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February 15, 2011

Ryder and Brody Know What's Up

Full disclosure: I'm too exhausted right now to pull everything together into a cohesive thought process, so if you feel like joining me in my weary brain, today we'll go all kinds of stream-of-consciousness up in here!

Nate and Dani look like a man and a little girl. Ew. The dialogue made it even worse with Dani breathily telling him she's "all grown up." I want to go scoop her up and rescue her from the pedophile. Lenny Platt is "only" 26 years old (though he could play older... and he's almost nine whole years younger than his on-screen mother), and that's not exactly unheard of for playing a teen on television, but the thing is... Kelley Missal is actually 17. I need them to shut this down. I want to track her down and put a high-necked sweater on her and send her to her room!

Ryder had this to say about sharing DNA with Ford:


"D'oh!" (He is very articulate for such a young age!)


Starr. "I'm an unwed mother whose baby's father is in prison for murder. I'm beyond loser." Nice. That plus all the wistful mentions of that sweet time that Starr shot James is making me more than anticipate another One Life to Live bit on Chelsea Handler's show.

What the hell was that little fake cough Starr did to get a look at the skeeve hitting on Langston? 

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm a psycho magnet." - Blair

So Ford really was in Llanfair. How? What? Aren't all these rich people on these shows trying to always protect their homes and belongings and children? How many kids have to get kidnapped from Llanfair for them to set up a decent freakin' security system?

John, John, charming as ever. Quoting "Closin' Time" or whatever that song is called that they always play at bars at 4am. I have to say, though, that this is already a pretty nice set-up for the road to recovery. John is clearly going to pull a booze-induced Brody/Natalie move, while Tess is going to unleash some sort of hell on everyone, and they'll end up on the other end, apologizing to Natalie. (Not that I want a Natalie/John reunion. Ever. I just feel like that's what the set-up is here to at least re-level the power in these relationships.)

Tess is actually a little funny today. But I could write a dissertation about why they should not be doing this again. I'll just enjoy the camp for the moment.

Loved the look on Viki's face at "How could... Brody be the... father of your baby?"

Were those supposed to be romantic flashbacks to James and Starr's first meeting? The music seemed to imply so. For me, it was just having to repeat the torture. "Aww, remember when he kidnapped her and then later she shot him? Love at first sight!"

What the hell was Ford talking about? Brody pointed out that he'd said he wanted nothing to with the baby and Ford had the nerve to say that was before he knew "the baby might be" his? No, it wasn't. It was when he knew the baby might be his! 

Brody was just awesome. First of all, pointing out that Ford's biological connection to Liam is only a result of Ford practically raping Jessica. Second of all, breaking out some of his little eency weency Navy SEAL moves on lanky, awkward Ford. 


Get him, soldier, get him!

I'm really glad Natalie went to Viki first instead of to Rex and Gigi or something. Both twins need their mother right now. Nice, subdued scenes between Natalie and Viki after all the noisy histrionics of the last few episodes.

Liam is adorable.


I mean, come on! What a face. And I loved that Brody had his first "knowing" moment with Liam today and couldn't walk away.

Oh no! They've made a new end-of-show bumper that's all about Jessica's split identities. That's not a good sign that this shit will be wrapped up anytime soon. Will any of you lovely readers even be suffering through this storyline with me? Anyone? 


Louise, you're a braver soul than I to stick with this mess. Tess, again? Really, show? Do we really need another go-round of Messica and DID-Funtime Hour?

I love what this show once was and still could be. But I can't stand what it's become today (though I do enjoy your posts!)

Ryder's "I Don't Wanna Be A Ford" facepalm was the awesome and Liam is the cutest. This was the best baby acting I've seen since Sierra Rose clung to Fish and Kyle and started to whimper/get fussy every time Gigi came near her.

I'll still be here watching with you...wishing that Ford would disappear. Team Brody all the way!

I'm hoping Kelly and John will stick, I'm getting tired of Kelly and her Man of the Month routine. Its getting old. Writers, stick her with someone and move on!

I was happy that when Jessica was talking to Tess during those scenes, she seemed like she wanted Brody to be with her and Ryder, so that gives me hope that after the hopefully-brief Tess stint, they will be OK. I'm totally cool with Jessica hating Natalie, so I hope that lasts after Tess is gone. It seems like whenever Jessica is mad at Natalie, Tess has to come out to deal with it. I'd like to see Jessica being the one dealing with Natalie for a change.

