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« Ryder and Brody Know What's Up | Main | Deception and Delusion »

February 16, 2011

Truth Be Told

Okay. I do hate that Tess is back out (although in her first appearance years ago I liked her more than Jess, but not in her later appearances when they turned her all sociopath instead of just fearless hedonist), but I have to give her credit for having all the lines of the day. Granted, we should be seeing a story right now in which Jess becomes truly integrated and is able to tap into the part of her that has this kind of incisive boldness and anger. It should have been Jess herself saying all the lines of the day. Regardless, it all got said and I loved every second of it. When Ford started smarmily blathering on about how he and Jess "created" this baby "together" and scolding her for not behaving by his standards of how a mother should behave, she really let him have it. He wasn't in the mood for her "drama," apparently, and told her he needed to get to Langston. And then:

Tess: Oooooh! Your little teen queen, that's what you're into, right? Seducing young girls? You were only interested in Jessica when she thought that she was seventeen. (seething) It's easier to get them into bed, right? Talk about chamber of horrors, no wonder she came screaming for me.

And then he accused her of lying that it was really her and she got even better:

Tess: I wish I was. I was locked up for a year and a half to wake up with this waxed gorilla on top of me -- it was the worst thirty seconds of my life!

Sometimes I love Tess. She later referred to him as a pedophile. What's not to like about Tess so far? Chamber of horrors! Waxed gorilla pedophile!



Also, wow. So not only did Ford have sex with a messy amnesiac who thought she was losing her virginity despite being thirty years old, the experience was so traumatizing for her that she had to call out her sociopath alter to actually do the deed? Oh, One Life to Live. Please assure me somehow that this is meant to further drive home the craptasticness of what Ford did to her, right?

And Ford can shut the hell up about his rights to "his son." Is anyone on the show going to address the fact that he's going back on his word by wanting any contact at all with this baby? I understand that people change their minds about such things, but I just want someone to mention it considering he's behaving as if it's shocking that no one's just handing this kid over to him.

I kind of enjoyed Kelly and John today. However, John really needs to get over this notion that Natalie cheated on him and that Brody betrayed him by sleeping with Natalie. Brody and Natalie hooked up while John was in a serious relationship with Marty. John and Natalie had both been married to other people since the last time they were even a semi-couple! He should be mad about the paternity lie and the fact that he was tricked into thinking he was starting a family, but to act as if their initial act was in any way, shape, or form a betrayal of him? No. Just no. Sorry, John. You got betrayed, big-time, so focus on the thing itself instead of making yourself look like an ass.

I loved Brody today and I love him for not hating Natalie -- I really don't need anyone telling Natalie she was right for lying. She wasn't. And frankly I don't think John should forgive her. But Brody was an equal partner in the early decision to lie, the decision that left the lie intact up to the moment of the paternity results, and I appreciate that he's trying to find some sympathy for Natalie having made what was obviously the wrong choice in that moment. Girlfriend needs an ally, and that she can find one in one of the people she lied to is actually a very big deal. I like that they're finding some gray area in this fallout.


Also... just... Liam!


As for the rest, I can't even respond to them repeating the Todd/Cole/Starr story with Todd/Nate/Dani, especially the fact that Starr seems to be telling her little sister she should just accept their father's violent lunacy and do what he wants. However, I was pleased that Nate thought to turn his shirt back around by the time he got back to the Hell House of Ford, considering he'd initially put it on backwards while getting yelled at and and practically assaulted by the man his brother so strives to emulate.

Blair and Tomas talking about Roxy made me seriously wonder why Blair and Roxy don't hang out. Also, Blair and Tomas!


First, Blair and Tomas. Wow. TK actually played the piano for KDP?

Second, Tess and Ford. Ford gets on my nerves and I hope Tess eats him alive.

Third, Ford is a sleaze ball and the last thing that Jessica needs is to deal with his slimy butt. E.V.E.R.

The paternity lie. Natalie should have gone to Viki after she found out about Ford/Jessica sleazy roll in the hay and discuss with her mother that she too had a ONS with Brody and didn't know if he fathered her child or not and how to handle Jessica's inability to deal with the truth. Of course, this is a soap and the fallout last week was awesome.

