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March 31, 2011

The Failure Is Legendary

I can't believe--no, that's not true. I can believe it. I am offended by and confused about it, and it makes me want to toss a piece of stemware across the room and let loose a primal scream that would do Bruce Weitz proud, but I believe it--that Lucky Spencer was nowhere to be found on an episode about his young son's memorial service.

I know, I know--I should just be grateful that Elizabeth had a speaking part during today's General Hospital because it would have been so typically General Hospital to have the only mention of Jake's parents be part of Michael's brief and self-pitying memorial service recap to Abby ("Steve Webber gave the eulogy. Lucky was a wreck...and Elizabeth was crying too, which was weird. How did they even know Jake?") and asking for a scene or two of Lucky getting ready for and recovering from the memorial would have just been ridiculously selfish, especially since it would have drastically reduced the amount of time Abby and Michael would be able to talk about, well...Michael* but REALLY. REALLY! Dante has been onscreen practically every day for over a year, even in stories that have nothing to do with him (remember when he went to Ireland?! Call me a crazy grudge-holder, but I'll never forget!), and Carly, Jason and Sonny find themselves awkwardly inserted into all of the stories taking place in Port Charles, no matter how far removed they are from them, but Lucky and Elizabeth can't be on for a full week when the story is the death of their child? They don't get a standalone memorial episode? WHAT THE HELL?, THIS EFFING SHOW, I HATE EVERYTHING, ETC.

*Just so I'm clear on this, are we supposed to hate Michael these days? Because I do. When he admitted that he was carrying a gun, I wanted to start chanting "Pentonville! Send him back!" but that would have been weird.


Just another example of really bad writing. Every person in town has been running around talking about Jason being Jake's biological father and Jason can't go to the funeral???? Really???? This is the same crack team that had Jason visit Liz and never so much as hug her or touch her as they shared their grief. What a crock. And let's be honest, the Quartermaines and Webbers were integral parts of each other's lives and with Luke and Lulu, they are practically relatives, do you mean to tell me that none of them would go to a funeral for Laura's grandson???
And after everything that Steve Hardy did for Brenda in the past she couldn't go to the funeral for his great-grandson... because of Carly. This was not Carly's event, this was about Liz and Lucky. I don't know why the writers don't just put up a scroll across the screen that reads, "This program is for Carly, Sonny, and Jason fans only...Others Need Not Watch….EVER!!!!!."
What a disrespectful way to end the Jake’s death storyline. If I were a new viewer, I wouldn’t even realize that Liz was once pregnant with Jax’s kid. The real Jax would have visited Liz at home and thanked her for saving his daughter before the funeral, but in the world that Guza has built this is all about Carly’s kid being sick, Jake was just a stepping stone to more Carly, the luckiest woman in Port Charles to complain about how bad things happen to HER.
And how fitting that the woman that wished Jake was never born could so easily talk Jason out of going to his son’s funeral. Sam has already won Jason, she could have been supportive of him attending the funeral. But then again, this is the same show that always blamed Jake’s existence on Liz. Somehow in the four years of his life, she was the only person at fault. If you notice the way they talked about him, Jason wasn’t even there when he was conceived. I take today’s show as proof that the writers never respected this character or the story around him – and couldn’t wait to dispense with him. I guess with him gone, we can forget that his existence could be traced back to Sam sleeping with her mother’s husband.
What a crock…a completely disrespectful crock. Whose bedside in Port Charles hasn’t Liz stood by and helped nurse back to health. Every member of the community owed her their presence at that funeral and long time fans deserved to see it, and Lucky.

This show sucks so much , i haven't watch it in a while . The name should be change to Mobster City! It is all about Sonny and his mob , they just keep the name General Hospital to fool people in thinking that is what they are watching! I don't care about Brenda when is she leaving ? soon i hope I just don't think she is all that and a bag of chips jmo Good bye General Hospital , when you good you were very good ! now you just suck big time !

This story is horribly written Guza doesn't care he got a #2 spot with 276,000 more viewers...He's been aware for years now he doesn't have to tell a good story just kill somebody and the viewers will come

So, let me see if I have this correct. Jason isn't going to kill Luke for murdering his son because he wants to set an example for Michael. The same Michael he conspired with to kill Carter while in prison less than a year ago. Why doesn't that surprise me? This is the same man that went after Claudia relentlessly after he discovered that she was the cause of Michael's accidental shooting. He's also the same man that now sleeps with the woman that terrorized Jake (his son); the woman that watched his kidnapping, his death, and finally his memorial service. The woman he now plans to have a child with. Ok, I get it; Michael, his nephew, is important, while Jake, his son, was not.

Can I get a job as a continuity expert; my memory is not so good either.

I suppose it's fitting that Michael is the new Sonny for me, in so far as he's talking like a dumbass and I fastforward all his scenes. I'm hoping this is a temporary condition, because there were a lot of traits I liked about Chad's portrayal of him, but the further the shove Michael into the mob the more this will be true. And seriously, there wasn't a mechanism fast enough for me to speed through the Abby/Michael love scenes. Am I the only one whose gut reaction was a retching eeeeeewwww! while being subjected to a scene where Michael sleeps with a stripper ten years older than him on the same night that Jake died? Seriously, seriously gross, and even grosser that GH tried to pass it off as romantic with soft music and romantic lighting. Seriously, I can't think of a love scene that soured my stomach more than that one. Which, of course, is why the GH producers decided to make it a quarter of the episode :P The fact that Lucky and Liz haven't had a single scene together since the hospital scene also baffles me.

Gotta quote Beth:

"Here is a tip to GH I don't care about Brenda's son with someone never on screen DONT CARE. I don't care about Abby's attacker DONT CARE. I don't care about the Balkan or Lisa or Terrell or Shawn DONT CARE."

WTF, why does the TRIO OF EVIL still exist? And by that I mean Frons/Guza/Phelps... or perhaps Sonny/Jason/Carly...take your pick!!! If all 6 went tomorrow, I'd be doing the dance of joy! And don't tell me they are out of money, they can take Dante out of half of his scenes and save. Less Michael/Abby. Etc. I could cut their budget down to 40 percent of what they are currently spending AND have better stories to tell.

THEY SUCK! My poor GH...

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