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March 29, 2011

Why Did This Happen?

It's really a simple question. What was the point of this?


I mean she was bad. Bad as in, I've worked with children who were forced into the drama program because they beat up their classmates in art class and broke a drum set in music and could, in fact, barely read and they were better actors.

I'll freely admit that my entire knowledge bank regarding Kourtney Kardashian has to do with the impersonations of her and her sisters (it's three sisters, right? or is one a mother or cousin or something? are they like the Judds?) on Saturday Night Live and, otherwise, I have never actually seen or heard one of them speak. SNL, it turns out, is not exaggerating. And I don't honestly know what they're famous for. I know they have (had?) a reality show and are maybe heiresses of some sort and are ostensibly attractive -- is that really it? Are they moguls or designers or club owners or anything?

Anyway, I really hope we're not subjected to that again. I have no idea what the point was. On that note, I did point out to a friend yesterday that Cristian always makes everything 15% better, so I'm just going to take a moment here with my very favorite in-show character bumper:


Just a little something to dull the pain.


Bad doesn't even begin to describe it. The show has descended to new lows. Just trying to grab in viewers one way or another. Try good consistent storytelling with characters and relationships. KK symbolizes so much that is wrong with the show. All camp, not substance.

Yeah, I did not get this at all. "Kassandra Kavanaugh, with two Ks." It was stupid the first time she said it, by the fifth or sixth time I wanted to reach into my tv and smack her.

So Cris gets arrested...wouldn't this be a perfect place for a mention of his good bud and police officer Oliver Fish? Sigh.

The whole "Access Llanview" thing is so stupid. Why do the writers need a device to make fun of their own stories?

I look forward to an epic rant about Ford and what he gets up to this week. He is the worst.

On the ABC SID Facebook page they ask "What did you think of Kourtney Kardashian's acting debut?" and someone replied "An acting debut implies that acting was involved" I had to agree with that. She was not acting she was reading from a script in a monotone voice. Please OLTL never again!

Add in a jumping screen and you have a real party. At least Mitzeee with the three EEEs is more entertaining than this chick. No idea who those people are except for some reality show that they have. I was confused but I did enjoy Cris shirtless since that always helps when things are painful.

As long as that's all we have of Miss Kardashian, I actually don't mind so much. There's no question she isn't an actress, but her appearance actually provided some promotion, and that is never a bad thing.

As for Wendy Williams, I actually enjoyed both appearances. She's at least capable of playing this version of herself, and Access Llanview is kinda fun. Though, if she's going to continue making appearances, it'd be really nice if she interacted with some of the cast. Those entertainment news shows do interviews with guests, don't they?

At least Jess came back yesterday and told Brody that she wanted to go get "our son."

Note to ABCD: When your best idea for promoting your show is a guest appearance by the Kardashian whose main claim to "fame" is that her sister called her baby daddy a douche lord, you're in deep trouble.

This story irritated me, but I couldn't help but watch, just to see the bad acting! I was so glad when Clint turned off Access Llanview, cause it was irritating the hell out of me, I wanted to turn it off! I am with Andrea, at least Jess came back, yay!!

It was beyond painful to watch....and that's the nicest thing I can say about Kim or Khloe or whoever the hell she is.

For years now, I've maintained that Reality TV is killing scripted and entertaining television.....One Life just proved it.

Please, no more....and take Access Llanview with her.

I had NO CLUE who that girl was until I read it here. I kept thinking as I watched yesterday.. "Who is that person? What is the point of this? What the hell is going on? She is just TERRIBLE!" I'm glad to see it was just a stunt and she isn't joining the cast. Whew!
I LOVED Vicki yesterday when talking about who should play David in his upcoming movie. "Tuc Watkins?" What a hoot!

Well, as bad as Kardashian was - and oh boy she stunk! - by comparison, I didn't complain about how bad Rex is, as I usually do. Now, if they'd had Gigi on then she would have made TWO actors look good!

And I'll sit through anything for scenes like the ones we had with Vicki and Dorian and David.

As bad as she was, in that screencap, she has more expression in her eyes than some of the so-called "stars" of ABC daytime (Cameron Mathison, I'm looking at you).

KK was just a publicity stunt, which I am totally fine with. Anything that gets more folks to watch is fine with me, as long as it is only a day or two. Love Wendy W. I think her whole bit is to show Llanview as more of a community and show how rich the Bukes are. Disagree about Jess I wish Tess would stay forever!

Yeah, when she was making the new Jack look like a better actor by comparison, then there's something wrong.

I did kind of get a kick out of seeing the other actors try to lob her softballs, though.

I too, had only been exposed to the Kardashians through an SNL skit here and there, until one day I came across the show and was dismayed to discover SNL was not exaggerating at all.

I don't watch AMC so I have no idea how bad she was, but I'll take your word for since your word sounds like the only possibility here.

KK was a stunt and since the reality star "supposedly" watches OLTL since she was a kid, I say give her some slack. I'm sure that she mentioned her OLTL appearance on her TV show. OLTL can use all of the publicity and ratings that it can get. Isn't that the reason that AMC is in huge trouble?

As for Wendy Williams, she was funny and once again, OLTL is getting some publicity which is not a bad thing.

Yeah, that was some baaaaaad acting. Made JPL's twitching look like Olivier. But I don't really mind; publicity is good.

This girl says she is such a fan of OLTL on her reality show when she was asked to do the part she had no clue who Cristian was and had to look him up on the computer. The guy has been on the show for 13 yrs. Yeah she watches the show lol
She was horrid, i dont think she or her sicter Khloe the tall one is particularly pretty Kim the most famous is at least gorgeous so i can see why she is in mags but the other two ewww. When she said Snap i cringed. On her show after she said that she was great and acting is so easy she is going to do more of it. GOd help us all

From what I can tell of the Kardashians, they are the newer, prettier Paris Hilton - famous for being rich girls and not for anything of actual merit. I will never understand the fascination with "celebrities" of this ilk. What is there to admire about them? What have they ever done besides smile for the camera?

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