I think Brody realizes deep down that if he'd really wanted to know whether Natalie's baby was his, he woud've asked to see the actual paternity test. He knew Natalie didn't want the baby to be his, he knew she was worried about the impact on John and Jessica and her relationships with them...in short, he knew she had every reason to lie. I like that he's being understanding of the fact that, in the moment, she went with the "John is the father!" lie, and IMO it's because he realizes that in that same moment, HE made the decision not to ask to see the actual test. Like he told her, "everything has worked out perfectly!"

If Tea, Kelly and Blair can be forgiven for their baby lies, then so can Natalie IMO. It would be refreshing to see John able to forgive her considering how she's always done the same for him.

I LOVE Brody and Natalie. I need to snap out of it. Liam is soooo cute.

Tess had some great lines, but it's nothing as great as the stuff Jessica had when she found out. It doesn't help that they are playing it for laughs either when there's nothing funny about what has happenned to Jess. This is why I can never be a Jess fan. They take her away just as she's getting interesting! I remember the days of Jess/Nat when Erin Torpey played her and Jessica was perfectly mentally healthy. They had some wicked awesome showdowns. Tess is a caricature.

Blair and Tomas were on, but they ruined it with the darn singing. I hate when the characters sing.

So... are Charlie and Echo still bumping uglies? Ewww. Poor Viki.

No comment about Dani's heavy breathing during her almost sex scenes?
It was creepy!

Tracie, Dani's almost-sex scenes were so disturbing in every way!

Knope, I thought about that -- I guess Echo and Charlie are still going at it! Gross. Thankfully at least we know Destiny and Matthew stopped kissing at one point.

I think Nat was a fool for forgiving John for lying about Cris, and John would be as big a fool forgiving her for this. I want everyone else to forgive her for it, just not him. (Nor do I need a vendetta, I just want them to be done. I've seen fondness between these two, but never love or respect, and the ship has seriously sailed.) But hey, I haven't exactly been coy that I don't like the couple!

Oh and LadyBug, good call! That would've been perfect for Nat to go to her mother for help on how to help Jess get traumatic news. But you're right, it's better for us that she didn't because this is excellent drama.

I don't think forgiving is foolish and if anyone deserves forgiveness and kindness from John, it's Natalie. It has nothing to do with the couple for me. It has to do with not wanting to see the writers once again spit on this pair's history at Natalie's expense.

I have no use for Todd and Blair anymore, but it still bugs the crap out of me when the writers disrespect their history.

If Todd can be forgiven for the can of dirt, then Natalie can be forgiven for this. There's no way I would ever root for John to be such a bastard to her that hr can't forgive her the way sooo many other people have been forgiven for their baby lies.

For me, John rides or dies on how he is with the Natalie. She has given him more love, patience and understanding than anyone. She deserves to be forgiven the same way it had happenned in any other long term relationship. In terms of baby lies alone, Todd forgave Blair, Kevin forgave Kelly, Blair forgave Todd, Todd forgave Tea, Rex and Nat forgave Roxy.

Besides, John is a hell of a lot more tolerable when he's being a human being to Natalie. They don't have to be a couple for him to forgive her. If he doesn't forgive her of all people, he ceases to be the least bit viable. He's sticking around and I'm pretty sure he's Liam's father, so there's no payoff to that if he doesn't forgive.

If Todd Manning can be forgiven by awesome smart women for being an abusive rapist asshole, then Natalie Banks can be forgiven for her crimes against John.

Preach it, Tess.

I really hope that John is NOT Liam's father! No. Please, soap Goddess, no! I want the soapy drama of Brody being the baby Daddy to Ryder and Liam.

I'm sure his majesty King John will eventually forgive Natalie, probably about the time that Tess burns Llanview to the ground.

Knope, you're right. I do hope he forgives her, but doesn't take her back. I don't think forgiving is foolish either, but when I wrote what I wrote I was thinking of forgiving as the "forgive/reunite" package deal.

I just have to say this: Someone needs to teach Mark Lawson (and anyone else who needs it) NOT to let a baby's head whip back like Liam's did today when he picked him up and put him in the crook of his arm. I cringed and thought about shaken babies when I saw that.

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