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February 02, 2011

The Proper Use Of Air Quotes

One Life to Live has not always been the place to go for proper use of air quotes, of course. But I don't know what it is about this Rama that has me so filled with glee... after all, we've gotten tons of new characters in the past year and the vast majority of them have been duds and I'm ready to get back to basics, but this chick?


I really just love this woman. Looks like all I needed for the show was a little Bollywood (seriously, that's where the actress is from -- it's not just me making assumptions!). Rama is totally my favorite new character.

Today was also a nice surprise because of Tea. It was almost like today we saw the Tea who wants to exist -- the gal who knows how to have fun and is a real woman's woman. Florencia Lozano is always awesome, but today she just lit up the screen. You know, when she wasn't around Todd.


And yes, the bachelorette party was incredibly silly and seriously lacked some Blair (and the fact that Viki and Dorian were only one room away was wrong on so many levels), but I've always been a fan of soap episodes that put unlikely people in a room together and just let ordinary rites of passage go on without incident. And a big plus goes to the fact that while all this was happening, Viki was telling Echo that Dorian is "twenty times the woman" she is and then finally kicked Echo out. When Viki paid Dorian that compliment, Robin Strasser had such a classic Dorian/Viki-moment look that spoke volumes about their history of rivalry and deep, deep mutual admiration and respect. Really, any excuse to put Slezak and Strasser in a scene together is a good one for me.

The bachelorette party moved across town into some bizarre impromptu strip tease by Cutter, Joey, Rex, and Shaun, and... well, it was a little weird that Roxy was there drooling over it considering Rex is her kid, but fortunately she wasn't actually drooling over him in particular. It was also very much a celebration of the good looks of the men on this show and, whether or not this crew would be all my top choices, it resonated with me that (for once) hot men and their abs were being celebrated and none of them were Fords. Oh hell yes! And did anyone else find it especially spectacular that Roxy particularly lamented Viki's absence, since Viki would love this so much? I love Roxy's version of Queen Victoria.

On a final note, it just occurred to me that if this wedding goes through, Natalie will no longer be Natalie Banks. And Jessica will no longer be Jessica Brennan. What can I say, I adored their late husbands and this makes my heart hurt.

Destiny out!


Forbes March as Nash Brennan. The actor was hot and OLTL was wrong to get rid of the character.

Jared Banks. I liked Jared with Natalie and hated that she has pretty much forgotten all about burying her husband in November 2009.

I had to giggle at Vivian's comment about the skinny stripping men to Shaun, and grabbed her man when he was about to take off his clothes.

I can not wait for the wedding and all of the fall out when the girls learn the truth about their babies fathers.

I like Vimal and Rama! You're absolutely correct, OLTL has had a boat load of new characters over the last year and these two along with Cutter are the best of the bunch.

Joey/Kelly. Eww, and double eww.

i had enough of new characters when two good vets got the hook they should put vivian on the show more she is hot and look just like jessica this show is too girly more primetime cops storyline please i am leaving when langston leave

I love Rama too. In a weird way she kind of reminds me a little of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Rama is a hoot! I like her the way I liked Kim, only she's smarter and classier. Awesome.

And YES! That Dorian/Viki moment was so good! I love those two best when they are admiring one another, and hope that Echo's parting shot is not a foreshadowing of more petty squabbling between them.

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