And I'm glad someone on that show remembers that Jessica didn't voluntarily sleep with Ford.

I haven't seen this one yet, but if Jess is talking to Tess maybe that's a sign that she'll just egg Jess on to keep hating Natalie without going DID again. Crossing my fingers cuz I really would like to see Jess be pissed-off as JESS.

Oh yeah, and Liam is the cutest freaking baby EVER! And I have some adorable nephews so that is saying something!

I keep forgetting to say this: If Vimal had to flip a coin to choose which of the girls' tests to change, doesn't that imply that John IS Liam's father, and someone else switched Nat's test? Perhaps Marty?

The babies are gorgeous. Ryder's hand on his face was perfection. He knows it sucks to have Ford as his Dad.

Brody is a dream. I have to resist wanting him to be Nat's baby daddy because I don't think he actually is. I have to resist wanting Nat and Brody to bond because I know he loves Jess and she loves John. I can't help it. I like me some Nat and Brody. I'm screwed.

I do not like Tess and she's already really over-the-top clownish, but Tess being mean to Jess was great fun for me today. The only people who ever call Jess out on anything are Jess and her alters.

I'd rather watch Jess and Tess duke it out than Tess and Ford go off on a story together. This Ford and Tess thang is going to last a long time and be really annoying, isn't it? I hate Ford. Hate his ass.

I want more Natalie and Jessica scenes. Jessica FINALLY became interesting. Why do they always get rid of Jessica just as she's becoming must see TV? Guess those Nat/Jess showdowns are out of the question for another 3-6 months. Sucks.

The lighting at Rodi's did John no favors. It doesn't do anyone any favors though. He looked like death. I guess that's appropriate considering Natalie just ripped his heart out and stomped on it with her stilletos. hee.

So, this is the first time I've actually watched an episode in months.

Ryder's little face palm was adorable. I wouldn't want a rapist for a father either.

Brody was awesome. He is Ryder's father, through and through. Ford doesn't deserve to have him in his life and I can't wait to see Brody give him what he deserves. If the writers even make Ford a part of Ryder's life after this whole Tess mess is over, I will scream.

I have to say that I really like the fact that Jess was fighting Tess. She seems really willing to get past the fact that Brody slept with Natalie, that Liam is his, and that Ryder isn't. It was Tess' taunting about Brody and Natalie's "hot angry sex" and how he would leave her, Bree, and Ryder behind because he had his own biological son that got her to snap. So, it definitely gives me hope for Jess and Brody after this. I think/hope that Brody will be the one to bring Jess back and put Tess away by telling her that he loves her, loves Bree, loves Ryder and would never leave them.

Also, I really, really hope that Tess brings it to Ford and destroys him for what he did to Jess.

@Judy, I think you're on to something.

It would be great if Marty switched Nat's tests and divulges the info to John only after John and Marty get back together. Hopefully, Nat will refuse to take him back.

I want John and Ford out of the baby Daddy story all together. Brody is man enough for both Buke twins.

Let's see, GH is getting rid of RH due to "storyline dictates" and we all see that GT has yet to jell on OLTL in the last 12 months. Does this mean GT is leaving soon and taking Inez, Nate and Ford as her backup group?

Aww, baby Ryder, I want to save you hun! That man is disgusting. I seriously want to rewrite this whole storyline myself and kill Ford.

I agree with you guys, I have no idea why they won't just let Jessica have her extremely justifiable anger. It makes her so much more interesting than the bland princess. Back when Tess finally disappeared post-Nash death, I thought we'd actually get that since Jess was all, "Well, yeah, I feel terrible that my alter locked Nat up in the basement and tried to kill her, but since time basically stopped for me I'm in fact STILL MAD at her part in Nash's death," but that lasted for about one more hour.

I'm glad that Tess is out. It just is proof that both Brody and Natalie knew what they were talking about when they said she wouldn't have been able to handle the truth. That said, I hope Tess is gone by Monday.

I don't know, I'd say Tess is out because Jess was egregiously betrayed and lied to for almost a year. She actually seemed like she could've been able to handle the Nat/Brody information on its own.

But I'm with you that I hope she's gone by Monday -- but as I said, I doubt that because of this new split-Jess bumper.

