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March 24, 2011

Dear Afternoon Television Program,

I am writing today to suggest something that you may very well want to avoid in the future.

JackSo, as you can see above, we have one young fellow who looks like and very much is a teenage person. Perhaps even early teens!

Bear with me here.


And as you can see above, we have another young fellow who looks like and very much is a bonafide grownup person. Perhaps even late twenties!

Here's the thing, Afternoon Television Program. Casting actors well into their twenties (and heck, thirties) is a time-honored tradition in the television medium (see: Hills 90210, Beverly). A grownup with a SAG or AFTRA card is easier to employ and work with regularly than a minor with a SAG or AFTRA card. A grownup actor might even have a more honed craft and have more actor training and experience under his or her belt. I understand that. However, the effect is jarring when not done in the proper context. One might consider having a grownup playing a teenager act only in scenes with other grownups playing teenagers so as not to be conspicuous. Here's something conspicuous, for example:


Oh dear! Why is the gym teacher beating up his freshman student?! Someone might want to call Child Protective Services.

Also, a quick note: I know you're just an Afternoon Television Program so these things might not make sense to you, but normally when one is job-hunting and is on an extremely limited budget, one should make sure one has an operating telephone above all else. This includes flannel shirts, designer jeans, laptops, and professional body waxings.

I should also take a moment to commend you for giving your character Nate one good personality trait. I almost liked him yesterday when he mentioned that he doesn't care if Todd Manning lives or dies, because on that topic? He and I are likethis. Speaking of Todd Manning, yesterday you had your character Blair Cramer mention that Todd is the only one who can handle his son Jack when he's at his worst and that she cannot parent Jack alone. When you get a chance, could you put together a bullet point list for me with examples of Todd doing any sort of constructive parenting when it comes to his son Jack (hint: enabling actually does not count)? Please support your argument.

Thanks for taking the time to read my letter, Afternoon Television Program. Also, the new girl is pretty.





Yeah, aside from Todd enabling Jack's destructive/law-breaking actions, I don't see how Todd can get through to Jack. If Todd gets out of the coma and this bullying storyline really escalates, I fully expect to see Blair being the only one who tries to punish Jack/makes sure he faces the consequences.

Oh Louise, as creatively bankrupt as this show can be, at least you keep thinking up new ways to mock it. Bravo!

It really popped out at me in those screen caps how douchey nuJack's hair is.

I can't believe all six million teenagers in the cast were on yesterday EXCEPT MATTHEW. Why do TIIC hate him so much?

I wonder if they're worried Eddie Alderson will make the rest of the youth group look bad...

Hi Louise! So I've been reading Serial Drama for several years and for some reason never really commented on anything before. This post made me compelled to tell you: the knack you have for conveying sarcasm in writing, not to mention making it funny, is one of my very favorite things on the internet.
I especially love the "less important than a cell phone" checklist.

It's also funny how One Life's casting department decided being short was enough to make the dude playing Nate look like a teenager! Well, maybe not funny exactly.

There were rumors a few months ago that OLTL was looking to recast EA with a hunky version of his character in order to match the dimwits known as Ford's! I'm sure nuJack was brought on since he looks like a Ford whereas old Jack was just a cute kid.

I heard that rumor too. Supposedly, they only didn't go through with it because RW and HBS stood up for him.

Oh, Louise. "Why is the gym teacher beating up his freshman student?!" is a line brimming with genius.

C.,,That's good news where EA is concerned. IMO...He's the best young actor from the teen set.

I absolutely despise the new Jack and this bullying storyline sucks. This show continues to glorify rapists and their bad seed children.

your right but watching andrea from 90210 be the same age group as david silver (age difference 12 yrs in RL) as u mentioned from 90210 i can suspend disbelief

I just watched Wednesday's episode, and I think the purpose of recasting Jack was to make viewers hate someone more than the Fords. The delivery and head movements were so distracting that I was rooting for Nate in their confrontation, and I find Nate pointless and boring. That thought immediately turned to hatred to the show in general for making me root for Nate on anything.

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