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March 22, 2011

This Show Is Heartbreaking. Interpret That As You Please.

If you pretend that today's episode of General Hospital isn't an episode, exactly, but actually a series of standalone vignettes that just happen to add up to sixty minutes, it was pretty fantastic: the performances by Rebecca Herbst, Jonathan Jackson, Steve Burton and Laura Wright were nothing short of phenomenal and there were some pieces of dialogue that gave me goosebumps and had me pausing the DVR so I could open another package of tissues.

Lucky Carly 
Lucky: It's only the machines keeping his body going at this point.
Elizabeth, voice tiny and heartbroken: I know that. I'm just not ready to let him go.

Lucky: I can't tell you, man, how thankful I am that you gave me the chance to be Jake's father. Every day, man, every day he brought so much joy to my life...and now he's gone.

Lucky: You know, ultimately it's your fault that I took those boys in. You made being a father look like so much fun. I just couldn't resist. I wanted to know what that felt like. I wanted to be on the other side of things. I didn't know it was possible to love that much.  

But when you look at the episode as, you know, an episode, it was fucking awful.

Oh, yes, it made me sniffle, sob, and weep (it's hardly an achievement--I cry at everything. They could have just filmed Rebecca Herbst saying, "I am really, really sad right now" while wiping her eyes, and I'd choke out "Oh, Becky! Don't be sad!" while dabbing my eyes with a tissue, so really, they oughtn't pat themselves on the back too hard on that point), but you know what else it made me do? GASP in HORROR SLASH RAGE. HORRAGE, if you will.

  • Jake got hit by a car, underwent surgery, was declared braindead and his parents chose to donate his organs. Josslyn was run-of-the-mill sick, diagnosed with the worst form of kidney cancer, and was prepped for an organ transplant. All of these things happened in less time than it takes for me to order a drink at Starbucks. To refer to this kind of pacing as demented is being far too kind.
  • Really?

    Carly: Jake's father said we could have one of his kidneys for Josslyn.

    Okay, not only did that not technically happen, LUCKY is the only father that really matters here, but why am I even going to bother arguing with Carly? She's not at all well-versed in facts and reality, and she's also fictional.

    Carly: If Josslyn doesn't get that kidney tonight, they're going to start pumping her full of chemo. I get that Elizabeth doesn't like me and I can't imagine what she's going through, losing Jake, but I've got to talk to Elizabeth and make her understand...

I know that this is Carly that we're talking about and that she takes everything said to or about her as the most sadistic of insults, but that's a bit much, even considering the source. Like Elizabeth is just being spiteful!  

  • Are you kidding me with this?

    Carly: I just keep thinking about Jason. My heart is breaking for him. He has helped me through everything in my life and now this. Josslyn's getting a second chance because of Jason.

    "Lucky and Elizabeth? Who even cares? Who are they to Jake, really? They're not like Jason. They're not awesome."
  • For some bizarre, completely inexplicable reason, the show is treating the (rehashed and lame) "Whodunit" part of the story as its most compelling aspect--that's what the promo is about! Gravelly-Voiced Promo Man sternly intones, "Only one question matters". Yes, that is true, G-V PM, and that question is: how is anyone related to this freakshow of a soap still employed?
  • Elizabeth's son dies and she just...disappears for the last half of the episode? WHAT? And also, WHY?
  • General Hospital hates veteran characters the way that I hate...well, General Hospital, so the glaring absences of Monica and Bobbie aren't surprising, but they are maddening, since both are related to the major players in this story and were part of the far superior story Bob Guza is lazily and half-assedly ripping off. And just to dig the knife a little deeper, Monica was actually paged today during one of the hospital scenes. It's like the writers were laughing in our faces whilst giving us the finger.


You know if I thought for one second the "consequences" of this will last beyond a WEEK I would care.

Let's also talk about teh fact LAURA won't be coming back for this at all. Yes Laura is going to just sit back and let Lucky (who she's allowed to like now) go through this alone.

Also no Audrey GH? No Leslie? Not like they were the kid's most frequent babysitter or anything!

Oh Emmy Baiting week I really fucking hate you.

I have to agree about the Monica page. It was a slap in the face. SPEAKING OF SLAPS IN THE FACE--I can't stop watching Elizabeth slap Jason and call him a selfish bastard. Where are those recaps? Though, I don't know, you could probably do a whole segment on it alone?

I know I should let this go...really I should...but JJ's Lucky knew Jake less than Steve Burton so seeing him cry over him is really starting to make my eye twitch. Greg would have made me bawl my eyes out, whilst cheering Becky's performance (at a time when she thought she was being shoved out the door. Talk about class), but this whole thing is taking less time than the damn bus crash.

