actors that portray psychopaths. Yay!

(I know this is a little off topic but seeing the 1995 OLTL episode with Marty and Patrick was so so sweet. Why aren't there more characters like Patrick and less like Sonny/Jason?!)

I'm personally not angry that Robin Strasser or Diedre Hall were not on. It's only an hour show and she can only put on so many people. (For some reason I remember when I was a kid that Oprah had on Katherine Kelly Lang and Hunter Tylo once. They were talking about being friends in real life. I think it was 1993 or something.)

Genie Francis is really really awesome. I love that she's boycotting this show until the show actually gets good. (That is when Guza is off.) Watching stuff like this makes me happy because it shows that it's not just a couple of pissed fans that read a soap blog that are angry with what is going on. Even Oprah doesn't agree! (Yays!)

I think that another poster (horselover) said it great when they stated that OWN needs to have a soap. This can be done. First of all Oprah is a billionaire and can do whatever the hell she wants. She would also have the say-so unlike some mentally imbalanced exec who doesn't understand their audience. (Frons) Oprah would make sure that the characters would have strong women and no glorified mobsters.

I remember when GL was canceled and someone once said that a millionaire could of saved that show if they bought it from PGP and produced it. Oprah is that person!

This also reminds me of Mad Men. The head writer has ALL creative control. It's considered one of the best dramas on TV and has won tons of emmys.

Right now OWN mostly has reality shows and stuff like that. I'm sure that Oprah might be looking for ideas for scripted shows. I for one hope that the soap show gives her ideas. (Please?)

"4. Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan age backward and they are just the cutest!"

You are so right! Back in the day Darnell NEVER did it for me in the looks catergory. It seems the older he got the better looking he got. He certainly does it for me now!! Espcially with the beard. There is just something about a man and facial hair........

OLTL wasn't the only soap not included. DAYS and B&B were left out too. Actually, Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso were orginally scheduled to appear on Oprah but were dropped.

Why are people angry because Oprah had on people she wanted to have on? She said clearly to Michael Knight that she told the producers that for the final season she only wanted people in her chairs that SHE wanted to talk to. These are the people she wanted, bottom line. This wasn't a tribute to soaps per se. This was a tribute to the people SHE liked on the soaps. I personally, had no problem with that.

I think the episode was filmed in LA, so that would definitely make OLTL appearances prohibitive.

I think Michael Nader looked good, considering he's 65 and a recovering drug addict of nearly 50 years. His appearance inspired me to read this Vanity Fair article from 5 years ago (http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/features/2006/08/malibu-surf-scene-200608) which talks about his youth in the Malibu surfing scene. It was pretty dark...

Genie Francis looks amazing and I hope she keeps up whatever she's doing (and that her hubby Jonathan Frakes is on the same diet).

Debbie Morgan looks gorgeous, as usual, and it's good to know she's in good shape after the Lyme's disease.

I couldn't help but cry when watching Jeanne Cooper. My grandmother who passed away a couple of months ago watched Y&R every.single.day. because she adored Jeanne Cooper. In the days before VCR's and DVR's, she would never leave the house until she got to watch what she called "my story". She also loved to watch Nikki, and boo Victor. I watched Y&R with her many times while growing up. Seeing Jeanne on Oprah really hit my heart that day.

And Genie and Debbie looked so incredible. Both get even more beautiful with age.

Okay, Darnell giving Debbie away at her wedding is possibly the coolest thing ever.

And as someone who was lucky enough to meet Michael E. Knight in person, I can vouch for the man's wonderfulness. He's dreamy. :)

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