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March 15, 2011

Silver Linings? (or Why Don't The Shooters Ever Have Better Aim?)

Tomas yesterday and Alex Olanov today. It's like they know this show has been dreadful since February ended and they just need to throw a bone our way so we don't jump ship. But Alex Olanov! Hot damn do I love Alex Olanov.


However, most everything else was bleak, weak, or infuriating. The first half of the episode was pure torture, but a few things picked up later. I'll save the best for last.

On the "bleak, weak, and infuriating" side of things, I cannot deal with histrionics over Todd. "Who would do this to my Dad?!" Oh, Dani, how much time do you have? It's going to be a long list. Todd's youngest daughter had a great revelation today as she decided that she'd been the one in the wrong in her recent showdown in which Todd pointed a gun at her and her sister and friends: "I acted like Dad was just something getting in the way of what I want, but he's not!" You're right, Dani, he's not. He's so much more than that! He's a heinous beast who think you're his possession and he has an especially inappropriate and warped obsession with your sex life, which should really give you some serious pause since he's a convicted rapist. 

I do have to say it was a little hilarious that not a single person who was flailing about and crying over Todd having been shot could come up with one solitary kind thing to say about him. It was all, "Come back to us, we miss your awful self! We love it when you're horrible to us, we can't wait till you wake up and yell at us again!" Oh it's so charming how he doesn't have one single redeeming quality! Even Blair was giving unconscious Todd a pep talk that went something like, "Come on, don't die! You need to stay alive for...other people." Lord knows she has no use for him.

On the more promising side of the episode: Bo, meanwhile, was off at St. Blaze's island fake-seducing Alex Olanov, who hilariously practically dropped her pantyhose on the spot.


I might have died laughing a bit when they were rolling around on the bed talking about how Bo was going to "rock her world."

Nigel told Clint some hard truths about how he's betraying Asa's legacy. Jerry ver Dorn and Peter Bartlett played the scenes so freakin' well that it was actually really hard to watch. I may have gotten a little choked up at one point.


And then they laid it on even thicker by flashing back to the awesome confrontation scenes between Bo and Clint, and then Nigel announced his resignation. Clint appealed to Nigel's sense of duty, though, and Nigel ended up staying. I hope to have more truth-telling scenes!


And then Clint's heart started to grow back and he told Alex to call off the plan against David (although it was too late), so... are we going to get a return of Clint's conscience? That is what I would like for St. Patrick's Day, please! (By the way, remember how last year's St. Patrick's Day on One Life to Live lasted about a week?) (If you're an especially sensitive person, you might not want to follow that link to the entry from last March because... well, just think about what was happening last March and who we learned we were losing. It still smarts, dammit!)

Destiny out!


Today was pretty boring. You forgot about James saying he was glad that Todd was focusing all of his possessive nature towards Dani and Nate and not him and Starr.

Also, I can't believe that Starr finally was showing concern for Jessica and not her disgust at having Tess out and around James.

Also, why on earth has the apartment not been baby-proofed yet??? Why don't I see a crib or anything at all??? Ford is such an irresponsible father.

Alex Olenov! Squeal! I love me some Alex/Asa when they got married back in the day.

I did laugh when Starr told Todd he does all of these horrible things and then someone turns around and bites him back. Karma.

The Clint and Nigel scenes were very good. Where in the heck is Rene?

You know, there are times like today, when I see Alex and Nigel that I wish OLTL would send Inez, Charlie, the Ford morons, Aubrey and Joey packing. Alex/Asa and Alex/Carlo were a hoot years ago.

Two questions - 1. Todd was sitting in a car - how did he get shot in the stomach. Isn't there normally a large metal thing called a car door that protects you from bullets? 2. Why did Tea not think to call Starr. It was like she and Dani were the only people important in Todd's life. Dani is so close to her sister when discussing their sex lives with the brothers Ford, but never thinks to pick up the phone while her Dad's life hangs in the balance? Random Tomas had to tell Blair, who then told Starr? Strange...

Loved the Clint/Nigel scenes - and perhaps Clint's heart grew three sizes today... (one can hope).

Can't help but roll my eyes at this whole "Todd's life hangs in the balance" thing and worse, listening to Dani whine for a whole episode. At this point I seriously wish they did not decide on giving Tea a daughter with Todd.

I loved the Nigel & Clint scenes but surely Nigel has seen much worse from Asa than with Clint. I know there has been a lot of comparison with Clint and Asa as of late but I it didn't make sense that Nigel would just quit on Clint so fast. Nigel was with Asa for as long as I can remember and Clint has a lot of catching up to do if he plans on matching Asa's deviant behaviors. Clint's escapades are pretty much a drop in the bucket from Asa's.

I loved having Alex back but apparently it was only for the day. I too would vote for them getting rid of the dead wood on this show to bring her back so she can wreak more havoc. Surely she would make an excellent rival to Dorian or even a great mate for Clint.

I'm glad David will be coming back though. I know it's really only for comic relief but I can't say I mind.

Blair's pep talk cracked me up. It was exactly like you said. "Don't screw this up by dying... other people want you around. God knows I couldn't care less."

Also, the show cutting to Tomas and his shifty expression every time someone wondered WHO could POSSIBLY do this was so obviously a red herring I smelled fish.

I would be happy to see David again if he weren't horrendously unfunny and if the show did not have to lurch to a halt every few months so he can make stupid faces and bellow PA! 50 times before Tuc leaves again.

My favorite Alex story was when she brought Sarah back from the dead, for Bo and Cassie's wedding.

What they are doing with Todd is what Y&R does with Victor. In their mind, Todd being an abusive ass and his family loving him for it makes him EVEN MORE AWESOME.

Oh, last March was so cruel. Fish! Kyle! Sierra! Sky! Kim! Rachel! Seeing Roxy regularly! Oh, how I miss them all still.

But Alex's scenes (love her) and Nigel's talk with Clint were the awesome. More of this and less of the Fords and Aubrey and Cutter, m'kay writers?

Todd is a guilty pleasure for me, simply because TSJ plays a pyscho so well. It's completely implausible that anyone who wasn't as nuts as him would be "in love" with him, and equally implausible that his kids wouldn't run the other way every time they saw him coming. (Other than Starr - she's such an idiot....) Todd is a walking advertisement for restraining orders and involuntary committment. No way should womwn like Tea or Blair EVER want to with him. But....I do enjoy TSJ's take on the nutjob quite a bit. Todd is such a nutjob, someone should be shooting at him on a weekly basis.

But I tell ya, I really do love this show. Fudds and Langston and Starr excluded, of course. With Clint and Nigel, then Bo and Asa, (I closed my eyes when Rex was on), and plenty of Dorian and Vicki, Echo and Charlie the day before, and this upcoming Blair and Tomas, I'm pretty happy with it.

Maybe OLTL makes me so content because I came to from the train wreck of my long-term soap, All My Children. After what happened to that show, OLTL seems just about perfect.

But, they do have vets, and currently they use them. And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

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