As far as I'm concerned, every time Brody roughs up Ford an angel gets its wings.

Nate/Dani = CREEEEEPY and also... I really don't care. So Todd's going to throw Nate around? I saw this story already... with a daughter I actually gave a damn about with a love interest that didn't give off pedo-vibes and a mother involved that I rooted for. Take all of that away and you lose me, Show.

Jess having the right to be angry would be infinitely more interesting to me than Tess. I don't know why the show doesn't allow Jessica to be an actual character. It doesn't make much sense to me at all.

I agree about the age diff b/w dani and nate in Real life, it reminds me when they hooked up 17 yr old kimberly mc and 25 yr old steve burton. Not to mention 17 yr old genie francis and 30 yr old tony geary.

I will admit that I have not been happy with Brody, but yesterday I realized that while he's pissed me off, I still love him. He was all kinds of wonderful handling Ford. I also loved him telling that douche what a father is and not a sperm donor. Thank God Ford was actually called out on how Ryder was actually conceived. Rights, Ford? Really????

I like the campiness of Tess, but enough already. Jessica is supposed to be integrated, so I'm not understanding why she isn't being allowed to handle this. Tess is part of Jessica. It blows my mind that since the "integration" all shades of Jess's personality were not being written. She can still be Jess and bitchtasically go off on Natalie. Her anger is warranted. It's called layers, writers. Jess doesn't need to be sweet all the time. She can have fire w/out splitting.

James and Starr...I just can't with these two.

I wasn't entertained seeing John stoically flip over a table and kick people out of Rodie's. Where's the emotion? I will say that he and Kelly have an okay interaction going. She actually wasn't over the top. It did occur to me while I was watching John talk about Liam that Kelly has a kid. I keep forgetting that.

I might be the only person who isn't really disturbed by the age difference between the actors who portray Nate and Dani. It's a little funny that Lenny is older than the two guys who play his big brothers and only 9 years younger than the actress who plays his mom (poor Laetitia). However, both Michael Sutton and Steve Burton are several years older than Kimberly McCollough, and that never affected my fondness for Stone/Robin or Jason/Robin. And maybe it's that I'm in my 30s now (so everyone seems like a baby), but I think it's weirder to see Becky Herbst (who looks her age, maybe even a bit older) with Jonathan Jackson (who still looks like he's in his late teens/early twenties) now than I did when he was 17.

Any day Ford gets his ass kicked is a good day for me. His vanity gives me the dry heaves, so I love it when they point out that all his muscles are good for nothing.

Why is this show so obsessed with Rapist Robert Ford? Can't they backburner this douche?

@Bianca, I'm not bothered by Nate and Dani either. I just don't judge age very well, I guess (except for Inez obviously being nine when her first child was born), cuz he doesn't look like a man to me at all.

Jessica was all ready integrated. She's strong - look who her daddy is! Mitch Lawrence for God sake!! She needs to stop allowing Tess to take over. I was believing Starr and Cole had gone through so much and their love was strong enough to weather any storm...I'm hoping they will reunite...I'm not thrilled with her being with one of the Ford brothers. I'm so grateful to see Markko come home to Llanview to claim his first love. I new he had to leave Llanview in order to get his life together so he can come home to claim his Langston...I hope she is really proud to call him her man! Thank goodness for David and Dorian FINALLY being married...they are so comical together...I love Tuc Watkins...he's not a trip - just a whole journey! Kelly is SOOoooo wrong for taking advantage of John when he was at his lowest point..she needs to be fighting for the man she claims to still be in love with Joey, and blow Aubrey and Cutter's nonsense cover...of course, Tess is going to be the one to do that! Poor Vicki...I can not believe Charlie would leave the most awesome woman in Llanview for sleazy whore Echo...I didn't like her 1st time around when she got her filthy claws into Clint! Todd needs to wake up and see how his ways rubbed off on Jack and what his son did to Shane Morasco....sooo sad! Kudos to Destiny! She's like the most awesome kid in Llanview High after all her "dad" Dr. Greg took her through, and yet she stands by her best friend Matthew...amazing young lady....John & Natalie are my ultimate favorite of all daytime couples. They were finally happy until Marty. They need a restraining order against her AND have her license revoked! She needs to confess and stay the hell out of John and Natalie's business! Wait until Roxy finds out the truth! OK OLTL fans...I'm done - for now!

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