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February 10, 2011

When The Ends Do Not Justify The Means

A confession: I'm overloading you guys a bit lately with One Life to Live posts because starting next week my schedule gets insane again. I'll still be around with my no-so-insightful insights, but this almost-every-episode thing has been a lot of fun... while it's lasted.

Now to the show. Finally the reveal of what happened in the spring of last year:


Today's ending was superb -- John, Brody, Jessica, and Natalie all running into each other in the hallway after all the revelations (some of which are still unknown to Jess and Brody and I just... wow, poor Jess and Brody). However I can't really speak too well of what came before.

Natalie and John? I hope this is the end of them. Forever. I don't blame John for feeling completely enraged at Natalie (she deserves it) and I can't be critical of his anger in general, but he was yelling at her the way he yells at a perp, not a loved one who he thinks betrayed him. A little too much of a, "Ha! You're busted!" attitude. Meanwhile, Natalie made it perfectly clear that she doesn't think much of John either, by explaining that he brought this lie upon himself by not being willing to raise another man's child. I don't like being on John's side in any argument, but every angle she tried today was offensive on so many levels. Oh! She was giving him another man's child as a gift that she was going to lie to him about for the rest of his life. I mean, I've known some lousy gift-givers in my time, but she really takes the cake. Basically all of her arguments could be summed up as: "But John, you're such a douche that I had no choice!" Good grief. John is a douche, but he should probably try to date only women who wouldn't agree with me. And it sickens me that Natalie would go so far, be so underhanded and commit criminal acts, just to hold on to a man she holds in such low regard. I know that characters on soaps have done worse to each other, but honestly I was just nauseated during that entire fight today. This is not a couple. (To be fair, it's probably been a better relationship than some of my own, but I don't imagine anyone's been rooting for any of mine.)

And I have to say that I was disappointed in Melissa Archer's performance. She sometimes delivers beautifully and sometimes does not, and once the big sobbing confession portion of the show came (the initial admission that Brody is Liam's father was good, but I'm talking about the scenes immediately following), unfortunately it just didn't land for me. (It probably didn't help that while I was thinking that, a friend of mine who doesn't watch the show came through the room, started laughing, and said, "Do they even practice crying on this show?")

Any chance we'll get some Natalie-talking-to-Jared's-grave scenes now that she'll be a pariah for a little while, or is the complete amnesia that he really did die quite recently a blanket thing? I do hope that John comparing Natalie to Clint gives her something to think about and that she and her father might actually find a way to build on this as allies. And I'd be thrilled if Natalie has a revelation that the reason she fought so hard to hold onto this man who she obviously doesn't love or respect was that he she was desperate to fill the hole that Jared left when he died, but it was a mistake and she's rather be alone than sink so low.

Oh and John hilariously did the stoic-dude-single-tear move today!


Love it.

As for Jessica and Brody, their biggest crisis happened yesterday, particularly because Brody's yet to learn he's really Liam's father (if he is even really Liam's father). They weren't the main event. What I liked about both confessions, though, was that everyone quickly backed off the notion that there was any cheating involved -- it was the lying and the paternity secret (and in Jess's case, just being disgusted that her fiance nailed her sister, which is legitimate) that's the problem. I also really liked that Jessica was mature enough to even recognize that she knew Brody was suffering in this situation as well, instead of just totally going off on him and hating him. After all, it's still only been about twenty minutes since he found out Ford was the biological father of his son.

Speaking of Ford, I'm going to need for him to clarify why he keeps saying he's "so good with kids" because of his experience with James. Isn't he supposed to only be about 5 or 6 years older than James? So he got all this great experience in between the ages of, what, 5 and 8? Oh! And he's so good with children that he left his little brother alone with their abusive father and never looked back. Boy I want him to be my babydaddy!

And now they've rewritten yesterday's history by playing it as if James didn't sleep with Michelle because he has feelings for Starr. No, Michelle's the one who called that off. It just happened, for frack's sake!

And Kelly is dumb as a brick. She handed that flash drive off to Cutter and let him leave the room and return with it. She also won't just say, "Clint gave that to me!" Oh, Kelly. I know it's a standard soap convention for people not to just come the hell out and say something, but it just stretches credulity into some other realm. The one thing I can say on behalf of that storyline today is that (and I don't know if this is Terri Conn being really good or really bad) the "fake-out" staged security video of Aubrey and Cutter had some seriously bad acting. It looked staged. Joey, on the other hand, is also dumb as a brick. Maybe they're a perfect match after all.

And Todd. Laughing at his family. Feeling sorry for Ford. Well, Todd, it takes one to know one, so I guess it only makes sense. And as always: Suck it, Todd.

Even though we obviously have more fireworks in store for... Monday? Is tomorrow a rerun? I wouldn't mind a wee postponement so that everyone can get some sleep and a shower and we never have to see this dress again:


Please just make it go away!


Don't worry Louise, according to Bree, you will be seeing the dress again.

Noooo!!!! Yuck.

I just have the awful feeling that Brody's going to end up with NO kid, while those two douches get to have beautiful bouncing baby boys. The Wee Pocket Soldier must procreate and spread his hot, wee genes!

James and Starr suck. Anyone else think Starr and Brody have chemistry, or am I sick?

I wanted Brody to yell, "See! You can't handle the truth!" to Jessica. That woman annoys the stuffing out of me. She needs to shhhhhhh.

Natalie broke my heart. MA's crying was so authentic. I felt like I was watching a real breakup. It was painful to watch, but in a good soapy way. I though Easton was great for once and I like the tender moment he had with her at the end.

