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March 17, 2011

It's Like "Groundhog Day", Except It's Written Terribly. And Also A Tragedy.

I cannot even, you guys. I cannot even.

I cannot even tell you how much I am dreading spending the next few days/weeks/months, depending on how long before the General Hospital writing staff gets bored with this story, watching something horrible happen to an adorable little boy. I just...the never-ending despair that is life in Port Charles and the quickness with which soap writers go the dead/dying/in peril hurt and offend me.

I cannot even tell you how annoyed I am, pre-emptively, at how this will be spun to make it seem like Jason and Sonny's lifestyle isn't so dangerous after all. "Sure, the mob is quote dangerous un-quote, but you know what else is dangerous and/or deadly? Doors that open. Yeah. That's the REAL danger!"

I cannot even roll my eyes hard enough to fully express my irritation at how Jason-focused this story is going to be. The promo is all about him! "A hitman with a painful past..." Let me finish that sentence for you, Gravelly-Voiced Promo Man: "A hitman with a painful past is, literally, involved in every single thing to ever happen on this show. Granted, not very much happens on this show, so that is sort of a hyperbolic statement but still. He's everywhere".

I cannot even muster up the energy to rant at how often and how blatantly Bob Guza rips off his own stories. Another accident that could have been caused by any one of the harried drivers on that road at that exact time? We're doing that AGAIN? REALLY?

See? I can only angrily spit out three sentences and a mere 26 words. They've finally broken me.


I am soooo sick of Jason's pain and I am equally sick and tired of this idea that the mob is some how not so dangerous (after all). I am also entirely sickened by the writing for Liz. She's the new GV's Lucky. Finally, I am so tired of guza ripping off himself and others, but not even in a good way. So basically, I agree with everything that you said but you said it way better.

I really wish THAT rumor was true. Please, make it be true.

How much do you all want to bet that GH will win Emmy for best show with Jake's death storyline???

*drinks another glass of wine*

I had a revelation watching the show tonight on Soap Net. The moment Tracy said that Jake was a Quartermaine ... made sense why he had to die. Guza has been killing off that famiy bit by bit for years now. Jake was just next on the list.

Rene, that was a great comment about the absence of certain family members on GH. I also love any time there is a Casey the Alien reference. It shows how far the show has sunk if we would welcome the appearance of Casey.

So much depth could be added to the story if beloved family members were to appear to comfort those involved. But no, Guza & Co. wrote themselves into such a big hole by writing out/killing off core family members, that when a family tragedy happens, there is no way to explain their absence. There are just too many missing "off camera" family members to explain where ALL of them are and why none of them could be bothered to show up. So Guza just hopes we'll forget all about them. He doesn't even have time for a throwaway line to explain. The few members of core families left on the show exist in a vacuum. When a big tragedy happens it lessens the impact just having random people reacting and not the family interaction many people want to see. Cobbling together a "family" of mobsters (Jason, Carly, Sam, Spinelli, Sonny, etc.) doesn't count.

I can't say it any better than this: "Could there have been any less buildup to Josslyn getting sick? Did the hotel give her kidney cancer? Like Crystal said, is this an indictment of Mercedes' performance as a nanny?"

First of all, I agree with all of that. Second, speeeaking of Mercedes: I would also like to take this (admittedly random) moment to question why is the 'nanny' who doesn't get to say a single line on the show, yet again the only hispanic character on GH? Laticia and baby Michael, anyone? Is Emma's nanny also hispanic? Is this the only way they can get diversity on the show, making it the hired freaking help? That's so offensive. [Is Sonny supposed to be part Spanish? I can't even remember, or is it Italian? Why is he always cooking Italian?] but seriously. Not one of his children looks even remotely hispanic (or Italian. Or whatever). And don't even get me started on the fact that there isn't a single Asian person on here either, except for Dr Pre-Natal who gets a walk on line every few months (an asian doctor, way to break those stereotypes, General Hospital!).

The sad thing is, even when I shake my head in frustration, I know I'll still watch Monday's episode. Oh, GH.

Linda, love the Criminal Minds comparison. So true.

Michael: Oh. My God. I laughed out loud at your realization!

Guza is a prick. A tiny prick who's compensating with delusions of writing skill.

not only is there no build up to Joss's kidney cancer...a quick Google search would reveal that a kidney transplant? not effective in this situation. So not only does Guza eff up the progression of the disease...he completely effs up the way it is treated. way to go Guza.

This is no more than shameless fucking Emmy baiting. They write about two-three episodes a year taht are SPECFICALLY for Emmy considersation and we all know it when we see it...and this is it. And too right to whoever it was who said this was becky's exit story...we "Must see" her go crazy with grief so they could have likely laura'd her and stuck her in shadybrook replacing her with a wig on a mop. I admit the only thing I'm looking forward to is when they have to do the rapid 180 when ABC changed it's mind. that should be fun for the laughs.

For those of us who were worried about poor Mercedes losing her job - the doctor made a point of tell Carjax on Friday's show that their were traces of blood in the urine that couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

Thank God, I was worried about the all of the children all over the world with bad nannies. So glad GH cleared that up.

Crack job of sifting the silt from the Mississippi, writers.

Beth R - don't you just wish they'd write the show, every single episode, for the FANS? I'm betting if they just did THAT, the Emmys would follow.

Fans would watch. The ratings would go up. The ad revenue would increase. The emmys would be won on merit.

What a concept.

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