It should have been Emma since Elizabeth and Robin are actually friends. I thought it was totally selfish of Lucky to tell Elizabeth that they were going to donate the kidneys and she was just being sentimental and selfish. Paraphrasing or not, he sounded pretty patronizing to me.

Off topic, the lazy writing for Scrubs has gotten to the point that, when Robin asked Patrick to come home for good, all I could do was roll my eyes. And I used to LOVE them.

You said it right. Laughing in our faces whilst flipping us all the bird. Yes, some bits of the story have been great. But that's not in the writing, it's in the acting, as Becky and Jon spin shit into gold. Even Steve Burton brought his A game and is actually acting, this week. But the pacing is breakneck. I can't help but compare the glacial speed of the Sonny-Brenda Wedding and Carbomb fiasco- what'd that storyline take, a month? And then this storyline unfolds over three. days. Literally- Joss went from healthy to dying , Jake went from playing on the porch to being parted out like an old Toyota in a single episode. There was no time to wring drama from the situations, everything blew past like Guza's rear end was on fire when he wrote it.

You know, I wonder if perhaps ripping of "BJ's Heart" wasn't Guza's idea. That'd explain why he's rushing through it- he's not interested, there aren't enough explosions and only one mobster. Perhaps someone higher up said, "Hey, do a Labine for us, will ya? The Unexploding Bride isn't pulling in the ratings like we hoped."

Mallory you are so right about everything. I guess Guza felt it was time to kill another Q so poor little Jake had to die. This story is so awful! And where the hell is Audry??
I hate Carly so much. I thought she was going to break out into a happy dance when she was listening at the door to hear that Jake was gone. As a mother I can understand her doing anything to save her kid but her actions are just evil.

As I keep drawing the inevitable comparisons between this and the BJ/Maxie story (and of course finding this so woefully lacking), I recall the beautiful scene where Tony listened to BJ's heart inside Maxie. And it made me wonder. . . . Guza being the hack rip-off that he is, will he make Jason get weepy-eyed and soulful every time Josslyn has to pee?

(Sorry if that's too crass or heartless. I just can't work up the rantiness for this show anymore.)

It is astonishing that they kept Elizabeth and Jason apart until today (I swear a preview had them and Lucky sitting in the waiting room). And when they do see each other --amazing silent reaction from Becky--the only physical contact is a slap. Frons sure wants to make sure no one touches Jason but Sam (and Sonny).

I think I am most disgusted that it was Liz and Lucky who lost a child but it was ALL about Jason. And Carly's reaction and gratitude to Jason-- and Jason only--there's a special place in hell reserved for Carly.

This story arc just shows that Guza and Frons are blinded by their love for Jason (and Sam--I was praying it was her car)that there is no hope for this show until ABC fires them. NOW!!!

You forgot the cherry on the crap sundae that is GH, Robin apologizing to her cheating, lying, supportive-of-a-psycho-for- several-months-husband. I already loathed pretty much everything onscreen and wept that it might even be mentioned in the same paragraph as BJ/Maxie unless said paragraph included the words "utter travesty" "slap in the face" "ridiculously inferior" and vague other descriptions to show that comparing the two is like saying crap is similar to chocolate ice cream because they're both brown, but that pretty much clinched it.

Also, GH's medical consultant should leave this job off her resume. Clearly they don't ever bother listening to her.

I did cry a bit today but nothing like Maxie/BJ. Rebecca Hersbt should have the last scene today--it was her son that died. I knew when I read Jake was dying --it would become a mob story-- oh Jason's silent pain-- Jason saving Josslyn (where was Jax). UGH. Where was Bobbi-- her granddaughter is sick her nephew just died-- where is Lesley? Where is Monica-- if nothing else supporting Elizabeth --her daughter's best friend-- by now if Monica didn't realize Jake was Jason's kid -she would have to be blind, deaf and dumb! Paging Monica today-last straw -- UGH --no respect. If Guza and company are going to rip-off the past --couldn't they at least do a better job????

I do believe GH has a terrific cast and kudos to them-- everyone was on their A game....

I don't understand why this was not a sweeps event with a build-up and investment of the viewers. BAM Jake is hit BAM Joss is sick BAM Jake is an organ donor BAM Joss is saved. By next week it will be over and done with....

Today's episode was heartbreaking, and heart rending, and everything you pointed out, from Luke to Carly to Elizabeth's random end of episode vanishing, was true.

And also...

Elizabeth: "I'm really sad right now" *sniff* 'Becky, don't be sad!'

I had to laugh, Mallory, because this is so true!! Becky's crying face is just SO sad, I almost couldn't deal with it. I also almost couldn't deal with the fact that her skin looks so freaking perfect without a stitch of makeup. Seriously, whatever moisturizer she uses, I need to get some.

