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March 18, 2011

Probably The Greatest Rumor Ever

Voice of a generation Lindsay Lohan may have claimed she's "tired of rumors starting" (remember when Lindsay Lohan attempted a music career and it was hugely embarrassing? Who would have guessed that we'd look back on that and it would be her peak!) but I'm more than okay with rumors, especially when they hint at something so amazing...

From Soap Opera Digest:

We're hearing that Robert Guza, Jr. is on his way out as GENERAL HOSPITAL's head writer. ABC Daytime doesn't comment on rumors, but an insider tells us there's a good chance it's true.

My rational side is telling me to calm down because it's just a rumor and hardly set in stone, but my easily excited side is on a pretty major caffeine and sugar high, thanks to a huge iced coffee. So if you need me, I'll be trying to relax while simultaneously flailing my hands in hysteria.

UPDATE: Boo-Urns!

A GENERAL HOSPITAL spokesperson reports that Bob Guza is not exiting the show.

I need a .gif that expresses limitless sadness.


I've just heard it's been confirmed again. While I keep crossing my fingers and praying it's true, a little voice in the back of my head keeps whispering Charles Pratt's voice in my ear and thus I will refrain from jubilation until it's definitely confirmed AND I know who the replacement is. Deanna Higley would be horrible as well.

Well, I don't think they would NOT address the rumor that's out there by not saying anything regardless of whether or not he's getting fired. I will quietly hope that they just didn't want the news out yet...

You will know if the rumors of Guza being fired are true when you FIRST hear that Phelps is gone. There is NO WAY Guza will be fired as long as she as EP. NONE. She is his protector. I swear the woman must have something good on Frons to keep him from firing them both. Everytime I hear one these "Guza is out" rumors, I first check to see if Phelps is out and if she is not, then the rumor about Sir Hacks-A-Lot is just that, a rumor.

Frons, Phelps and Guza should all leave at the same time.

It's not the greatest rumor, it's the second greatest rumor. The greatest rumor would be that Frons is getting the boot. Well, maybe the greatest rumor is that they are both leaving... that would just make me so happy I get squeely just thinking about it!!

Again, bad storytelling. What does Jake's death do to move the story forward? Give Joce a kidney so Carly and Jax can alternate having custody battles and sex? Make Sam instantly able to conceive? Keep Lucky from getting married?
How can there be no consequences to years of bad writing, no direction and forcing couples down viewer's throats because Frons and Guza are obsessed with some of the most one-dimensional characters on daytime TV (and that's saying a lot)?
C'mon ABC wake up. Do you watch your own network? This is a gratuitous,purposeless story. NOTHING this man has done in years puts a less than momentary dent in the ratings. If you don't know why, maybe it's time you watched the damn show to find out how creatively bankrupt Guza and company are.

http://img511.imageshack.us/i/tumblrlf9anfsikv1qaz3q8.gif/ this GIF should serve you nicely.

The emotional roller-coaster!! I can't take it. Boot this waste of space.

:( :(

The only thing I can think to compare this disappointment to is what's entitled the 'scrolldown fug' articles on gofugyourself dot com. They post a picture of an outfit which you see only the top half of, and one's instinctive reaction is, "oh, this is cute" [scroll down, scroll down...]..And then you see the rest of the photograph. It goes from cute to fug in the breadth of a scrolldown.

So Guza stays. From joy to disappointment in the span of three paragraphs. Siiigh.

I'd like to ask a question.

Is it true that Guza said in an interview that the only way to give JaSam a baby is for Jake not to be in the picutre? I've read it among one of these crazy comments on YT GH clips.

Because if the whole scenario is that they wanted a JaSam baby, Jake was in the way, let's kill Jake and then get rid of HB so Liz won't be there to remind us she was the first woman to give Jason a child, hence the creative decision to let Becky go, if this is what happened I simply have no words.

the new writer must keep the mob film noir style of show i stop watch gh in december guza push me away with his awful writing i am not sad to see him go there no reason fans should put up awful writing end of last year guza got talent but think he got bored and lazy he just on soap too long put some new blood in there phelps need to go too and frons please no soap writer look what happen to amc same stories and old school soaps is killing these soaps and i mean gh too

I agree with Wendalette - the spokesperon only said he's not leaving the show. That person did NOT deny that he might have lost the head writer title...

And Denise, what a great idea! Every stupid killing off of the past several years could just have been a horrible nightmare, yes!

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