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March 03, 2011

Presented Without Comment

Unless "Oh my GOD, I hate this trifling heifer and every bit of hypocritical, country-fried wisdom that she drawls all high and mighty as if ANYONE is like 'Hey, you know who I want lecturing me on my life and my choices? A skanky babynapper who--oh, right--sold her child!' How the hell is the suicide rate in Pine Valley not much higher because seriously, if I was ever in a position that KRYSTAL was comfortable enough to judge me, I would just END IT ALL" counts as comment.

Krystal: What you are doing is breaking the law and lying to your best friend.

Krystal: You have two choices, Tad: you make them lie or you lie to them. You tell me which one's better.

Yes, Krystal said those words. KRYSTAL. Pretending that she's not totally down with lying and breaking the law. And she wasn't immediately struck down for verbalizing such utter hypocrisy. KRYSTAL CAREY. I KNOW, IT WAS TERRIBLE, HENCE THE ALL CAPS.


Lord in the morning!

I'm so glad there's a post about this b/c really. I have had it with Krystal and her moral superiority. She had no problem raising her Babydawl to be a liar. I just can't with this person.

I'm also going to call Opal out, too. I love her to pieces, but I've had it with the bonding/siding and agreeing with Krystal. The only reason she's chummy with that trollop is b/c she's Jenny's mom. Before that? Hated her guts.

Honesty time: Krystal just needs to admit she's pissed about Tad marrying Cara, b/c it means her ass will have to move out and find a place of her own.

Also, she wanted to know how to break the news to the girls. Um, the same way she did when she up and married David just b/c. Jenny was too little, but Kathy was old enough.

Since when has it been in character for Krystal to really be concerned about a child's welfare over how it affects her and her wretched firstborn?

I depise the kidnapping skank and to make it a real kick in the teeth, they are tryin to hook the slut up with THE UNCLE OF THE CHILD SHE TOOK! This show is so sick and disgusting and once Jerica is over, I am done with it after 36 years.

I have to say, any scene between Krystal and Opal acting in any moralizing capacity makes me as mad as a mule chewing on bumblebee ornery as

Those two false posturing just dills my pickle!

Both as full of wind as a corn-eating horse.

I can't think of anymore caricatures of that crap they make poor Jill Larson spew.

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