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March 10, 2011

Sorry, Charlie. (No, Really, I Am.)

Disappointing but unsurprising casting news today at One Life to Live. Looks like Brian Kerwin (Charlie) is on his way out.


Unsurprising because you really do not give the Queen of Llanview a husband and then have him carry on sexually behind her back with one of her worst enemies and get away with it. Poor Charlie's been little more than a total sad sack ever since the death of his son Jared, and these latest shenanigans were sort of the writing on the wall. I'd say they had written themselves into a corner with the character, but really? Our leading men have all been much more pathetic and behaved much worse than Charlie has and we're somehow still being asked to swoon.

As of this writing, there is no news other than the announcement itself (I will come back and fill in more after we get a little more info!), so who knows if it was his choice or if he's been dropped from the show. If it's the latter, it's truly baffling as he's a respected and award-winning actor in television, film, and theatre, and has pretty consistently gotten himself Daytime Emmy nominations (or at least pre-noms) for this show even in years that barely feature Charlie in any substantive way. He's really always been quite a "get" for OLTL, regardless of how they've written and treated the character.

Are you as sad to see him go as I am? But is anyone truly surprised? And what will this mean for Viki's love life?


I would guess this makes Viki's love life nonexistent. She barely has a role in her children's lives, and her disgusting brother only has time for her when it's time to help him with Tea.

With this and with Robin Strasser saying they have no story for her, I wonder what Erika's future might be with the show. Frons has phased her to the edges of the show more than once over the years and I won't be surprised that, if OLTL is even on in two years time, there will be no Dorian or Viki.

If only Charlie had raped mentally ill women, he'd be a hero to OLTL.

I would love it if Vicki set her sights on bringing Clint back from the badness. They have wonderful chemistry.

And yes.. Todd is a disgusting pig. It would be great if Tea kicked him to the curb, Dani forgot he existed, Blair sued for sole custody, and Starr blocked him from ever seeing Hope.

I'm torn about poor old Charlie. BK is a marvelous actor, but once Jared died it was obvious that he was on his way out the door. It's too bad that he couldn't take Gigi, Rexx, Inez, Nate, and bring back Langston.

RS - I guess "no more story" is similar to Rebecca Herbst "storyline dictated" firing? Kathy Brier was told there was no more "story" for her character. This has Frons written all over it. How in the heck is this man still in charge over ABC Soaps?

I'm sorry about what they've done to the character and sorry that Brian Kerwin is leaving the show, but I can't say that I'll miss Charlie. The writing for him has been so bad for so long that the character just sucks. Not as bad as Todd or the Fords of course, but pretty bad.

I would rather they hadn't ruined Charlie, but since they did I think I could get behind Holly's idea about getting Viki & Clint back together.

I loved Charlie when he 1st came on but he's a big vortex of suck now with his self-pitying cheating ass. I love Brian Kerwin but I think this character has just run its course.

Sorry to say, but I really don't care. Frankly, I'm shocked he lasted as long as he did. Charlie was great in Paris, but I just don't think he fits in Llanview. He's a character that's much more realistic than soapy, and just looked out of place in Soapville. I don't think BK was a great fit, either. I don't think he was comfortable with soaps, and they certainly didn't give him any extraordinary material most of the time.

Oh, and the Daytime Confidential crowd will be happy about this. They're always making making fun of his flailing run.

"He's a character that's much more realistic than soapy, and just looked out of place in Soapville. "

I didn't care about Charlie but I think ideally this is what his role should have been - realistic compared to more OTT characters. Llanview is too soapy, in the worst ways now, with horrible and sick characters, totally unrealistic, constantly paraded around as the best of the best. Charlie could have been a contrast to trash like Todd, the Fords, or Jessica, or Rex. Instead, he was made into a self-pitying and weak man who was unable to do anything.

And on the one-year anniversary of Brett Claywell and Scott Evans' firings. Siiigh, I miss Kish.

Sadly, the writing's been on the wall for a while. Brian Kerwin's great, but Charlie has become such an annoying sad sack that I can't say I'll miss him too much. Hopefully he'll get some meaty material on his way out the door.

Plus he's old! And not a Ford! Of course he's gotta go!

As for Viki? My guess is she'll become a sounding board for her kids and that's it. As much as I like them as co-heads of their brood, I think the ship has sailed on Viki/Clint romantically.

Not surprised that Charlie is a goner - they totally ruined the character. I think BK is very likable, but they just didn't do him justice.
I like the idea of a Vicki/Clint pairing! I wonder if Dorian will go back to hating Vicki after Charlie goes...it's the powerhouse women (Vicki, Dorian & even Echo) that have made his story even slightly watchable. Whatever they do they need to keep these 3 women in some great storylines and lose the Fords!

Sooo...Brian Kerwin is let go, and characters like Aubrey, Cutter, and the Fords are still in Llanview?!? UGH!!! And I agree with C that I still miss Kish soooo much!!!! The fact that BK got fired on the one yr. anniversary of the Kish firings is pretty ironic!!!!

Well, it's Spring cleaning on the ABC soaps. Charlie, Langston, Annie, Liz (RH was rehired on 2/18/11 thanks to BeckyNation), Jax is on once a week as of last week, the actress that plays Epiphany is going recurring, supposedly Lisa is a goner real soon. Yep, it's that time of year...it's Spring cleaning at ABCD!

Sigh. I miss Kish and baby Sierra Mist.

What a shame. Brian was often great, but when Charlie started kissing Echo in Viki's frakking living room, you knew the other show was about to drop. Classic ABCD -- assasinate the character before you can the actor. Welcome to the Edmund Grey Society.

Ahem... the other shoe was about to drop. Sigh.

Much like Charlie, I wasn't much into Llanview once Jared was gone. I tried to hang around because Brian Kerwin was still around, but I just could not do it. The writing for Charlie was @&*$*& and soon afterward the entire show became #&*^&%* again. Best wishes to Brian. I hope it was his choice to leave, but there is no end to the evidence that Frons is too stupid for words.

I keep looking for reasons to return to OLTL. Sadly, it only seems to be getting worse. I miss the days when it became awesome again. So sad that it lasted so short a time.

And yet Brody, the Fords, and John remain...

Le sigh.

It's a shame we're losing him. With Jerry Van Dorn and Robert Woods, Brian has been doing some great stuff lately.

I have to say that watching Friday's episode made me realize, once again, that OLTL has the absolute BEST adult women actors currently in daytime. I know there were other things going on, guns being fired, Gigi unfortunately surviving, but all I could see was the awesomeness that was Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer.

These women do not get enough respect. And losing Charlie is not going to help Vicki, at least not in any way that I can see at the moment.

Say what you will about OLTL, they have bets and they use them - which keeps me watching through everything else.

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