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March 02, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, Your Romantic Hero

You know how I always, ALWAYS complain about how people are seemingly fine with Sonny SHOOTING DANTE IN THE CHEST? And that the way the show ignores this horrible event is ridiculous and angry-making? Well, I'm not normally one to change my mind on a whim, but I am maybe okay with this event being ignored, if this is the alternative:

Sonny, matter-of-factly. Brazenly, even! As if his honesty and ruthlessness are going to win him points. I award you no points, Sonny. The only person awarding you points is Luke and his whole "Having a cop son is a fate worse than anything, ever" was just...ugh: I don't want my kids knowing the ugly things I have to do. The things that are necessary. Dante, he already knows firsthand because I shot him.

I guess SHOOTING DANTE IN THE CHEST is going to work out well for Sonny in the long run. It shows his business enemies that he is so focused and relentless that he is fine with having shot his own child. And it shows his other children that when it comes to rules and discipline, he's not messing around. "Breaking curfew Morgan? Do you know how I feel about breaking curfew? Dante, he already knows firsthand. I shot him".


Ah ha ha ha. I watched yesterday but totally missed this. Amazing. Another highlight: How someone finally realized that the Balkan could have totally just killed Brenda after she confessed to "Theo" what happened to Alexander, but now a hasty re-write has him wanting to know about the child, the child that Suzanne clearly has.


Can I just say how much I love you for NOT LETTING GO?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Um, Sonny? All your kids know how evil violent and corrupt you are, it's not just Dante that has that shameful sad knowledge to cope with because you simply can't stop procreating! They've all been abandoned, kidnapped, shot at, made fun of, nearly blown to bits by car bombs, and just all around abused by the waste of life you are in general and as a father. So no need to shoot the rest of them point blank in the chest ok? They suffer and know enough. AS DO WE AS VIEWERS!!!!! I mean, was anyone else worried for Morgan's safety when he ratted out Sonny to cop? And now that Michael is gonna go head first into sonny's footsteps...... FAIL.

Ugh, this show is gross. And in no way do I understand anyone finding Sonny romantic.

hate that Sonny got a free pass on shooting unarmed police officer! I don't even care that it was his son. Just shooting a police officer was awful. I believe it is criminal and quite frankly it bothers me that ABC and GH received no negative feedback from police groups.

I want justice for Dante (at least other police officers) -- what a role model -- Sonny is just such a prince

God I remember when the sight of Luke and Sonny togetehr made me smile and not....want to jam rusty nails into my eyes and ears to keep the bad images away. Just....ugh. Total ugh.

Also, not Sonny related, but I needed to share this.

I've read spoilers for this week saying "Jason notices Sam is not well" or "jason figures out there's something wrong with Sam".

Is it the scene from the hospital when Sam tells him "I cannot hear you"? Jason sure is amazingly smart to figure that one out.

Anyone else amazed at how unaffected by her deafness Sam is? She doesn't seem to care at all, no biggie right? She is also pretty calm & nonchalant about being blown up in a car trunk! The only explanation I can give for this is that Guza figures who needs hearing if you get to have sex w/ Jason. And let's face it, Sam nearly dies from mob violence three times a year at least. But screw Guza's idiocy, I think the character is just plain old thrilled to never have to hear Carly screeching again.... maybe she is secretly hoping for blindness too so she never has to see Carly screeching again either ;-)

I think Michael might also know on account of how he was SHOT IN THE HEAD because of your business. I don't think he thinks that happened because you accidentally sold decaf in your coffee shop one morning.

Good point Mary Beth.

Sarah, I know. She doesn't ask or anything, she doesn't seem to be worried at all. I know brenda is not her best friend but shouldn't she at least ask out of curiousity?

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