Who is the nameless, voiceless mystery person calling Todd? This isn't going to go on and on, is it? Please no.

I loved the ending with the foursome. That was a great cliffhanger! The best in a long time.

Ladies, thanks for the recap!

The foursome was awesome today! This is why I love soaps, all of the drama, backstabbing, cheating, lies, infidelity, hate, sabotage all pointed at the ones that we love!

John is an ass. I loved Jolie 1.0, but was so glad when Nattie fell for Jared!

I hope Natlie gives John the "middle finger" salute and go raise Liam with Brody.

I was so hoping that Brody was going to end up being the baby Daddy for both Ryder and Liam which would have been fantastic!

John should NOT have family of his own. He should continue moving on from one woman to the next after he changes those nasty sheets at the hotel.

Ford is wiener and will die in the next year or so.

I want Natalie to take Liam and move in with Clint, Rene, and Nigel, because Viki is going to have a fit when she finds out that Natalie slept with Brody.

Well I'm worn out from 3 days of reveals and not everything is fully out yet. I think all 4 actors pulled off one hell of performance and that the writing and editing was right on the mark at least with those scenes. Hopefully the fallout will be as good to watch as all the secrecy, lies and deception was before hand though I'll have to reserve judgment. I also hope that even though right now Ford is Ryder's father that TPTB will do the right thing and rewrite it a ala Rex's paternity. At the very least Brody better be the father of Liam. Because having two douchebags as fathers when the most decent and reputable person in Llanview (despite his roll in the hay with Natalie, which put in context is forgivable enough) has no one to pass on his extraordinary genes too is just unacceptable.

Did anyone else find it creepy that all 3 Ford brothers were talking about their sex lives?

And though I enjoyed watching Cutter and Aubrey make fools out of Kelly and watching Joey light into her, it only makes Joey that much more of an idiot and is making it less likely that I will ever like this recast.

Aubrey and Cutter continue to be completely cold and smug and one-note. It's clumsily obvious that the show deliberately did not cast an actor they liked in a role they hate, like Joey, but even with the stacked writing, Cutter has no chemistry with anyone and seems like a bad imitation of a million other pseudo con-artists over the years (the last being Jared, who at least sparked from the start with Natalie). When will OLTL learn that you can't make a character work by having someone else look stupid on their behalf? Aubrey and Cutter, along with plot devices Vimal/Rama and so on, took a lot of the wind out of the sails of the Clint story.

I remember when Todd was fine with Natalie dying while Tess was holding her prisoner, some fans said, well, he never liked Natalie anyway. I wonder how the fans feel now that it's abundantly clear, if it wasn't already clear by his behavior with Tess a few years ago, that Todd feels nothing for Jessica at all.

Even worse is that Todd is clearly reflecting how the show feels, and how the show wants us to feel.

- Rape is love

- It's not really rape anyway, it's kind of hot and the woman wanted it bad

- The man is always the victim

- Ford is a stud and Jessica is just the vessel

I'm so glad I found my people! I feel like the bee girl at the end of that Blind Melon video.

I LOVED Natalie with Jared and hate her with John now. And this:
I'd be thrilled if Natalie has a revelation that the reason she fought so hard to hold onto this man who she obviously doesn't love or respect was that he she was desperate to fill the hole that Jared left when he died, but it was a mistake and she's rather be alone than sink so low.

...is exactly how the plot should be written but no, we'll have her pine and pout over McPain for months. Sigh.

LOVE the blog.

I am thrilled over the impending return of my beloved batshit crazy Jess/Tess/Bess.

And for everyone mourning the pocket cop's "devastating loss," fear not -- I'm sure that by summer's end it will be revealed that Vimal changed Gnatalie's DNA test and Brody actually fathered both brats. *ack*

We already know that Brody is Liam's father so that just leaves Vimal to fix Ryder's DNA test that Brody is the father, and not sleaze bag Ford.

Wish I could help the Wee Pocket Cop spread his genes around! YUM.

So the thoughts that keep running in my head while seeing Jessica's wedding dress is this:

-Bree Williamson has a nice rack.

-That necklace reminds me of those cheap (Probably full of lead) plastic pieces of jewelry that were at the dollar store in the toy aisle that I used to get when I was a kid. (Oh 1995 how I miss you so!)

Other musings on this reveal:

-John-Paul Lavoisier can't act or refused to really show emotion during the reveal that was supposed to cause his world to stop. That's sad because he's supposed to be OLTL's golden boy/bitch who's so awesome.

-Cutter is more interesting than Joey and awesome. Is it bad that I want him to keep being evil and bad for a long time. I want him to hook up with Dorian or do something else that's interesting and fun.

-Joey is just too boring. It's almost sad. Him being pissed at Kelly is badly written but soapy.

-Why is no one pissed at Echo? Why did Viki not think that she might have a part in this? Why was she not at the wedding?!

-The way that they retconned Ford raping Jessica is just disgusting. Langston saying that they needed to get over it? Huh? 0w34riu9efkja;ldsjf

-I wish wish wish wish that Roxy could of been at the wedding. Her running commentary could of added hours of entertainment. (Along with Cutter's that is.)

Your whole paragraph about Ford made me realize that he's the Ryan Lavery of OLTL. *facepalm*

unless vimal tells brody about Todd blackmailing him and he remembers everything in the DNA lab ryder is brody's son Wait unti he tell Jessica i think Brody will teach natalie a lesson about lying to her she did the same thing to him and Jessica and teach Natalie a lesson.

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