And sidenote: when Alexis was talking to Jax and he said the moral quandry he was in over worrying for his daughter and feeling guilty for jake, I expected Alexis to say something like "yeah, I had that problem with Kristina and Sam's deceased baby's stem cells." But that would necessitate explaining they cribbed this storyline post BJ/Maxie not once but twice now.

Great one, Mallory!

"It's like the writers were laughing in our faces whilst giving us the finger."

After having pulled said finger from their hairy asses...which itself is a flowing fountain of WTF-ery. They went all 'prostate exam' with the penning of this one before yanking it out for the masses.

The actors, God bless them, have made top-notch compost out of the worst kind of crap. If I'm teary-eyed, it because of THEM. That this non-story was planned or outlined is but a testament that some people over at ABC need to be shown the door...and none of those people includes the likes of Becky Herbst or Tyler Christopher.

Pacing is horrible and erratic, the focus is absolutely...well, on par for GH (but still utterly ridiculous), and the motivation for even going this route is so obviously short-sighted that I have to wonder if they really are trying to raise the bar of suckage with each attempted arc. It's as if the person who comes up with this crap is sitting in a room all Mr. Burns like and saying, "They thought that last bit was crap. Just wait til they see what we're cooking up now." Well, guess what, GH...diners are leaving because this food is just too bitter.

But I will say Becky is one bitchin' server. Elizabeth was serving it up to Jason today. They've all been great: Becky, JJ, Steve...Laura has done the best with what she's been given. Her script is just such crap that it's difficult for me to see past my rage--especially when I'm left to wonder why the writers thought to have Elizabeth disappear. Why she can't even be given equal time in this crapfest when it's HER kid that has died is beyond me.

Fine.....after all this......I'm SOOOO beyond GH. Though I reserve the right to rant and ridicule.

The only thing I liked today was scrubs whole three minutes. I loved their scenes everything else fell flat emotionally I think the nurse in the OR on yesterdays show gave a better performance then anyone lol. My hate for Jason morgan has hit an all time high in this story even in the midst of a grieving mother a child that just died Guza found a way to praise Jason. And the end? where the hell was Liz?

Also and I may be alone Kristina comes off a little creepy in her "protection" of Micheal against Abby I think LA played that a little wrong JMO

So, this was Becky's exit s/l? What a load of crock. They kill off Jake and for what? More Corinthos children by Sonny coming out of the rocks?

Carly: Jake's father said we could have one of his kidneys for Josslyn.



1. Shut the fuck up, Carly, because Jason didn't say that

2. Who the fuck is Jason to offer that? Imagine if AJ had made ANY SORT OF REQUEST OF MICHAEL?!! IMAGINE!!!!!!


Carly: I just keep thinking about Jason. My heart is breaking for him. He has helped me through everything in my life and now this. Josslyn's getting a second chance because of Jason.


She had the gall to say this to her ADOPTED SON MICHAEL! To the boy who is Sonny's child. As if, when he was shot, everyone should ahve been thinking, poor AJ would have had such a rough time with this. It's just... mind boggling. HER son is adopted. HERS!!!!! Why do they write this woman like this?

That image of Lucky and Elizabeth in teh doorboy, small and broken and saying they signed the papers? And Carly didn't thank them? Didn't hug them? Didn't say, "I get it. I know I can't make it better."

Who cares who hit him? It won't bring him back. It won't change anything.

The only way that would be interesting to me is if they tried to pretend like it was a mob hit by that random car. Like it was just prowling the streets waiting for a mobster's kid to run in front of it. Because that would be hilarious.

Lucky didn't know he could love that much, and neither did I. So many tears!!!!

ALSO! Did Monica ever know this was her grandchild? Did Edward? BECAUSE THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!

If today's GH made you cry, whatever you do, DO NOT go to YouTube and watch the original, BJ/Maxie storyline. I did, haven't seen that in a long time. Unbelievable acting - it had stood the test of time - Felicia/Bobbie/Tony/Frisco/Luke/Laura ... it's a two box o' tissue playlist....

I'm sorry, did Jax really say "I can't imagine what it's like to lose a child"??

You mean, other than that time you lost the child that you were sharing . . . with ELIZABETH??

That they used to acknowledge with the little tree they planted outside GH?

Loward, these writers with their short attention spans.

If that wasn't proof enough that in no time at all, Jake will be a distant memory that only the fans (if there are any left) bring up . . . probably about the time Jason and Sam welcome their inevitable bundle o' joy.

Oy, I wasn't going to rant about this show, anymore. Just point and laugh. But they make it so hard to resist!

@Sue: Too late. I already did that. Just. . . the pacing. . . Maxie was diagnosed and the agonizing search for a donor had been ongoing. They had time to find Frisco to bring him in. Felicia and Frisco didn't even know at first that it was BJ's heart they were getting. It was all handled, as it should have been, behind the scenes . . . so there wasn't any of that disgusting harping and hovering and pushing that Carly was doing. . . The connections, the heartbreak, the performances. . . . all the best build up, all the right beats. . .

Makes GH now look so much like a childish paint by numbers.

Between Mallory, Mary Beth, tish, and AngerInTheAfternoon, you've all hit the parts of the show that were enraging.

I actually think the story doesn't completely suck, and is certainly better than I expected, even if it is a pale BJ's Heart imitation, but I can hardly catch my breath the pace is so damn fast. Add "OMG, Same could have been the one who ran over Jake!" to fifteen minutes later "Good news, you totally weren't the one who ran over Jake!" to the list of stuff that is hurtling past us like a bullet train. And Liz got about ten minutes to be conflicted about organ donation before she was signing the papers. Geez, you'd think this show didn't, you know, have FIVE DAYS A WEEK in order to let all of this juicy stuff to breath a little.

I'm certain the pace, though, is Guza fast-forwarding through the "boring" stuff to get what's really important: Jason's Secret Pain. That toy is going straight into the Box, I know. And then it'll be time for Jason to go around shooting people to find out who killed "his" son. Joy.

The acting is absolutely superb, though, and totally selling it. But, then, GH's cast has always been a hundred times better than their material, so it's not a shock.

So Jocelyn, who had no symptoms except a fever, had stage 5 kidney cancer? No weight loss, no lethargy, no blood in the urine, no pain. Oh wait...I was looking for logic and reality. Shit! Why do I keep doing that? This is the show that lets relatives of the accused sit on juries and yell things out during the trials. Why did I think medical reality would be any better than the legal one on this show?

I haven't even watched today's episode. I'm afraid. I'm with Mallory. I cry during Hallmark card commercials, so that's no real feat for me. Jonathan Jackson has seriously been bringing it with the emotion. I'll have to watch today, but (okay, flame suit on), I didn't think Becky was as stellar as I thought she'd be in delivering the pain. I think JJ and Steve Burton (shocking) have been MUCH more consistent with the real agony. When Lucky said he couldn't go in the room and see his son like that, you could hear my choked sob for blocks.

But again, I haven't seen today, so I hold judgment on Becky's performance as a whole.

First, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who wanted it to be Sam that hit Jake.

Second...Elizabeth and Lucky don't even go into the room to see Jake one last time?

Third, LOVING the Jason slap. I wish Elizabeth had slapped Carly.

Fourth, when the doc said Josslyn couldn't live without kidneys I had to stop. My brother-in-law lived without kidneys for almost a year. Sure he had to have dialysis, but he LIVED.

Finally...."will he make Jason get weepy-eyed and soulful every time Josslyn has to pee?" Sadly, I'll bet this will happen.

Oh yeah, I hate Carly.

The writers were doing something to us, but it didn't involve a finger...

Amen to all the comments above.

When Carly came into Josslyn's room and said, "I found her a kidney!" she seemed almost gleeful. How much better it would have been to have Josslyn start chemo, and have Steve and Terrell gently talk to Liz and Lucky about organ donation. Then have Terrell tell Carly & Jax about Jake, and Carly to be almost horrified at the thought of Jason's biological child dying and saving her daughter, and feel guilt at the way she's treated Liz over the years.

I did laugh when Dante tried to reassure Sam by saying she would have realized she hit Jake, and she said, "But he's so small." Yeah, kind of like hitting a squirrel?! Unless someone was driving drunk, I would think they'd have noticed they ran over a 3-year-old child! A pothole, seriously? You drive down INTO a pothole, not up and over!

They were paging Monica on Tuesday as well. I pictured her going around the hospital, "La dee da dee da!" merrily about her business of saving lives, having absolutely no idea any of this was going on, much less that Jake was her grandson. In SOD Guza says this story will resonate for "years." Um, Bob, the show won't be on the air for "years"!

Oops, I meant they were paging Monica on Monday too.

I was just like you while watching crying, cheering about the slap and more crying.
You picked out the parts that me yell at my TV and scare my cat--Carly saying 'Jake's father agreed' then 'Jason saved Jocelyn he is a damned he did this all by himself' paraphrased that. I just yelled STFU carly. Damn dumb cow.
The best part was the slap and the scathing response she gave him-I have watched that about 10 times now and it hasn't gotten old yet.
LS and jm snotting all over each other with the at'a boys to each other made me ill. LS telling Luke he was a great Dad-absofuckinglutely STUPID!
The last scene was difficult simply for the fact he was sitting in her house surrounded by Jake's toys and he is ALONE.
The veterans not being on the show well it didn't actually surprise me, par for the GH course of asshatery.

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